New Poll Proves Obama Is Failing Big Time on this One Policy

According to a recent poll, a large majority of United States citizens think the best policy is to send the large number of illegal immigrants who have recently arrived here in the U.S. back to their home countries.

The Washington times reported:

The survey of 1,001 likely voters, taken in mid-July, just as the surge of illegal immigrant children was peaking in the news, found that 65 percent said they should be sent home in order to send a signal to others considering coming. Only 22 percent said they should be housed in the U.S. to keep them safe from dangers at home.

This latest survey, though, suggests that the surge of children coming across the border has affected the way Americans view the situation.

The poll found that a majority of voters peg immigration as either the top issue, or among the top three, that they want to hear about ahead of November’s elections.

Though the border crisis hasn’t gotten as much coverage lately due to the Ferguson riots, Americans are still concerned with the situation and the security of the United State’s southern border.

Only 22% of Americans are in support of allowing the unaccompanied immigrants to continue staying in the U.S.

Most Americans who support deportation understand that allowing illegals to stay sends a clear signal that illegal immigration is okay.

They also understand that the American populace can’t bear the strain of additional taxes, which would be inevitable if the border remains open as it is now.

The White House has even been mulling over doing a sweeping amnesty program, and nearly 3/4s of Americans stood in stark opposition to this taking place.

One thing is absolutely for sure: The entire climate of the United States is set to change, whether or not the illegals are forced to go back to their countries.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to take steps now to prepare for the change that is happening and will continue to happen.

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