Trump Campaign Announces Record September Fundraising

The Trump campaign announced record fundraising of over $100 million in September. Such news contradicts the narrative of the State-sponsored media attempting to attack and discredit Trump every chance they can.

According to The Blaze:

The haul includes contributions to TMAGA and Trump Victory, Trump’s joint fundraising programs with the Republican National Committee, and is a $10 million increase from August’s haul of $90 million.

“These numbers show that Donald Trump continues to have incredible broad based support from across America. We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are clearly committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November,” Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s finance chairman, said in the statement.

The campaign, TMAGA and Trump Victory finished the month with about $75 million in cash on hand, the statement said. In addition, the campaign noted that 2.6 million people have contributed to Trump’s campaign during the election.

Trump himself contributed $2 million to the campaign in September.

Still, the large fundraising haul trails that of Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton, who raised $154 million for her campaign and the Democratic National Committee in September, according to Bloomberg Politics.

Clinton has raised more than three-quarters of one billion dollars since the inception of her 2016 campaign. Trump, on the other hand, has raised less than half of that — just $360 million.

While little attention is placed on Trump’s groundswell of support, he has garnered more individual donations than any other Republican candidate.

The media, despite it’s best efforts, can’t seem to stifle the movement that Donald Trump finds himself at the front of. One thing is certain, with a few weeks left before the election, we’re likely to see even more fundraising records being broken.

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