Obama’s “Common Core of Zoning” Could Force Cities to House Illegals

Some allege that the recent surge in immigrants was part of a grand plan by the President to bolster a Democrat voting base.

Thousands of immigrants have been illegally entering America because they’ve heard on their local TV stations that there’s opportunity here for them.

All this might explain why in July 2013 the Obama administration quietly slipped in new regulations that seriously affect zoning laws for every city and town that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to WND.com:

Some are calling it the “Common Core of local zoning” that has flown under the radar for nearly a year. Instead of the U.S. Department of Education dictating education standards to local school districts, this rule change would allow HUD to influence zoning laws from the biggest cities down to the tiniest towns.

With these new zoning requirements, it might mean any city or town that has accepted federal funds will have to take in immigrants if the government says so.