Watch Trump’s Bold Challenge to Anti-Gun Hillary

Donald Trump has done it again, creating another controversy by challenging the anti-gun Hillary to lead by example and disarm her Secret Service bodyguards. What seems reasonable to us created a media storm. According to Breitbart: The Hill reported Trump saying Hillary Clinton’s guards should be disarmed, and we’ll “see what happens to her.” His point was clear — Clinton […]

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Watch Mainstream Media Try to Use Guilt By Association In Effort to Shame Gun Supporters

It seems the mainstream media is trying very hard to hand responsibility for shootings to anyone in favor of the 2nd Amendment. One reporter even asked Florida Governor Scott is he accepts any responsibility for the mass shooting in Orlando since he’s governor of a state that protects someone’s right to bear arms. According to The Blaze: “Yes, ISIS, terrorism […]

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Wow: Even This Liberal Writer Can’t Support Senate Democrats’ Recent Gun Control Legislation

It’s not everyday that a liberal author, pundit or citizen will come out in support of the NRA. But, that’s exactly what happened by a writer for the very-liberal publication “Mother Jones” magazine. Kevin Drum found himself supporting the NRA rather then recent gun control legislation introduced in the Senate by Democrats. According to The Blaze: Drum said there are […]

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