Trump Has Been Mis-Quoted

National Review editor Rich Lowry recently stated on ABC’s “This Week” that during the immigration policy meeting with bipartisan lawmakers that he was present for, President Trump didn’t say “shithole,” contrary to popular belief, but rather said “shit house.”

Lowry claims, “He used a different — my understating from the meeting is he used a difference but very closely related vulgarity. He said s-house and not s-hole. That is not going to make a difference to anyone.”

“But the general tenor of the discussion has been reported accurately.”

  • Al Wunsch

    And you’re point is?

    • James Brooks

      Al can you read and understand? I guess if your a dem I can understand why you can’t understand.

      • Al Wunsch

        My point was that regardless of which word was used, this is all a distraction from the real issue and to say it was accurate – still hearsay if worth paying attention to at all. I’m tired of these juvenile attacks on the president.

  • Ron Berti

    The REAL point is that Trump, for all his “issues”, was referring to the COUNTRIES, not to PEOPLE. And the fact is, that many of those COUNTRIES are……………………….fecal in nature.

  • Paul454

    Personally, I’m sick of the Democrat moron-impersonators going for “character assassination” as there sole play whenever they cannot mount a philosophical explanation as to why the Rule of Law is null and void in their deep desire to bring new people to the gravy train/voter roles. Morally bankrupt in nearly every position they take, they add only dissension to the process of making meaningful changes in our country at the present time. As the old saying goes: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re the problem!” And indeed, they, in general, are the major problem blocking the way to meaningful reforms and solutions. It’s a miracle in my view that we got tax reform, ISIS on the run, a new Supreme Court Justice, a steering away from the brain dead Paris Accords, etc., etc. This November should be a voter turnout that actually gives a super-majority to the Republicans in the Senate and House – don’t forget we still have to get work done and preferrably without such close marginal friction. America go out and vote and silence these “representatives” that apparently have NO CLUE!!!

  • The entire conversation/meeting has since been clarified, even verified by a leftist reporter.

    First of all, two separate issues got combined into one in the “false” report. The first was in discussing Haiti, et al, they were looking at numbers already emigrating to the U.S. in light of the language of the agreement and when Trump said “take them out” it was not in reference to getting Haitians out of our country but out of the rhetoric of the agreement they were working on.

    Second, the African nations in question are nations involved in bloody civil wars and revolutions and rife with factions, tribalism and lawlessness. These are the “sh**hole” nations Trump was referring to [if indeed he used that specific word or not – that also is debatable] and it had nothing to do with the color of their skin and everything to do with their political instability and record of breeding terrorists, like Somalia.

    Trump deals honestly with matters, issues, and situations. When our immigration laws for other failing countries are too lenient and we open our arms too widely, we let in too much of the bad with the good. Trump’s aim is to thwart the inflow of bad people, terrorists and criminals with our immigration laws and policies and attract those people who will become productive, patriotic American citizens contributing to our society and way of life.

    This has been the American ideal and aim for centuries, but liberals have not had as much access to thwart our American ideals and heritage as they do now. The aim of progressivism is to destroy the American way and American ideal by making our Constitutional Republic fail so we become absorbed into the global order.

    Let it be known that I do not want terrorists, criminals, and thugs from these failing, unstable, crime-ridden, violent sh**hole countries either.

    However, anyone of any color, creed, or ethnicity, from any country who wants to come to America to pursue their dream and contribute to our way of life and strengthen our American Heritage with their contributions as a newly integrated citizen is very welcome, please come in and help us to continue to make America a great place to live and be.

    Further, other Senators that were at the meeting in question have noted that they do not remember Trump using those words that Sen. Durbin accuses him of, and it has been pointed out that Sen. Durbin has “misreported” on what was said at meetings before.