Read Trump’s Defiant Message To GOP Officials Trying to Sabotage His Nomination

Donald Trump is not one to back down from a fight, so when the mainstream media reported that some Republican officials were still plotting to keep the nomination from him, Mr. Trump addressed the rumors straight on, Trump-style, at a recent rally.

According to The Blaze:

Donald Trump railed Saturday against efforts by some frustrated Republicans planning a last-ditch effort to try to thwart him from becoming the party’s nominee, threatening at one point to stop fundraising if Republicans don’t rally around him.

Speaking at a theater at the Treasure Island hotel on the Las Vegas strip, Trump referred to “an insurgent group” trying to deny him delegates at the party’s July convention.

“Now you have a couple of guys that were badly defeated and they’re trying to organize maybe like a little bit of a delegate revolt,” he said. “I thought they already tried that.”

Trump pushed back against such efforts several times during his speech, claiming they were somehow “illegal” and then dismissing them as a media-generated fabrication.

“It’s all made up by the press,” he said. “It’s a hoax, I’m telling you.”

Trump also wondered who his opponents would pick as a replacement – a problem that has plagued the “Never Trump” movement for months.

“Who are they going to pick? I beat everybody. But I don’t mean beat – I beat the hell out of them,” he said.

Trump has continued to face resistance from Republicans who have voiced increasing concern over his inflammatory rhetoric. And he appeared increasingly frustrated Saturday, saying, “It would be helpful if the Republicans could help us a little bit.”

The billionaire businessman also threatened that, if Republicans don’t come together, he was prepared to stop fundraising and go back to largely self-funding his campaign.

“I’d love to do it,” said Trump, who has been holding fundraisers across the county this week largely benefiting the Republican National Committee. “You know, life is like a two-way street.”

A Republican National Committee spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump’s event drew several thousand people, but many seats remained empty when Trump began speaking because of security screening delays. Even after he took the stage, the line of supporters circled the slot machines on the casino floor. Tourists carrying beer and wearing bikinis watched the crowds with amusement.

Trump mistakenly blamed the delays on the Transportation Security Administration, which sometimes handles audience screening but was not involved in screening at the Treasure Island hotel. Casino security, metro police and the Secret Service were handling those efforts at the Las Vegas event.

“I’m not happy about it, but I have to put up with it,” Trump told supporters after erroneously blaming the TSA. “They didn’t bring enough machines.”

In a late afternoon rally in Phoenix, where temperatures reached 109 degrees, the media-minded real estate developer bragged about the number of magazines that have placed him on their covers in recent months. “I feel like a supermodel, except like times 10,” he said. “I’m a super model.”

Trump has stepped up his criticism of President Barack Obama in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting. In Las Vegas, he told supporters: “If you think Orlando was the end of it with this weak attitude and this pathetic president we have, it wasn’t, folks.”

He also offered a warning: “You are going to have problems the likes of which you’ve never seen unless Donald Trump becomes your president.”

It’s interesting that Mr. Trump spoke about a willingness to self-fund his Presidential campaign. Even the confident Mr. Trump might find it difficult, and unwise, to self-fund what could be a $500 million to $1 billion effort.

Regardless, Mr. Trump makes good points about who the GOP would put in his place…assuming the GOP cares if it wins. It’s becoming increasingly clear that many GOP establishment officials would be more comfortable with President Hillary over President Trump.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

  • Elly

    What has happened to the Republican party? Seems they are fast becoming left-wing liberals. They should be getting behind Trump. Shame on all those rhinos who are complicit in defending Obama’s agenda. What favors are they being promised?

    • Richard

      Yes, the RINO’s are bad and most are up for re- election….hmmmmm. But do NOT beleive everything you hear from the Socialist Media. They are just as bad as listening to Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangle, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid…

      • aptos 2012

        I refuse to listen them but this Ryan guy need to be eliminated,the rest you mentioned will fall of the cliff

    • look at all the money they got for voting for TTP. why do they want the gravy train stopped. our politicians are bought and sold out in the open and it is being allowed…..while they sell us down the river.

    • tnetcenter

      Only the leadership is corrupted and a few grunts!

  • Bob666

    George Will left as the party is imploding because of people like Trump.

  • leisureal-


  • KBB

    The Blaze??? Really???? That’s where you people troll for news? Pathetic.


    This is sooooooooooooo PATHETIC. They, the Republican RINOS are bound and determine to GIVE the election to HILLARY. They are in a sense WORSE than the Communist – Democrats. At least the DEMS are out in the open about their TREASONOUS AGENDA. The RINOS try and HIDE behind Conservatism. We have the greatest candidate we could ever hope for. The ONLY MAN who can do something about CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, THE HORRIBLE ECONOMY and BUILDING OUR MILITARLY and overall strength again as a nation and his own Party is on the band wagon trying to DESTROY him. This shows just how DEEP the CORRUPTION goes in this country. I pray to GOD that our people do as ENGLAND did and DEFEAT these DEVILS who are out to DESTROY the greatest country in the history of the world. We became that way because of WE THE PEOPLE, not because of SCUMBAG POLITICIANS !! Don’t fall for the LIES and PROPAGANDA of the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. GO DONALD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KBB


    • Timothy

      So true

    • Vernon Devine

      You sanity is definitely questionable. Do you listen to what this man says? He is unfit for any office. He would be a nobody if his father was not rich.

      • Howleyesque

        HIS sanity isn’t in question, neither is yours… you’re clearly too nuts for words as you’d rather have Swillary the one woman treason brigade!

      • Wilbor Gavin

        Jealously will get you no where.

        • Gloria D.


        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          foolishness and stupidity will get you a seat at a Hilda-Beast rally

      • tnetcenter

        Outside of a small $1 Million loan (since paid back) Trump is worth $10 BILLION+, ALL of it earned by HIM!! That hardly makes him unfit for anything except maybe poverty. Can YOU say the same?

        I DIDN’T THINK SO!!

        • cristoiglesia

          You mean except for the 200 million he inherited from his father.

          • Bob666

            Yea, the I borrowed one million from daddy. Trump never mentions that dad co-signed over twenty-million dollars in loans for that project.

          • Joellen Wortham

            At least it was a loan and he wasn’t handed it like those silver spoon fed dems

          • Joellen Wortham

            Oh sorry killary stole hers my bad

        • Vernon Devine

          Try multiple bankruptcies, multiple wives. People involved with him often geting hurt financially while he escapes. He also is impulsive, talking before thinking, not a good trait for a leader of a country. He is lucky in having a wealthy father. I would never vote for him for any office.

      • Joellen Wortham

        Guess what what makes you think a nobody can’t do this job obama was like a yr in the senate he was involved in homosexual activities and he done coke guess what idiots put him in office I can honestly say Trump can not do any where’s near as bad as this man who was not even a legal president.Why are you not outraged at what he has done to America but you take a business man who has been a American lived here raised great hardworking kids and you talk against him your what they say stupid is as stupid does and you just can’t fix stupid stand up talk about what this president has done then maybe you can compare and be heard

      • Tomahawk

        And Hillary is????

      • Marlene Binger

        Sorry, but in my opinion you are a first class moron!

    • wattsupstupid

      I just read an article and you could have sworn it was Trump you were reading about and all the things that the elites and rinos are spewing about him. Well you get to the end and it was all the nasty things they were saying about none other than Reagan way back when. I remember all those nasty things they said back then and I didn’t believe it then of Reagan and I don’t believe it now of Trump. We know what Ronny did and I believe if Trump gets the chance he can be just as good, time can only tell. Those who are so opposed to Trump are those who are for the One World Order. We need to see who is doing this and vote them out of office at the first chance. Insist that another Rep go up against them so you can get them out.
      No more free ticket to our reps, make them do as their constituents want.

      • Joellen Wortham

        I could name a few they threatened me they said you know we passed a law that we can prosecute you for talking back about the president and government I told them you don’t want to go there with me after all I turned over to the Trump movement on your cheating and as far as you Republicans on what your doing to him that’s a can of worms you don’t want to open but I will and I sent Trump movement all of that they have it all that why they back off

    • 81537

      Double for me!! I am having a real problem figuring out their motives. Certainly the country is not their concern. The SCOTUS sure as hell doesn’t concern them either. I guess the power they have over us peons is most important. As I’ve said about gun control, it’s not guns it’s CONTROL.

    • Mario Marrero

      amen, amen, God save us from the idiots on the establishments

  • EE

    After Trump is POTUS, The traitors are going to feel major pain for a long time. Some will be jailed for it. They already should be in jail which is why the fight!

    • boone1

      The traitors should all be killed hell with jail we have too feed them in jail.

      • andrew

        These are criminals in their own right… they would be incarcerated with murderers, rapists, bankrobbers, and all manner of the dregs of society. I don’t see them going to a “club Fed”…somewhere they could enjoy themselves…
        Krikey !! Being locked up on the same acre of turf, in the same building for X number of years, would try the patience of St. Job, and they deserve every minute of it !!!

    • Gloria D.


  • Howleyesque

    What Trump needs to do is make the following announcements:
    #1 That he will fire that worthless Moslem POS Johnson and replace him with Sheriff David Clarke as head of DHS.
    #2 That he will replace Lynch with Judge Nap and do his best to put the whole Obama gang in prison, not JUST Swillary!
    #3. Name Jeanine Pirro as his VP

    • Bob666

      Yep, let’s vote for Trump!

      • aptos 2012

        How much they paying you for this garbage? A$$ …..hole

        • Bob666

          That’s Mr. A$$hole to you!

          • Howleyesque

            But the one BETWEEN YOUR EARS IS HUGE!

          • Bob666

            Don’t confuse me with your sick fantasies Howie the mental Dwarf.

          • Howleyesque

            Sorry to disappoint you there Jethro but unlike you… I DON’T swing that way. The fact that you DO is obvious in your obsession with the size of…

          • Bob666

            Not obsessed with anything Howie the mental Dwarf, but you keep coming back for an A$$-Kicking.

          • Howleyesque

            LOL Yeah uh huh! Check out the up votes troll boy. Next, some of REAL Americans have balls enough to remember the oath we took “both foreign AND DOMESTIC”

          • Bob666

            Yea, you were in the military?

      • RufusVonDufus

        Hey, Bob, KMA you dickhead!

        • Bob666

          That;s Mr. Dickhead to you!

          • Howleyesque

            So did you ask the girl who saw Wild Willie with two of his buddy Epstein’s underage sex slaves if she can you how big HIS IS? (Not that I care… but you MUST… otherwise, WHY post THAT?)

          • Bob666

            Yea, saw that on a right wing web site since you know that everything on the web is true, right short bus boy?

            Besides, Willie not running for president…….

          • Howleyesque

            No his ENABLER the lying old pile who said “Any woman who CLAIMS to have been raped MUST BE assumed to be telling the truth!” After abusing all the power she could to DESTROY THE LIVES of the 20+ women who have accused him of it! Which means that you either WILLFULLY BLIND as in REFUSE TO SEE the truth OR you are entirely too stupid to be allowed to vote at all! Soo which is it, are you EMPLOYED by the Dumocrats or are you just BRAIN DEAD?

          • Bob666

            Willie is not running for president-get over it short-bus!

            They found the remains of one of your ancestors!

        • Howleyesque

          Yeah the dork is a Swillary troll with the morals of Bill the rapist/pedophile and his enabler and hypocrite wife.

          • Bob666

            That’s down right funny Howley the mental dwarf, Since I’m a libertarian, don’t like Hillary and was w delegate for Reagan in 1980.

            If you were any more stupid, there would be a mental disability named after You!

          • Howleyesque

            But everyone KNOWS there is a PLACE named after you! The “BOOBY HATCH!”

          • Bob666

            Unlike you Gay Short Bus Boy, I like Boobs a Lot!

          • Howleyesque

            LOL For a “libertarian” you sound EXTREMELY like… a LIPERAL. But, given the relative “credibility” of any and ALL LIPERALS…. AND when it oinks.. I DO NOT take it’s word for being a duck!

          • Bob666

            Really don’t care if you do or not and News Flash Short-Bus Boy, the world does not evolve around you or your penis.

          • Howleyesque

            ROFLMAO!!! YOU ARE JUST WAAY TOO FUNNY! But I really do wish that whatever your sexuality yo u’d quit making your obsession with penises a part of the conversation.

          • Bob666

            You keep recycling too same crap short-bus boy, because it’s crap?

          • Howleyesque

            No, because you’re ONLY important enough to rate more and better in that BS filled mind of YOURS!

          • Bob666

            Which by the way, is far more important than you will ever hope to be!

          • Howleyesque

            Go tell THIS to Wild Willie’s 20 + rape victims…

          • Bob666

            What about Trumps Rape victims? You see short bus, Trump is running and Willie is not. Should I get a crayon and explain it to you?

        • Bob666

          Hey Dufus,

          LMA Moron!

      • savetheusa2

        You gave yourself away. You are a troll and you came from the devil.

      • Howleyesque

        It’s better than a bad cross between Ma Barker and Tony Soprano! (And that doesn’t even take her rapist/pedophile hubby into consideration!)

        • Bob666

          Coming from the challenged group like yourself-that does not surprise me.

          • Howleyesque

            ROFLMAO!! “Challenged”? Is that another way of saying that I’m NOT so willfully BLIND that I IGNORE the fact that the corrupt old bat YOU support has sold out to anybody with THE MONEY! Including selling Uranium to RUSSIA, having 20% of her campaign paid for by the Saudis’ millions more donated by the Iranians and REFUSING to produce those speech transcripts that IF they PROVED her contention that big bankers ARE so stupid they’d pay MILLIONS TO BE “CONFRONTED” She would have been passingout like candy at Easter?

          • Bob666

            No, It means that you’re developmentally challenged.

          • Howleyesque

            Says? Some DERP who claims to be older than me and yet is either too SENILE TO REMEMBER or too STUPID TO KNOW history!

          • Bob666

            Says some well informed gentleman who has forgotten more than you will ever know.

          • Howleyesque

            ROFLMAO!! Thanks! I’ve said repeatedly he’s the SECOND WORST President we’ve ever had… second ONLY TOO the lying pile of MOSLEM MAGGOTS in office now. But then… I AM middle of the road… not a LYING LIPERAL GARBAGE PIT!

          • Bob666

            No, the second worse was Carter, Bush 41 was the worse. Obama does not iven rank in the top five worse presidents.

          • Howleyesque
          • Bob666

            And that would be your significance in the lower right corner-no, it was a smuge on my computer screen.

      • Wilbor Gavin

        You had rather have a traitor, typical liberal, democrat, and anti American dipshit.

        • Bob666

          Yea, keep telling yourself that!

          • Howleyesque

            And YOU keep convincing YOUR idiot self that “This time is DIFFERENT!” NUMB NUTS!

          • Bob666

            My nuts are none of YOUR business! So your gay and stupid?
            Thanks for confirming!

          • Howleyesque

            Another joke, you’ve clearly had YOURS REMOVED!

          • Bob666

            If that were true, unlike you, at least I could say I had (in past -tense) some.

      • cmi

        Anything will be BETTER than the criminal “slug”, Hillary Clinton!!!

        • Bob666

          Yea, keep popping!

          • Howleyesque

            Uh huh meanwhile back on the plantation…

          • Bob666

            Your plantation for the developmentally challenged?

          • Howleyesque

            Nope unlike you AND OBAMA I DON’T belong to or support ()with taxpayer money!) racist organizations like BLM and La Raza!

          • Bob666

            Nor do I dumb -ass, but keep popping those short bus chops!

    • aptos 2012

      the 100 up for you.

      • Howleyesque

        Thanks but I’ll settle for Trump maybe doing these things AND more importantly getting elected!

    • Gloria D.

      The Judge would be a great choice!! She is a tough one and is also friends with Trump.

      • Howleyesque

        Just thinking that Pirro would “balance” the ticket and provide a potential “NEXT candidate” that the conservative CRAZIES could get behind.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Speaking of Judge Jeanie, have you read or heard what she said a little while ago, if not here it is;

      On “Justice” last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro said the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union is just the beginning of a worldwide revolution, and the next in line is the U.S.

      “The world is changing, and all you elite, establishment, ruling class, condescending Washington bigwigs, who think you know better than ordinary Americans, are out,” Judge Jeanine said. “Start packing. Your days are numbered.”

      She said that the millions of American citizens who are unhappy with the direction of the country will catapult Donald Trump into the White House.

      “It’s time to take the country back,” Judge Jeanine stated.

      “Every week, I speak to you in front of a backdrop. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the American flag. It represents the spilled blood and treasure of those who gave up everything for this great nation. It stands for freedom, equality and justice. And I’m damn proud of it.”

      Watch Judge Jeanine’s powerful opening statement above and read a full transcript below.

      Read Full Article

      What happened in England is going to happen again. Next stop: the United States. Next president: Donald J. Trump.

      What happened in the U.K. is just the beginning. The world is changing, and all you elite establishment, ruling class, condescending Washington bigwigs who think you know better than ordinary Americans are out. Start packing. Your days are numbered.

      I told you this election was a revolution – but even I didn’t know how big it would be.

      It’s worldwide. The headlines scream it. The working class who toil everyday to pay their rent and put food on their families’ tables are tired of being lectured by the fat cats in Washington and Brussels who preach what we need and when we need it. The Brits in a monumental upset made their voices heard this week voting to exit the European Union. You know the place with open borders being overrun by immigrants as they watch their economies falter. Similarly, Americans fed up with this “we are the world” dance will catapult Donald Trump to the White House.

      News flash: we don’t want an internationalist country, world banks, globalization of our economy, a country with no border and no identity. You are not allowed to change the identity of this country. Americans want a nation-state, our own country with a history of freedom combined with responsibility. And yet our proud history – even our money – is being rewritten to accommodate a new world view.

      We are so beaten down by political correctness that most of us are numb to the surrender of America.

      And as for those naysayers. The ones who say Donald Trump just can’t win, listen up: those naysayers in England, got it all wrong. Prime Minister Cameron got it all wrong you know-the one who criticized Donald trump for his temporary ban on Muslims… And now he’s out. Obama too got it all wrong– jetting to England as if he were the world’s dictator-telling the Brits what’s good for them. And while we’re at it– Hillary Clinton got it wrong on just about everything, except her bank account.

      When the president of the United States – a country founded on Judeo Christian ethics – tells Christians at a prayer breakfast no less, to get off their high horse, after Christians get their heads cut off-not even willing to mention Islamic extremism when the president of the united states allows hordes of immigrants who’s names– let alone backgrounds – we don’t even know – as ISIS proudly announces they are infiltrating these refugees… When states are not even notified who the federal government is sending to live in their neighborhoods, flying in unknowns from central America and the middle east en masse, who demand Sharia law in place of American law – then we are in the wilderness, folks.

      And I don’t want to hear that Americans need to be more humble that we need more humility that my free speech needs to be tamped down so as not to offend another’s’ religion.

      Nowhere does our Constitution say we cannot say something about another’s religion. Nowhere does our Constitution say we cannot say anything that offends someone. And by the way nowhere does it say I can’t have a gun. Do not use our Constitution against us while you use the same Constitution to shield those who violate our laws, showering them with all the rights and benefits but none of the responsibilities.

      When our president’s first response to an American getting his head cut off is to show up in a golf cart and then keep on golfing-when he and his attorney generals response to Americans being killed by Muslim terrorists is to stand up for Muslims, then it’s time to take our country back

      And don’t tell me that to not take these people in is not who we are. I know who we are.

      My grandfather was part of the greatest generation that stormed the beach in Normandy. My dad saw the plume in Nagasaki. And later died because of it. No. Don’t you preach to me. I know who we are and I know who I am. I am an unapologetic nationalist. I am an unapologetic American.

      And that Statue of Liberty – give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

      We never had a problem taking them in from the beginning. We are the most generous country in the world. I’ve sworn in newly naturalized citizens for years and have never been more proud of America. But they have to do it legally. They have to swear allegiance to America, follow our laws, and not be exempt from arrest because of their illegal status, as they are in sanctuary cities.

      Even the Supreme Court had to stop the president, who attempted to ban the deportation of four million illegals and give them an automatic right to work here.

      When a man running for president proudly carries with him the sword of socialism and when a woman running for president accepts monies from countries that kill gays and stone women to death for her family’s so called charity, when their holdings are invested in the Cayman Islands, and her husband is middle man to some of the world’s biggest deals, as they feather their nest at the expense of America, it’s time to take the country back.

      No, I don’t believe in globalization. I don’t believe in this international mumbo jumbo. I don’t believe in self-denigration. I believe in our nation-state. I believe in borders. And I believe in the law, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that outlines the character of who we are. Every week, I speak to you in front of a backdrop. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the American flag. It represents the spilled blood and treasure of those who gave up everything for this great nation. It stands for freedom, equality and justice. And I’m damn proud of it.

      • tnetcenter

        I think I caught the last half of that “opening”! It was awesome!!! She was on a roll and taking NO PRISONERS!! We need about 600 politicians like her!!

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          exactly absolutely agree

      • Howleyesque

        Yep EXACTLY WHY I think this intelligent and HOT lady would be a great VP pick!

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          yup, couldn’t go wrong with her

    • wow, great suggestions! toss in sheriff joe and i am for it!

  • VirgoVince

    Trump is RIGHT, again, as he has been more often than not!!
    He’s not perfect, but he’s the LAST CHANCE WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES!

    • Wilbor Gavin

      American traitors.

  • Mark

    I certainly hope that Trump beats Hillary and then sets the Establishment back about 40 years in their takeover of the world population. I am a Patriot and will stand with fellow Patriots like Donald Trump.

    • Timothy

      True me to

    • Gloria D.

      I second that motion!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! United we stand for Trump!!! 2016!!!

      • Jim Dunbar

        You idiot. That was populism led by conservatives.

        • Gloria D.

          Keep your names to yourself you uneducated fool!! Don’t tell me what a conservative is!!! I’m tired of pompous a$$e$ telling me what a conservative is!!!! Apparently there are very many definitions of what a conservative is out there!!! I’m for TRUMP ALL THE WAY..and nothing you can say will EVER CHANGE MY MIND!!! Go ahead and vote for the murderous witch of Benghazi but I’ll take my chances with TRUMP ANY DAY!!! Trump is nationalism..populism ..and conservatism all rolled into one!! All these neoconservatives out there like Romney and Ryan and all the rest of the FAKE..pretentious conservative jerks like Graham, McConnell etc. .all they care about is their comfy corrupt DC world and their large sum of money lining their filthy pockets when it comes down to it!!! ENOUGH WITH THE CORRUPTION ON BOTH SIDES!! I’ve had it with republican and Dems and all the crap in between!! I don’t care WHAT TERM you put a person like Donald under!!! I WANT A LEADER NOT A PREACHER OR A PANTYWAIST LIKE OUR LIAR IN CHIEF!!! IF TRUMP IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR NAVY SEALS, and our border patrols, and PASTOR JEFFRIES AND EVERYONE ELSE IN BETWEEN WHO ENDORSED TRUMP, then he’s good enough for me!!!! EVERYTHING TRUMP HAS SAID SO FAR IS RIGHT ON and has come true!!!! WE NEED STRENGTH NOW, and we need prayers. Take your belittling words and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine!!! Maybe YOU should look in the mirror and that name you called me…direct it to the one you’re looking at!!! It’ll definitely fit that person much better than I!!!

    • tnetcenter

      The problems we have with out-of-control liberals in positions of power is NOT unique to the USA, it’s become a global problem. Just look at the BREXIT debacle, the liberals are on the WRONG SIDE of that too!!!

    • tnetcenter

      I’d rather see the Establishment set back about 2000 years, 40 isn’t nearly enough to make up for the damage they’ve done!

    • Jim Dunbar

      You are a fool. Mark. No last name, no picture. Just a hidden identity with a keyboard and no balls to let your neighbors know that you too can be a Nazi.

  • k5r4

    The GOP establishment politicians don’t care if they win. They want a president Hillary because she’ll implement their campaign donors, who happen to be her campaign donors, & their agenda, she’ll do exactly what they say & they will control her. They can’t control trump because he doesn’t owe them anything, he’ll implement the voters’ agenda & they can’t control him.

  • MegaMouseGW

    I am voting trump even if I got write his name on the ballot. He is the only one that can bring the USA back from the third world struts that obozo has forced us into.

  • DonRS

    RINOS/Establishment/”Republican”/Democrat Lites are desperate to hold on to their power, much like the EU unelected, unaccountable Bureaucrats (sounds much like our RINOs, but we were foolish enough to elect and re-elect them)!

    We MUST PUNISH the RINOS, at every opportunity. They have become to believe they have a god given right to their power, their perks, their fabulous incomes and life styles, at OUR EXPENSE!

    RINOs are WORSE than DEMOCRATS. At least Democrats are honest about their dishonesty!

  • David

    Go Donald……

  • Linda H, crystal lake, il

    I would say those Gop that are supposed to do their jOBS!! BY TRYING to Sabatog him they are traitors. Their betraying the people who their suppose to represent. To do what WE THE PEOPLE nominated not what they want . Their afraid their partying, cheating ways will be over!!!

  • He has businesses he can even sell or borrow on, Trump will manage and he is getting small donations from his supporters but some are already living from pay check to pay check or lost their jobs.. If God wants him in there ,he will be in there.. I am Happy because Trump won the College laws suit that was against him. That was a victory for him.

    • Bob666

      “I am Happy because Trump won the College laws suit that was against him. That was a victory for him”

      Care to share something that none of us have heard about?

      • aptos 2012

        Get lost troll

        • tnetcenter

          Click on BLOCK USER and it will be GONE for good!! Works well! I’ve blocked about a half dozen or so and I’m getting through twice the number of comments now because there are fewer distractions and I can concentrate on the subject at hand instead of dealing with stupid distractions from the insane liberal crowd!

          • Bob666

            Tnet in his mom’s basement

        • Bob666

          Bye me tinker-bell!

  • armydadtexas

    HE IS ECHOING the AMERICAN VOTER. The GOP had best listen unless they are into political suicide.

  • Timothy

    There is no one but Trump that will win … Paul Ryan , no count McConnel ,donors that’s not support of should keep mouth shut … You can bet cry baby jeb bush is in it to they been stealing from tax payers for years .. They don’t want system changed .. Can’t steal any more .. R N C get with it Trump won with people’s vote .. You people quit crying you bunch two faces scummmmm bags don’t try to put Romney in he a loser he dose what donors want .. Trump 16. “………… I’m in Florida No vote Rubio going to run won’t win. Stay home people of Florida won’t be fooled by him agin .. He is a no vote senator don’t vote for him he does what donors want . He said would not run he lied agin .

    • aptos 2012

      I am in CA but i wouldn’t vote for Rubio even if I an in Florida.

      • Timothy

        That’s right

  • chuckiemon

    At this point, anyone who is not in support of Donald Trump, despite what you may think of him, is very clearly in support of Hillary Clinton. Get with the program and get with Trump. Yea, that includes you Mark Levin.

  • SammysDad

    So many GOP elites are afraid they may lose their positions of power that, yes, they would like to see Hillary rather than Trump as president in order to benefit themselves and not the American people. This is the most disgusting and despicable treasonous actions I have seen since I voted in the 60’s. This makes me sick to know America has come to this. I can only hope that Brexit has shown Americans that WE THE PEOPLE can take our country back from those meelymouthed yellow belly corrupt egomaniacal politicians that are holding this country back from freedom and prosperity. Vote those who would ruin our economy, take our guns and other freedoms and those who would favor foreigners than Americans.

  • J.B. Young

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for the destruction of this country! Vote the GOP rinos out and vote Trump in!

  • aptos 2012

    I can’t understand one real conservative republican let Ryan as our representative.He is a totally sold out RINO.Trump 2016!!!!!

  • RufusVonDufus

    All the Repub’s in power are afraid Trump is going to let the party members know exactly which ones are the traitors. That will only leave about 40 or so. They are all, and Ryan is the biggest, useless P’sOS which should be thrown out with the weekly garbage. I will never again vote for any establishment Repub.

  • savetheusa2

    If the RINO’s want Hilary Clinton you know they are part of the new/one world order. Another communist in the WH would be disastrous. Can you believe that after many decades they actually trust her? This is preposterous! The republicans are letting Obama get away with being a King. This is not what most of the people want. We want our government to follow the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Some of these newer amendments are so poorly written that our Supreme Court is finding rights out of thin air. If you can’t tell something fishy is going on, you are asleep! PLEASE vote for Trump. At least he will surround himself with those who care about America. Democrats and most republicans have been bought and paid for by Soros, Bilderbergers, CFR, foreign nations and those who want to bring us to a new world order. That includes the Bush family.

  • Otilia Rodriguez

    What is the real reason behind all that hate against Trump??? Jealousy? Envy? It all has to do with their ambition for money and power. (Ex. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney). His rethoric is not different than the majority of americans! He is not a hypocrit and he is not afraid to speak out what’s in his mind without remorses. They don’t, because they want to be politically correct. They are just a bunch of hypocrits!

    • tnetcenter

      Trump is vigorously shaking the tree and insane liberals are falling out by the dozens! Trump promises to pretty much destroy the establishment!

      I say GOOD!!!!

      Let ’em rot!

  • Maggietish

    Trump is right. The Republicans have again ignore the will of the people who voted for Donald Trump to be the nominee. They have done nothing but try to undermine him and backstab him since he won the nomination and actually since he entered the race. It’s the Washington corrupt politicians running scared. I just heard a couple days ago the Ted Cruz is trying to get the nomination during the convention. This man just needs to go away. The American people rejected him and they will continue to reject him. It’s the Republicans continue to do this backstabbing politics as usual nonsense against Donald Trump they will be finished. The American people have had enough. Republicans to poop and they are no better than the democrats. The only good thing that’s come out of all of this is that the American people realized we must demand term limits and kick these political hacks to the curb and get true representation in Washington. We need to take America back.

  • joleenworden

    It is just amazingly sick that these RINO’s who claim to be Republicans will not support Trump. How could they possibly want Hillary, a corrupt serial thief, liar, criminal, and murderer in the Whitehouse? What possible justification can they have for such treason? Trump is a true Patriot willing to sacrifice his money and life for this country. He has worked hard all his life and already had his claim to fame. Pray for his success and the survival of our Constitution.

  • Vernon Devine

    Trump who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, speaks before he thinks, etc is one of the worst candidates in our history. I hope the American public has the sense to not support him. The US needs a competent leader.

  • Vernon Devine

    You are not dealing with reality!

  • Kathy Frazier

    America has spoken We want you to be the next President of the United States of America. We are with you all the way

  • Tita Tita


  • denniscerasoli

    It tells me what i already know,and that is the republican party doesn’t care who gets elected just as long as it doesn’t rock their boat.Trump would bring a hammer to the lobbies and the bottom line is that a billionaire would be best for America because a billionaire president wouldn’t be up for sale.Trump will probably lose unfortunately and the voters will have only themselves to blame while Trump will smile and float on down the French Rivera for a nice vacation.It will be sweet when Trump says….i told you so.It is very sad that Americans by and large do not have a clue to what this 2016 election means.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    These GOPe turncoats must be remembered by all true American Patriot Constitutionalists as these colluding politicians are a dedicated group of closet progressive – liberals who’s major concern is a New World Order – Global agenda, falsely legitimized by our membership in the UN. Our membership in that objectionable institution does nothing but make a mockery of our Constitution and the oaths our elected representatives take to defend it. They are, truly, turncoats when it comes to defending the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers crafted with Divine inspiration.

  • gfsomsel

    I hope Trump has a long memory where it concerns so-called Republicans and so-called conservatives who jump ship. William Buckley said we should support THE MOST CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE WHO CAN WIN. Those who are planning to support a 3rd party candidate or stay home or even vote for Hillary should be hereafter blackballed from the Republican Party and conservative punditry.

  • Defend America

    If they dislike Trump so much then they should have put someone worthy of competing with him. The people have spoken get over it and start acting like adults.

  • Diane Mcfarren-Myers

    Get over yourself and go find someone who is worse off than you. I’m tired of your stupid pity parties. BTW, you still have fat to lose. Oh my, you will really be depressed then! The world does not revolve around you…..literally.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    The republicans want a willie wonks, man child, Wussie, ass Kissing RINO as their candidate. The voters want a conservative who speaks and acts like a real man, with real ideas, and not afraid to defeand, those ideas. Classic do nothing politicians who think they know every thing but are stupid as S ** t.

  • cmi

    Something is VERY wrong when a man beats out 17 other candidates for his party’s nomination like Trump has, but then the top couple layers of “elitist scum-bags” of his party turns against him like these sleaze-wads have done!! That just tells me, that he’s the one that will turn their little playhouse upside down & make them get the hell off their butts & work for the PEOPLE of America like they should have been doing for years, instead of meeting in “backrooms of government” & screwing the people out of everything they possibly can like they’ve been doing!!!! I’ve said for 30 years, the democratic & the republican parties are nothing but a “two-headed snake” & has been playing the “STUPID” citizens for a bunch of suckers for exactly that,…….”SUCKERS”, & these shennagins are actual proof!!! Donald Trump wants to save America from the pits of Hell & we had better wake up & realize that!!!

    • tnetcenter

      I agree with everything you said EXCEPT – we don’t want those “elitist scum-bags” to do anything except get the hell out of politics and leave it to the real Americans!

  • Michael

    It continues to plague me when I read of the false info that the Republican’s and Democrats are writing. It is something to read of Hillary having a 12 point advantage when I don’t think she had THAT MANY vote for her in the primaries! Sanders is contending that the polls were rigged in her favor, which I wouldn’t put it past the DNC from doing. And to point out that Hillary is guilty of not having a secure server (nonetheless a none government org server that she was supposed to use) makes her guilty of the Espionage Act. That CRIME alone carries a mandatory jail sentence! But as so many crooked politician’s do, she may get a pass by this half breed president who is a Muslim and a LIAR! And believe me I won’t take it back either regardless what that half breed would threaten me with! I’m a Democrat and I’m voting for TRUMP! I wouldn’t vote for Hillary IF SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THE BALLOT!

    • tnetcenter

      You’re a PATRIOT! Glad to know you! We won’t always agree on things, but on this we can definitely agree!!

      Trump for President – 2016!!

      • Bob666

        You’re an idiot!

        Everyone sucks 2016!

      • Bob666

        Up-voting yourself-What a loser!

  • tnetcenter

    The GOP leadership should be put on suicide watch!

    • Bob666

      Up-voting yourself–What a loser!

  • Peter Morey

    These idiot GOP losers who are trying to give the Presidency away to the Democrats along with the Supreme Court nominations. They are all democrats including Paul Ryan the so called leader who has done nothing but give Obama what ever he wants. Lets all get going and get him replaced also all these other poor losers. What happened to all the candidates who said they would support the winner and when Trump declined the media ,press were all over him. Where is the press & media now that these slime balls are now denouncing Trump who beat them Fair & Square?

  • PappaDoc

    Congress as a whole has a 17% approval rating, maybe it’s not the candidates they should be bashing, maybe they should do some reflecting.

  • Varmint~

    Just remember those republicans that would be more COMFORTABLE if Hillary were to win are afraid the lining to their pockets will go south, don’t forget it!

  • ceevee

    As reported earlier, the mainstream media has begun to realize that Donald
    Trump’s entire life is built on fraud. He is not the rugged, self-made individual he has built
    himself up to be.

    CNN’s Don Lemon, host of CNN Tonight, interviewed
    David Brock of Correct the Record,
    a “strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary
    Clinton from baseless attacks,” and what he found is not pretty.

    It is no secret that Trump is a liar. He has been demonstrated to lie 9 out
    of 10 times he opens his mouth to speak. He lies easily and without hesitation.
    Mainstream media has until recently been complicit in his dishonesty, failing
    to challenge his statements during interviews, or indeed, even after. What
    David Brock shows us is that the Donald Trump we are seeing is not a new Donald
    Trump. He has always been a liar.

    DON LEMON (HOST): David, I am going to start with you. Your
    organization Correct the Record analyzed 23 of the Washington Post’s fact
    checks on Donald Trump. What did you find?

    DAVID BROCK: Well, we found — What we did was we
    took the most egregious we could find, and we actually set them to music. We
    set them to a Mozart Symphony No. 41, and it runs 41 minutes. And the point
    here is that every aspect that we looked at, of Donald Trump’s life and his
    campaign, compulsive lying is an unavoidable aspect of it. We looked at the
    first public statement we could find that Donald Trump had ever made, back in
    1973 where he said it was ridiculous that he would engage in housing
    discrimination, yet he settled a charge just to that nature four years before.

    We looked at the first nine words that Donald Trump said when he
    declared his candidacy, where he said there were thousands of people in
    attendance and there were only 300. So, from 1973 to the time he announced his
    candidacy, it was lie after lie. And the important thing here is that he’s
    lying about himself, the story he tells about himself, that he’s a self made
    man, and a business genius. For example, Trump University is a lie that begat a
    fraud. And then on policy, he is lying to the American people on the promises
    he is making to, for example, reduce the debt by $19 trillion, when the Chamber
    of Commerce says he’s going to explode the deficit and put us in recession.

    LEMON: David, did the Washington Post do fact checks
    on Hillary Clinton, whether she’s telling the truth or not?

    BROCK: Sure, in fact the agency that Jeffrey just
    cited, Politifact, rated Hillary Clinton the most honest of all candidates they
    looked at, and Donald Trump was the most dishonest. So, I think it’s a really
    poor excuse to try to say that all candidates do this, all candidates embellish
    and lie. What we have here is something — it is a difference of not degree, but
    of kind.

    It is the order of magnitude, the volume, the brazenness, and the
    other thing, you know, so let’s say politicians do sometimes not tell the
    truth. When they’re called out on it by something like the Washington Post fact
    checker, they usually stop. What our video shows is that Donald Trump compounds
    the problem time and again compulsively. He’s caught in a lie and keeps telling
    it. That tells us something about character, tells us something about
    temperament, and just unfitness for office.

    Lying is not a new thing for Donald Trump. He is a compulsive liar and he
    has apparently always been a compulsive liar. He has built up some sort of
    superhero alternative version of himself in his own mind, and that is what he
    is selling to the American public as we head down the stretch to Election Day.
    As the mainstream media catches on to the truth, he will find it more and more
    difficult to sell his lies to the American people.

  • Donaldo

    I can’t believe I was dumb enough to support that POS Romney and the Bushes. They are he lowest of lows and I hope they rot in hell. All of them.

  • gene smiith

    The GOP is disinterested in who wins the Presidency as long as it isn’t TRUMP. You can no longer look it as a “Normal” campaign. If Hillary wins, she wins and the party ( No pun intended)goes on unabated across the aisle. The elite stay elite with no one disturbing their many games and gains and the underhanded under the table deals with the Unions, and all other Special Interests. In other words, business as usual and that simply would not be the case were TRUMP elected. THEY MUST SEE TO HIS DEFEAT and that is the point of it all and everything you see happening. As for who will they put in his place, ? Their answer is WHO CARES?

  • Gunflint Roseberg

    DemoRats ….Gone !…GOP Rino’s ..Gone !! ….America needs a Leader, we must make it happen !!!
    ………TRUMP 2016………..

  • Camille Gilliam

    I pray that Mr. Trump beats Crooked Hillary. She is an awful person, a socialist, a pathological liar, a thief, and a murderer. We need the person that will work to save this country. Donald Trump!

  • HDMania

    So what Vernon..

  • Ronald Rowley

    I hate to put it this way as I happen to respect Mr. Trump and his efforts to make our country great, again, but, when you think about it, there really isn’t any other choice as all other candidates represent, in one way or another, the globalist ideology for governance, while Mr. Trump is the only nationalist. In the event that you may not know what the globalist ideology is all about, it is an ideology that has zero respect for present or former, Middle Class people that actually represent the backbone of our great nation. They also have no respect for the law of the land, our written Constitution, and are busy trying to foster the notion of a “New World Order” which will steal your Constitutional Rights from you. The current economic disaster that the Middle Class has been experiencing for the last couple of decades has all been brought to you by the globalists along with their various programs like uncontrolled illegal immigration and a so-called healthcare, the real goal of which, is to rob the Middle Class to benefit the underclass. What the globalists really want is the complete destruction of the Middle Class, leaving just the so-called elites and peons that will do their bidding, or suffer the consequences without any due process or other laws that may provide any protections to the governed. Does any of this sound familiar? It would to Joe Stalin as he and Lenin and others set out to create the first Globalist empire, a.k.a. the Soviet Union. So, the bottom line for understanding globalist ideology is that it would be better known as international socialism and unless you want your family to suffer the oppression of this kind of government, you had better support and vote for Donald Trump.

  • Joellen Wortham

    Oh they care if killary gets in believe me even they couldn’t take her for even four years her illegal crap has done her under and they are on a fine line of surviving because they keep trying to take down We The People’s right to pick it would end them totally not just a few year this election will go down as the best election ever

  • Joellen Wortham

    Hillary says she losing cause she’s a women I thought they were voting for her cause she’s a women lmao she is so full of herself it’s sickening lmao hahaha to funny

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    If America is to survive this down fall we’er to put Donanld Trump as our next President its Donald Trump for PRESIDENT IN 2016.

  • Robert Bledsoe

    These stop -Trump idoits are once again telling me that I am not smart to pick a president ,that rednecks like are all retards and not intelligent enough for a task like that and we should let the EST. (GOP) make all these wise decisions. Well I have watch these great genius with all their great wisdom destroy and pull this country down into the gutter. they do not give a d-mn about this country but only their power hungry self inflated little kingdom as if boma not enough we have to tolerate morons like this

  • Mike McKelvy

    I am very surprised that Trump did so well using Hitler’s tactics of rabble-rousing and strident nationalism. In these “enlightened times” I would have thought that there were far fewer stupid people out there..

  • Mike McKelvy

    Trump was very proud of all the property he bought after the housing bubble burst and made him a ton of money! Fie upon him!

  • Joseph Techiera

    If Hillary gets in its going to be drugs and sex in the white house again just like when her pervert husband was President.
    She’s a freaking loon and a closed lesbian, there marriage is a joke all for looks and publisity.

  • autrypma

    I think the Republicans wanting to double cross Trump are beyond dumb stupid.
    If they foolishly try a new candidate, Trump is totally correct. If Hillary Clinton should win, it will be Obama, double over. We would not ever recover. She is a Criminal, if anyone saw Fox News this am (Tuesday) about the Benghazi coverup— she is exposed as lying, deceitful, as well as Obama. His name not really mentioned, except “this Administration”, but he is also hip deep in this cover-up. Was re-election time, he wanted to have a good report, “To Hell with the Benghazi, whatever” was his attitude….Remember what Hillary has lied and lied about, also, the contributions from Iran for the uranium was SOLD from the US, aka/donations to the Clinton Foundation, which funds also went to Obama…and she was Secy of State !!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhiteFalcon

    The establishment does not like Trump because he will interfere with their inside game and they will lose their power and influence. That club needs to be utterly distroyed because those people are not interested in our country at all. They are just interested in their own bank accounts and to hell with the country. They need to be gone. We need people that are interested in the welfare of the country above all else. Hillary is a criminal and should be forced out of the rave and into prison before the election.

  • Linda H, crystal lake, il

    There used to be a Republican party. With the Gop their bashing trump the. nominee we voted. With Gop acting the way they have they have been acting with trump bashing, it’s clear t hey want hilary democratic. So guess what the Republicans are not Republicans, their supporting hilary. They are killing the Republican party, all because they know the shit they have been doing will be found out just look at speaker Ryan, when he said he could support trump. He’s a traitor for the example he has been saying. So what did the Clinton’s promise the Republicans.

  • bychoice

    If they don’t support Trump, and Hillary wins, they will be sorry together with the rest of us. If they let it slip away now we will not have our country anymore. Overrun by anyone who wants to come in, a diminished military, lawlessness and political correctness will bury us. The Republicans can kiss any chance of ever getting into the White House good bye.

  • Jim Dunbar

    What is this? 1939 and Hitler about to invade Poland and the beginnings of WWII. Who does he think he is? He is under investigation and indicted for fraud with this college. Insulted every minority group and even handicapped. Blacks, Asians, Hispanic, Muslims, Woman, white educated men..more than enough to defeat him have coalesced together and are even signing up new voters against this disease. You are either with America or you are a Nazi. Drumpf is that disease. I do hope Cleveland is ready. 4000 out of town police are going to storm Cleveland and the National Guard on standby. His followers may find themselves restricted to the stadium surrounded by police and no fxcking guns. Brexit broke England. We are not going through this in America. We will not let an egotistical thing who has been after his daughter since she was 16 get near the nuke codes. Populism? Never. Prejudice..never. Drumpf..NEVER.