Watch Tomi Lahren Call Out Supposed Impartiality of 1st Presidential Forum Moderator

The Commission on Presidential Elections has announced its first moderator for the first meeting of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And TV Pundit and outspoken conservative critic Tomi Lahren is not a fan of the selection of Matt Lauer and doesn’t hold back when expressing her contempt.

According to The Blaze:

Tomi Lahren’s fired up about the selection of NBC’s Matt Lauer to moderate the first forum between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Lauer was recently listed as a notable member of the Clinton Foundation, a status that has since been scrubbed from the website, causing many to question his journalistic impartiality on questioning both candidates fairly.

“I wonder if Matty will drill Hillary Clinton the same way he drilled Ryan Lochte over his Rio bathroom scandal?” Lauren said. “I’m going to go ahead and say, probably not. Or the way he lectured Donald Trump on alienating women voters and being sexist. I’m going to go ahead and say, probably not.”

What’s even more fascinating is the nature of the first encounter. It’s being billed as a forum, not debate as apparently both candidates will not be on the stage at the same time, but basically just be interviewed by Mr. Lauer in his normal morning interview style.

That works out well for Mrs. Clinton as she doesn’t have to stand for long periods, can sit down and relax with Mr. Lauer, who is a notable member of the Clinton Foundation.

No doubt, Mr. Trump will receive more of the Ryan Lochte treatment while Mrs. Clinton is sure to be treated with kit gloves.

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Watch her full, three-minute “Final Thoughts” segment: