MSNBC Host Questions Booming Economy

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews just questioned whether the Dow Jones rise is a a good thing or if it is only the result of the stock market surge, which means that the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act are doomed.

Matthews argued, “I get the sense that one of the reasons the Dow Jones is going up, it’s generally good news, but in this case, I wonder if it is. Because what it means is all the stuff that we rooted for for the last 40 or 50 years, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act…are being termited to death, are being killed by administrators who want the government to fail in its mission.”

  • jcfriday

    Sounds like the typical progressive liberal complaining about the economy because his idol Obama cared less about the economy and how the American public would fare. Typical green eyes jealousy by pervert Mathews.

  • chucklc

    He gives me “a chill up my pant leg”, but then I realize it is from pissing pants due to his lunacy.

    • mathis1689

      He gives me a headache and makes me sick at my stomach which is why I refuse to listen to one word he says or even look at him on TV.

      • chucklc

        I agree

  • mathis1689

    Jesus Christ Himself could be sitting in the Oval Office and liberal idiots like Chris Matthews would still be unhappy because He’s not either their false god Fuehrer Obama or their wannabe Queen for Life Komrade Hitlery Rottenheart Klinton. Nothing that President Trump can ever do or say will make them happy so IMO he needs to quit wasting his time trying.

  • srpatterso

    Do you people still listen to anything this lying clown says? If so, you should be ashamed, and not allowed to vote in any election, at any level of government, again.

  • Big Ed

    I used to believe Chris Matthews had a brain, but that was long ago. I remember him discussing how seeing Obama caused a thrill to run down his leg-I think what happened was his brain turned to urine and he peed himself. The sad part is it permanently left him brainless. In my reading, I remember old Chris was also one of the “studs” who couldn’t keep him mouth shut to the ladies on his station and I’ve wondered why he hasn’t been put to pasture with Matt Lauer and friends.

  • Robert Pekarik

    These crazy off the wall liberal progressives are always chanting about how our President is against a free press. What our President and we the people are really concerned with is a free press with honesty and integrity. Free press means nothing if it is filled with biased, hateful and dishonest employees. Yes, it’s a free press – free to lie, make up news out of whole cloth and destroy the press with their constant day to day rubbish and lies.

    • Howard Kirshenbaum

      As is the White House free to lie, make up stories out of no cloth at all and destroy the integrity of the position of president to the whole world.

      • Robert Pekarik

        Ignoring the total corruption of the democrat party and the main stream media shows how easily manipulated and brainwashed liberal progressives really are. You ignore the facts and try and suppress them. The biggest and most corrupt scandal of the past 100 years in government by a handful of Obama FBI and DOJ administrators and you don’t want to hear anything about it. You people were all over President Nixon because of Watergate but when your corrupt to the core democrats get caught breaking the law all you want to do is cover up for them. Disgusting and pathetic.

        • Howard Kirshenbaum

          I don’t think I was going for a cover up with Bill Clinton. You want to tell me all about the fantastic corruption of the Obama administration, lay it on the line. Somehow no one even on the conservative talk shows (and I do listen and watch some) was talking about any of that.

          We weren’t all over Nixon because he was Republican. We were all over him because he was lying to us about the war and then tried to cover it up with the Watergate scandal. Trust me, we were all over Johnson for the same thing. If I wasn’t married with a child, I would have been drafted to fight in that war. It was extremely unpopular especially when we found out about all the lies that had been going on for many years before Nixon.

          • Robert Pekarik

            I didn’t bring party in on the Nixon scandal you did. But you democrats are all in for covering up for the corruption, lying and weaponizing our government departments in order to stay in power. The democrats don’t give a damn about American citizens. For some unexplainable reason they prefer non-citizens to we the people (you included) and are willing to hold pay back for our military in order to favor people that are not citizens of our nation. Obama started all this DACA business with his executive order for what reason? The democrats are playing you people like a yo-yo trying to convince you that people that are not legal here in America are more important than the people that have been working, raising families, supporting our Constitution by obeying the law. Illegal people are more important than the foreigners who are obeying our laws and doing what is required to enter America as citizens. As you continue to protect the corrupt democrats who are protecting law breaking and criminal FBI, IRS and DOJ sedionists you are also responsible for not speaking out against the total corruption of the corrupt to the core deep state anti-Americans who could care less about our Constitution and we the people.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Lovely conspiracy theory.

            Actually DACA has nothing really to do with immigration in the total package. We have already spent lots of money educating those who came as kids by their parents. Many or already working and some are even in the military. Those are giving back to the only country they really know. English is their first language and most have never seen the country that they came from. So we are looking at 800,000 of this people, none of which has a felony against them or multiple gross misdemeanors. So it seems that many are OK to let all the expertise that has been attained here at our cost go back somewhere else, pay taxes and spend their money somewhere else. That’s why 80% of the country is OK with DACA. So what is keeping the Republicans from passing the bipartisan bill on DACA? Politics maybe? They took that chance and lost. Time for plan B.

            The only people being played like a yo-yo is you guys by our president. Like Shumer said, It’s like negotiating with Jello.

            As someone with family members in the military I understand but you do have to realize that the military people will still be doing their job with all of their equipment. They will still be housed in their barracks. The only difference is that they will have to wait for their paychecks but they won’t fall behind on their rent and they will get their three squares. The ones I worry about are the civilians that rely on government workers including the military, to spend their money.

          • Robert Pekarik

            Conspiracy theory because that’s what you want it to be. You have been so used to being lied to that you have no idea about truth. The democrats are using DACA to hold our nation hostage and they have shut down our government because they continually back losing causes. DACA has absolutely nothing to do with our budget, paying our military or funding our nation but the democrats have relied on no and low information people such as yourself to buy into their idiocy. As each day goes by more and more proof will come out about the corruption from the Obama administration and his weaponizing every government agency he was in charge of. Do yourself and our nation a favor and join Judicial Watch who is fighting the liberal progressive corruption and the cover ups by the criminal deep state Obama holdovers. The truth will not be suppressed forever by your seditionist heroes. This is the United States of America not some communist cesspool which you obviously want our nation to become. You should be ashamed of yourself. Stand in front of any American soldier and feed them your communist line of crap, if you have the nerve.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Where does Communism come into this. Look it up. There is no true Communism anywhere anymore. (Maybe North Korea). Do you even know what Communism as an economic idea is? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

            Yes, DACA has nothing to do with the budget. So the Republicans screw everything up and then expect the Democrats to roll over. They don’t trust Republicans after what they have done with the two programs, DACA and CHIP. So they put the two together. But the real problem is that the Republicans can’t get it together to actually put together a budget that even they can get 50 votes for.

            And you are so lame that you have to deflect with “But Obama did this and that” instead of talking about the actual subject at hand. Really SAD.

          • Robert Pekarik

            Communism, liberalism, the democrat party, they’re all people control ideas. Obama used Obamacare as a control mechanism to enslave the American people. Obama used the office of President to attempt to destroy our nation with his executive privilege but we the people saw through his hypocrisy and his anti-American agenda and put someone in charge of our nation that loved and respected it. Someone who saw the potential of our nation that Obama and his communist, liberal progressive democrats and the communists in the main stream media want to destroy. The corrupt to the core democrats are willing to destroy our nation because they lost an election and their evil and corrupt agenda has been put on hold. You must be suffering from dementia as you listen to these insane liberals call for all caucasian citizens to be purged from our nation so the few white liberal progressive elitist caucasians can globalize our country and fundamentally transform America into what you really want = a liberal progressive communist socialist plantation. What’s really sad is that you can actually believe that these corrupt and murderous people really care about anyone but themselves. You have forfeited your common sense and put in with people that celebrate the killing of the unborn, the people that rejoice when their followers burn and loot peoples property, honor radical groups that hate our nation and worship at the altar of the culture of death.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            First of all Obamacare really only reached 16% of the population so that really isn’t really controlling the population. Medicare and Social Security which most of you call socialism is just something mandated to help people in their older years based on the fact that they weren’t able to live decently on what they earned during their working years. It took a lot of indigent people off the streets. And considering we put our own money into it for 50 years before we get any benefit, it is more like an insurance policy and a retirement savings. It is forced because too many people don’t do for themselves and become a burden on everyone else.

            As for the abortion issue, no we don’t celebrate the killing of the unborn. Our motto is that abortion should be available, affordable, safe and RARE. We celebrate contraception that reduces the need for abortion. We are all for abortion that saves the life of the mother (Unlike the Catholic Church until recently) or if a woman or girl is raped and she doesn’t want to relive the horror of the rape every time the fetus kicks. If you would think that way then you, too, would be considered pro choice.

            Nice rhetoric but consider that you also do the same by condoning the bombing of abortion clinics and killing abortion providers.. No I don’t honor those people that you talk about. I don’t honor the KKK or the Nazis that marched in Charlottesville. So don’t throw on me something that you know nothing about and that is what my stance is on radical happenings. If you want to live your life with you head up your butt, go ahead. I will call them as I see them. You can’t see much of anything in your position.

  • rs1123

    If Chris Matthews is concerned about the market and what’s driving it, I hope he’s got all his money safely in the bank, getting .2% interest.

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    I wouldn’t go as far as Matthews went but giving Trump complete credit for the economy is crazy. Before Trump took office there were 6 million jobs begging to be filled. Less jobs were filled this past year than the year before. Understandable since the economy has been going great for at least the last 5 years considering where it was at the end of Bush’s administration. Trump really has done nothing substantial. Heck, he hasn’t even brought his and Ivanka’s businesses back.

    Matthews is right about one thing though. Some gains are because of a reversal of regulations. Electric companies can not dump waste next to rivers. That regulation went into effect when one of the dikes failed and a major river was polluted for five years but that’s OK because this way the electric company can have greater profits. Screw the state that has to pay for the clean up.

    And I love Walmart’s bonuses and increased wages. Then again, the wage increase was because they couldn’t get people when Target already had increased their wages a couple of years ago so this has nothing to do with Trump. And then Walmart shut a bunch of Sams Club store and put hundreds out of work. Why isn’t Trump touting that part of it?

    No, Trump has had no effect of the economy. It’s been going great for a while. One needs to ignore the FAKE NEWS coming out of the White House.

    • Robert Pekarik

      You kill children in the womb, how do you expect any honest, God fearing and patriotic American to listen to anything you have to say. Mr. Schumer has come to his senses and is going to stop the idiotic filibuster shutting down our government because he knows that we the people are not tolerating groups of people who are not even citizens shutting down our nation. I believe you are not blind to the fact that the radical left of the democrat base are controlling all of you so you have capitulated and gone along with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, illegal aliens, the lying and corrupt main stream media and given them more power than we the people have. Look at who is funding these groups. George Soros, Iran, Russia, China, Tom Steyer and a host of other American hating radicals. Congratulations Howard you must be proud to be part of the “resistance” to bring down the United States of America. You are definitely an anti-American democrat party useful idiot.

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        Thank you for the compliment. Coming from a no nothing idiot like you are, I will take pride in my strategic truths. The base for Trump is like an orthodox religion. Make up your mind, soak in the lies and ASK NO QUESTIONS.

        • Robert Pekarik

          As the American people continue to reject your anti-American propaganda here’s hoping that you book a one way ticket to Mexico, Iran, Cuba, Russia, China or North Korea. You would spend the rest of your days wondering why you never sought mental help while you were still receiving entitlements payed for by hard working Americans. Good riddance.

  • Snaps

    That shiver that ran up Matthews’ leg when Obama was elected rattled his brain–such as it is….