Read Trump’s Pledge to NRA After Receiving Their Endorsement

The NRA is a critical endorsement during an election. Whether for Congress, the Senate, or President, the NRA endorsement is a must-have if you are going to have any chance of winning. And Donald Trump has just received the endorsement from the NRA and in return, has promised to not let them down.

According to The Blaze:

Donald Trump sought to make gun control a women’s issue Friday afternoon as he addressed a room full of gun rights activists shortly after receiving a huge endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

“I think this is the most basic human right of all, and Hillary Clinton wants to strip it away from women — and others,” the presumptive GOP nominee said during a speech at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Louisville, Kentucky.

Trump argued that Clinton wants to “abolish the Second Amendment.”

“We’re not going to let that happen,” Trump said. “We’re going to preserve it. We’re going to cherish it.”

Trump unveiled a new moniker for Clinton Friday as well, calling her “Heartless Hillary” for supposedly wanting to take guns away from innocent Americans as she releases violent criminals from prison. The Manhattan businessman also declared Clinton “the most anti-gun” presidential candidate to ever run.

“The only way to save the Second Amendment is to vote for a man named Donald Trump,” he said.

While Trump promised to eradicate gun-free zones and “make America great again,” the majority of his speech, as well as the speeches of two NRA leaders who came before him, focused more on slamming Clinton’s gun policies and rhetoric rather than touting Trump’s stance on the Second Amendment.

The NRA’s endorsement is a huge get for Trump who hasn’t always been a champion of gun rights. As the left-leaning Think Progress reported in August, a number of Trump’s hotels and facilities do not allow guns on their premises — even for those who have a concealed carry permit.

Even Friday, Trump joked that his sons have so many guns that ”sometimes even I get a little bit concerned” — a joke that seemed to fall flat with the thousands gathered at the NRA conference. He also called for Clinton’s bodyguards to “immediately disarm.”

“Let’s see how good they feel walking around without their guns on their body guards,” he said.

But Trump, who has been working hard to sway wary conservatives he can be trusted to protect gun ownership, promised the NRA that he wouldn’t let them down after receiving the organization’s endorsement.

“I just said to [CEO Wayne LaPierre] and I just said to Chris [Cox], I will not let you down; remember that,” Trump said. “I will not let you down.”

It’s funny that Trump’s joke about his sons having too many guns fell flat with this audience. This is the most pro-gun group in the world. You can never have too many guns, so to joke about that isn’t funny.

With the NRA inline, now Mr. Trump can continue to collect more endorsements and keep the momentum going until November. One thing is certain, Hillary Clinton will never get the NRA endorsement.