Mueller Investigation Rests On Trump Avoiding Perjury

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan went on “The McLaughlin Group” sharing his political wisdom. He stated that the most important thing President Trump can do is to avoid the perjury trap which Mueller investigators have been setting him up for. If he can dodge this, then Buchanan has said Trump “is looking pretty good.”

He explained, “I think if the president’s lawyers are any good and they don’t want to be disbarred, they will keep him out of this perjury trap that’s being set up for him,” Buchanan stated. “The point here is Mueller’s investigators have all this information, they’ve interviewed people, they’ve got hours of testimony. They want to walk in and ask the president one after another question, and the probability is, given his defiance and his disputatious nature, he’ll be denying this and arguing that. It’s a perjury trap. He ought to do as little as possible.”

“This obstruction of justice thing, given the fact that Mueller’s investigation is so controversial, divisive, people don’t believe in it, I think as long as Trump avoids sitting down in this perjury trap, I think he’s looking pretty good.”

  • Rock

    Release the FISA memo NOW !

    • gunnygil

      D I T T O….NOW!!!!

  • Rock

    As IS, nothing removed or blacked out. Names and 100% of the info intact…..

  • Rock

    Put a camera on Pelosi, and get the defib paddles ready ! CLEAR !

  • David in Dallas

    I think Buchanan is absolutely right! President Trump should be very wary of this trap and not fall for it.

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    As natural born American Citizen, I DEMAND Release the un-redacted FISA memo NOW !
    and, arrest Obama and Clintons to Levenworth Prison without bond to await trial for Treason, etc etc……..

  • Donna Morken

    I wouldn’t trust Mueller as far as I can see him. He’s out to get Trump and Trumps lawyers better know this. As dishonest as Mueller is he may even change things that people say and then say Trump purger himself, don’t trust this crook.