NFL Suffering Consequences From Anthem Protests

NFL is in an turmoil right now with all these Anthem protests.

Owners are not able to control their players and some players are adamant on taking a knee all the time.
When is this going to end? what is the solution? no one knows.

Someone needs to mediate and put an end to this, this is not patriotism, this is a cheap gimmick.

Why can the League not fine these people, if they did then all these would stop on their own and then we would not have to deal with this nonsense day in and day out. Who is suffering in all this? the nation and the NFL. They are losing money, sponsorship and credibility.

Fine them and suspend them if they still do not stop. Mediate and resolve this and then we can all go back to watching the amazing football games, until then no one wants to watch all this.