Obama Wants Illegal Immigrants to Steal Jobs from Americans and He’s Making Sure It Happens

When President Obama issued his executive order providing temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants, he made them eligible for a work permit. They will not qualify, however, for healthcare coverage under Obamacare. The loophole thus created provides a significant incentive for businesses to hire those immigrants over American job seekers.

The temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, affords lawful status for up to five million immigrants. Because they are ineligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, companies that hire them will be exempt from paying the $3,000 annual penalty assessed if the company does not provide health insurance through the workplace.

Congressional aides confirmed the loophole, according to The Washington Times. It has raised the ire of those who say it gives an unfair advantage to illegal immigrants who compete with native-born Americans in the job market.

Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) said:

If it is true that the president’s actions give employers a $3,000 incentive to hire those who came here illegally, he has added insult to injury, The president’s actions would have just moved those who came here illegally to the front of the line, ahead of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

A representative of the Department of Homeland Security also confirmed immigrants covered under the executive amnesty will not have access to Obamacare. Health and Human Services officials referred questions to the White House, which has not issued a comment.

Speaking in Chicago, Obama defended his plan. He promised the program would help the economy, and would not hurt American workers. He said:

Immigrants are good for the economy. We keep on hearing that they’re bad, but a report by my Council of Economic Advisers put out last week shows how the actions we’re taking will grow our economy for everybody.

An immigration overhaul bill that passed the Senate last year created the same problem. It provided illegal immigrants an extended period of time in which they could legally work, but could not collect public benefits such as Obamacare. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) promised to fix the problem before the bill became law, but Democratic leaders in the Senate refused to send the bill to the House.

A spokesman for Senator McCain said in response to the current situation that the solution is to eliminate the Obamacare employer mandate, “which would eliminate the incentive to hire people who are ineligible for Obamacare subsidies.”

The Affordable Care Act mandates that business with 50 or more employees provide healthcare insurance to full-time workers. If they do not, they must pay a penalty of $3,000 for each employee as a subsidy for them to sign up for cover under Obamacare. Businesses would not have to pay the subsidy for immigrants who obtain work permits under the executive amnesty.

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