Watch Crowd Go Wild When Trump Dismantles His Teleprompter

Donald Trump rarely uses a teleprompter as he prefers to speak from the heart, so when Mr. Trump had difficulty with his teleprompter during a recent speech, he was honest about it and the crowd showed their approval. Even more exciting, Mr. Trump started dismantling his teleprompter to their delight.

According to The Blaze:

Speaking at a rally in North Carolina, the Republican presidential nominee complained about using a teleprompter to deliver his campaign speeches before abruptly deciding to literally disassemble them on stage.

“I actually like my speech without teleprompters,” Trump told the cheering crowd after noting that they had not been working correctly for several minutes. “[A]nd I notice, every time I look up, they’re trying, it’s trying, it’s straining, it’s straining — hey, get this thing out of here, will ya, get this thing.”

Trump then recalled the Republican primary, where he competed against “17 professional politicians” who he described as “top people.” He said he beat them all without using teleprompters.

“Then all of the sudden they said, ‘Well now, you’re running in the election. You need teleprompters,’ and I like tele—they’re fine, but it’s sort of cooler without it, right? Don’t ya think? I like it better without,” he said, criticizing Clinton for using the speech aids and “then she goes home and goes to sleep.”

When he finally dismantled the teleprompters, Trump received rousing applause.

When Mr. Obama tried to speak without a teleprompter, he quickly became tongue-tied. Perhaps he couldn’t think on his feet, or more likely, if he really spoke from the heart, we may have learned his true intentions.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is all heart. You know where he stands on any issue. He’s not a practiced and polished politician, choosing honesty and forthrightness much to the delight of his detractors and fans alike.

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Watch the whole thing unfold below: