Only 1 Gold IRA Offers REAL Security

Lots of people are opening gold IRAs to safeguard retirement savings. But only one type of gold IRA offers the security you need – no matter what.

#1 – The “Typical” Gold IRA – AVOID

A typical gold IRA will only allow you to buy “gold certificates.” These are pieces of paper that represent gold.

Unfortunately, most gold certificates are “unallocated.” This means you cannot easily convert your certificates into physical gold. All you can do is trade your paper gold certificates like a stock.

What’s more, many are “hedged.” The total face value of all traded certificates often exceeds the actual gold reserve by 100 to 1. During a run, the value of your investment is uncertain.

After all, the whole point of owning gold is to get out of paper and into something that has real value! A typical gold IRA will not help you achieve this goal.

#2 – The “Remote” Depository Gold IRA – AVOID

Other gold IRAs allow you to buy physical gold bullion and bars, which are then stored in a far-off depository. You get monthly statements, which are just another kind of paper promise.

You can’t see your gold, touch it, or count it. You have to put 100% of your faith and trust in the custodian of your gold. If you ever need your gold, you’d better hope it’s actually there… and that the custodian has the means of shipping it to you if the worst happens. If political or social upheaval, a natural or manmade disaster, or war stops the trucks, your gold is as good as gone. You’ll be left with only a paper and an unenforceable legal claim.

Think about it – You buy gold for financial security no matter what happens. You need gold that you can touch, control and spend in any situation. Gold stored in a remote depository just doesn’t measure up.

#3 – The “Home Storage” Gold IRA – INVEST NOW

Only the Augusta Home Storage Gold IRA lets you keep approved physical gold under your control – at your home or in a safety deposit box of your choosing.

There are no storage fees and no management fees. Once you buy the gold, it is sent directly to you. Your physical gold is at hand for whenever you need it – not at some faraway storage facility and not just a number in some computer.

Open Your Augusta Home Storage Gold IRA

  • Saves you money – because there are no storage fees.
  • Gives you peace of mind – because you know the gold actually exists.
  • Provides better security – because you can access your gold anytime you want.

Forget paper promises. Only physical gold – gold in your hands – is truly secure. Its value is inherent, no matter what.

Click here to get started now.

Act now – Perfect time to invest. Gold is still about 36% less than it was during September 2011, when it closed above $1,900 an ounce. In other words, it’s the ideal time to open an Augusta Home Storage Gold IRA and convert a portion of your retirement funds into gold. Click the link and take the first step today.