Forensic Test Results in Ferguson Case – Good News for Officer Wilson?

Officer Darren Wilson has been under scrutiny by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice since this summer’s shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The investigation seeks to determine whether Wilson “purposely violated Brown’s civil rights.” In case of a positive finding, Wilson would likely face federal charges. However, new forensic results may well clear the officer of wrongdoing. Wilson […]

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Secret Service Tries to Get Fake Search Warrant to Target Man Who Criticized Obama Online

Secret service agents used a fake warrant to gain access to a man’s home after it was believed he made threats against the president. As reports: According to Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson, Secret Service agents were recently thwarted in an attempt to enter the house of a man suspected of making inappropriate comments online about President Obama. When […]

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Texas Pastor Issues Warning: American Christians Will Suffer Greatly in Coming Persecution

Well-known evangelical pastor Paul Washer says persecution will come to the American church. And soon. He believes that in the near future the American church will be so ridiculed that anything to do with real biblical Christianity will get you in trouble with the state. Americans are already experiencing this kind of persecution as liberals, homosexuals, and New-Agers try and […]

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