Republican National Committee Pulls Support From Moore

In the wake of some very serious allegations that have surfaced against Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore, the RNC has withdrawn all support from him.

This consists of the RNC not holding any joint fundraisers and canceling its field programs.

A senior party official spoke to news sources and informed them they will be abandoning Moore before the election on December 12th.

“It will no longer transfer any money to the race,” Politico reported.

Ted Cruz stated he will indefinitely cut ties “so long as these allegations remain unrefuted.”

  • James Clooney

    Hey RNC you have just cut off one source of funding —ME

  • D-day

    Ru fricking kidding me the RNC NEVER supported him and this is their doings trying to get him removed – you’ve lost any credibility that was left with me

  • Free America

    The weak spineless GOP has just given total control over to the liberal Dems. Satan is alive and well and resides in Congress.

    • metheoldsarge

      The liberals never lost control of Congress.

  • KingDon

    Hey RNC. I’ve been a life long supporter of the party, but, at 76 years of age, I am no linger supporting you. If your obvious objective is to return control of both parties back to the Progressive/socialist next election, you’re doing a fabulous job of accomplishing it. The only thing you had going for you the last election was Trump and now you’re throwing all of that away so you can continue maintaining your good old boys club at the expense of our country over there at the RNC. You people are disgusting.

  • Rock

    Have to say, I agree with the other 4 comments here… I am completely disgusted with the actions of the political “good old boy” club bull$ hit, non Trump support and outright suicide of the Republican party…

  • Rock

    Wait till these RINO a$$ clowns see how much REAL republican support they loose next election… They are DONE!
    These self elevating perfect pinhead RINO’s SAW who WE THE PEOPLE voted to lead us and they, along with the ever idiotic Dems are doing everything possible to sabotage this presidency. Believe me. WE won’t forget each and every one of you.

  • Rock

    The only thing the RINO’s and backstabbers will have behind them the next election will be strapped to Hillary or Pelosi !

  • metheoldsarge

    From what I have been reading, many are very unhappy with their RINO Representatives in Congress. The solution is simple. Fire them. I’m not saying anything I haven’t said many times before. Just saying the things that need to be said over and over by a lot more people.

    I hope the recent actions of RINOs do not make voters vote Democrat. We need to send those old career politicians, from both parties, into forced retirement. Should that mean replacing them with the other party? Of course not! What this country has been caught in is a good old fashioned rut. One party makes all kinds of promises. When they get elected they go back to business as usual. The voters get mad and vote in the other party. Again we get business as usual. There is one thing the voters do not seem to realize. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

    A few Senate RINOs and every RINO in the House is up for reelection next year. Get them in the primaries. By encouraging new candidates to run against the incumbents in the Primaries, you can vote against the incumbent without having to sacrifice party loyalty. That is what happened to Arlin Specter, Tom Foley and Eric Cantor. They didn’t lose their seats to the other party in the General Election. They lost them in the Primaries. It happened then, and it can happen again.

    Last year the primary tool was attempted against McCain in Arizona, Ryan in Wisconsin and Schultz in Florida. Although it wasn’t successful, it could be an indication that the primary idea is starting to catch on. Indications are that it may be attempted again in Wisconsin against Ryan. Perhaps if a lot more voters and potential candidates started using the primary tool, we may not even need term limits. In my opinion the Primaries can be more important than the General Election.

    I hope the primary idea catches on across the entire country. The primary tool can even work against the President. The Electoral College may be able to pick the President in spite of the popular vote but they have no say in the primaries. I say re-elect no one. Fire them all.

    I hope the primary idea catches on across the entire country. We need to send those old career politicians, from both parties, into forced retirement. A few Senators and every Representative is up for reelection next year. Get them all in the primaries. I say re-elect no one. Fire them all.

  • voncile fullwood

    Always thought in the court of Justice you were innocent until proven guilty,but always seem to be a one side affair if this was something that happen 40 years ago why now? who cares? all of these like Graham,Cruz,McConnell,McCain needs to open up their closet door and look in at all the dirty laundry they have and McCain has a lot.these sexual allegations with these women make me want to puke it is a political game of politic they are playing you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours if this did not happen and ruining peoples lives will come back to the ones that has lost control of their own souls and Satan seems to be hard at work on all of them are these paid women to come forth to throw off the Hillary and the Obamanation that these two have done and still doing? It is a fact that Mueller is involved in the investigation of Comey and Hillary and Graham and Ryan and McCain was paid by Soros don’t know what in the world has happen to the Republicans that has become chicken sh%^& and Jeff Sessions needs to vacate his seat ,he is either in a coma or sleeping in the chair or maybe he is having a wet dream for that is all he could do wet his pants

  • DonRS

    As the utterly RINO RNC would be expected to do. At the same time the RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham, criticizing Judge Roy Moore, praised the child molester, Sen. Bob Menendez as an “honorable man”

  • Michael

    I haven’t given money to the RNC in several years. I may give to a specific candidate that shares my values, but I can’t see myself ever giving money to the RNC in hopes that they will use it wisely. I haven’t trusted them for a number of years. What they have done to Roy Moore was the last straw to get my money in the future.