It’s Now Illegal to Use Cash to Buy Used Goods in This State

yard sale

Holding a garage sale? Well, that’s a problem if you live in this 1 state. Because they just passed a bill BANNING the use of cash in 2nd-hand sales.

If you’re scratching your head like we are, then you’re a normal person. How in the world does a state ban cash?

But forget common sense… we’re talking about politicians here! Specifically, politicians in the state of Louisiana. From

With the passage of House Bill 195 into law, the State of Louisiana has banned the use of cash in all transactions involving secondhand goods. State representative Ricky Hardy, a co-author of the bill, claims that the bill targets criminals who traffic in stolen goods. According to Hardy, “It’s a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead.” The bill prohibits cash transactions by “secondhand dealers,” defined to include garage sales, flea markets, resellers of specialty items, and even non-profit resellers like Goodwill. Curiously, it specifically exempts pawnbrokers from the ban. But of course, pawn shops–and not rented stalls at local church flea markets–are notorious as places that criminals frequent to convert stolen goods into quick cash. So what gives? Are the authors of the bill and those who voted for it ignoramuses–or are they deliberately obscuring the real purpose of the bill?

The answer is clear once we examine the other provisions of the bill. In fact, the bill goes far beyond banning cash transactions. As lawyer Thad Ackel notes, the bill requires:

. . . secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business’ proprietary client information. For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports. If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

So the aim of the bill is not to aid law enforcement in apprehending criminals, none of whom would be ever stupid enough to turn over such information. The real intent is to feed government’s insatiable hunger for tax revenues by completely stripping law-abiding citizens of financial privacy in secondhand transactions, every detail of which is fed directly into police files.

This troubling development in Louisiana parallels the intensification of the war on cash by the Federal government. Last month it was reported that the U.S. Justice Department ordered bank employees to snitch to the cops on customers who withdrew $5,000 or more. In a speech, assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell exhorted banks to “alert law enforcement authorities about the problem” so that police can “seize the funds” or at least “initiate an investigation”.

The government is hungry for your money. They want your tax dollars even when you pay $0.50 for a used paperback book at a garage sale.

Ridiculous? Absolutely.

But nobody ever accused a politician of being rational or logical or content with the current level of taxation. They always want more money, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get another nickel out of your pocket.

What do you think of this new law? Leave a comment below.

  • Errant

    I think it just might be unconstitutional.

    • GerryAllwin

      WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Sure, I already made this comment – on a different thread.

    • Clint McInnes

      As if THAT makes any difference to the current Prevaricator-in-Chief. The pretender currently squatting in the White House has no respect for the Constitution and is doing everything in his power to shred it.

      • joe cipale

        wow.. are you really THAT FUCKING DENSE!? Apparently!

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          I’m not sure you understood the comment. The current resident is destroying our constitution-surely you don’t disagree with that very obvious fact, do you?

          • Mr. Moderate 49

            Yes I do he has only done what other presidents before him have done.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Incorrect. No other president has claimed ignorance to so many scandals or shredded the constitution the way this one has. And even if you were correct-which you aren’t-that would not make his behavior acceptable.

          • Mel Lewis

            You really need to get out of Fox “news”, they’re destroying your cement encrusted cranial cavity with false information. BTW, our president, is a constitutional scholar. What part of the constitution did you teach, or understand, that you could make such a claim?

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Fox News? What the hell has Fox News got to do with it? I don’t watch television- I read. They must be where we differ.

        • Clint McInnes

          My, my. Ad hominem attacks? Really?

      • Mr. Moderate 49

        Clint what does Obama have to do with a stupid state law.

        • Clint McInnes

          Not a thing. I wasn’t referring to the state law, but to the disdain the supposed “Constitutional scholar” has for that document.

          This was a comment on Errant’s comment, not on the idiocy that took place in Louisiana. That’s on them.

          • SickOfUneducatedRetards

            You’re retarded. Errant was commenting that the state law was unconstitutional, nothing to do with the President. Stay on topic and try to be less dense.

      • Let’s see. Louisiana, with a Republican Governor and a Republican legislature passes a bad law that deprives people of their right to sell their own stuff in their own yard. Of course, President Obama must be to blame.

        There was a poll taken of Louisiana Republicans as to who was to blame for the debacle surrounding hurricane Katrina. Over a third of them said that it was President Obama’s fault. Others weren’t sure.

        So, at least you’re not alone.

        • jules2u

          You may want to actually read the bill as passed in 2011. This article is misrepresenting what the bill actually states and using old news to try stir up reactions. I would think the people of LA would have a strong feeling about the law if it actually affected them as the article states.

    • edwitness

      The money we use every day is unconstitutional. There is no provision for the congress to abdicate their minting and determining the value of our nation’s money to a private bank. Liars and thieves just as they were in Jesus’ time. The love of money is the root of all evil.

    • Will

      I think so, full faith & credit & all that hoohaa…..

  • bo whetstone

    like we gonna use paypal for stolen guns. but fool crackers will sign rite up and give out they personal ifo. stooped white people are feeding the goverments way to control every dollar and item that moves around. islam is gonna fix it. Obama will give the word to hihak the heads off any day now-sharpen up Edward scissorhands

    • GerryAllwin

      Thet’s whut happen wen yuh breeds you fust en sekkun cuzzins genrashun afta genrashun.

      • Traveller62

        England, Germany, and Russian royalty has been doing that for hundreds of years now! izzlam is even worse!!!

    • Sue Darley

      Hey Bo you sound like a racist…

      • bo whetstone

        absolutely suzycreamcheese all day long

        • Dolly

          You’re such a racist sleezeball!! We may be feeding the government (not that we want to), but you are taking it from us. You are so much part of the problem……….get over yourself and do some good for people – like your family and kids. Obama likes keeping you dumb so you don’t know any better!! So sad……stupid people like you!!!!! Obama is the government – he’s the one in control. How do you get that it’s the white people government………..are you blind?

          • Michelle Lee

            Obummer is only the puppet, he is a evil puppet, but a puppet none the less

          • bo whetstone

            bringin n two grand a week or better and never filed a 1040. who’s the dumbass?

          • Dolly

            Well, good for you……….slacker!! You are a slacker because the taxes you should be paying help all the government assistant programs that MANY people are on. You, Sir, are not helping one bit. You are part of the problem in this country. The IRS needs to be on your doorstep, Dude! Hmmm, yep, your doorstep!

          • bo whetstone

            that’s real funny-slacker doorstep dude- irs wow all sheets and giggle here. my people helped to make white people filthy rich as slaves the master took his daily after dinner stroll out to pork the youngsters to make more slaves. done our part “helping” assistance programs in that way.
            whiteys turn aint over. got a long time before it paid back long long time might be never even

          • Dolly

            Oh yeah, that’s right………..let’s go back over 1500 years and make it all whitey’s fault. You stupid idiot! My family wasn’t even over here yet, so don’t put any blame on me for slavery. The first person to have a slave was black – look it up. Stupid is as stupid does. No one owes you a thing……that’s the first problem. You have this big huge chip on your shoulder so it keeps you dumbed down like Obama wants. You just keep up the good work there!! I’m sure you’re one proud m.f.

          • bo whetstone

            “let’s go back over 1500 years” and I’m dumbing down? since you cant read or write so good get a copy of ken burns civil war documentary and educate yourself a little about America’s history. it is understood that a near infant mentality, that would be you, will find it difficult to accept that white man has slaughtered, butchered and enslaved other human for the sake of greed and his own perverted morbid desire to bring agony pain and death to other races and in fact to his own race.
            then–watch (since reading comprehension is impossible for you) ken burns “The West” and see what white man did to the native Americans who truly belonged in America.
            you’ll be ashamed to look at that white face in the mirror–that is if you are human at all and not a bot.
            it’s a dare– watch them-you don’t even have to get off your flabby white pimple covered butt

          • Dolly

            You looking in the mirror at your butt? Because mine is not flabby or pimpled! Let’s get past the name calling here. You sound so much more “educated” in your last paragraph you wrote, so I’m assuming you can read and write some. Just because I’m white, does not mean I had anything to do with the past. That’s why we call it “history”. For some reason though, you want to blame every white person you see for all the rough times from the past. You’re earning 2 grand a week, so apparently you’re not hurting any, so why all the hostility? I had nothing to do with the past! And YOU weren’t part of the past. I had nothing to do with the Jews getting killed during Hitler’s reign either. All the white people got killed then…… should I blame you? It would just be nice for everyone to get off their racist high horse and work together instead of against each other. You are part of that problem……….holding everyone else to blame. I’ve read all those books – long before you ever did. I didn’t and don’t like any kind of slavery. But did you actually look up the first slave belonging to a black man? No, I’m sure you didn’t. I’m totally against all racism…..but people like you really make it hard!!!

          • bo whetstone

            “people like you” racist to the core. I am Lakota. I do not and never will work with a white man. And, with good reason.

          • Dolly

            You’re the one dogging white people – I haven’t said one thing about any color of a person. So, you are the racist here. I have many races in my family and I love them all. The color of a person’s skin has nothing to do with their character……….it’s what comes out of their mouths. You should be proud to be Lakota!!! But your hatred really lessens that dramatically. You can’t be a proud person when you hate so much. I actually feel sorry for you now. Apparently you weren’t raised right with good values and morals; and respect for other people. Try to have a nice life!

          • bo whetstone

            them books you read long ago left out the facts that show the cruelty and slaughter the white man perpetrated upon the Native Americans. watch ken burns “the west” all of it- several in the series. then– only then will that opinion mean more than post anal drip

    • Traveller62

      Hey bo: What is a “stooped” white person? I think you mean “s-t-u-p-i-d. A “stooped” person is a person with a very advanced case of osteoporosis. He/she is stooped over, bc of deterioration of the backbone, with a hump on the back, between the shoulders, called a “Dowager’s Hump”. Uh, osteoporosis can affect both blacks and whites. If you don’t know what osteoporosis is, it’s a bone disease that hits ppl, starting at the age of 30 and progressively gets worse as time goes on. There is no cure. Look up the two words “stooped” and “stupid”. Totally different explanations. Just sayin’.

  • Thomas

    Legal Tender cannot be banned and who would enforce such a ban….NOBODY! This is hogwash!

    • GerryAllwin

      If the legal tender is replaced with another medium of exchange, and taxes cannot be paid with the former legal tender, no one will take it as soon as they find out it has become worthless.
      The Sheriff and his deputies WILL enforce such a law or there will very quickly be another Sheriff. His (now former) deputies will arrest him if he is uncooperative.
      In the city, the cops will enforce whatever they are told to enforce.


        Shows what a mess this country is in. The inmates are running the asylum.

        • georgethorvat

          I couldn’t have aid it better Mary. The irony is that we elected these inmates. However it’s not our fault Mary because the only choice we have is between the two major parties candidates who nominate these nutjobs.

          • MARYSWEET

            I didn’t vote for these liberals and I didn’t vote for any rinos either. I voted only for those who are conservative and I sure didn’t vote for obama ever.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Yea you voted for those fake ass conservatives just like We all did. Now are we going to open our eyes for once and vote only true Tea-party fiscal conservative or are we all going to keep falling for the same old horse shit .Like the following #1 he or she is not and establishment member they have no chance of winning or #2. He or she is not a known candidate no track record he or she can’t win. #3. He or she has No experience in politics. They can’t win. Horse shit, bullshit dog shit. It is all shit They can win. if you-we stop allowing ourselves to be sucked in by the media establishment clowns, And the Establishment trol columnist.

          • MARYSWEET

            I did not vote for the GOP establishment which are the ones who are screwing up Congress. They are fighting the conservatives and basically doing now what harry reid did before. I voted for the real conservatives who mccain, mcconnell, graham, boehner and the rest of the establishment are working against. So basically I voted Tea Party all the way because I don’t trust the rest of them. And I don’t watch the “so called medica” because they are just the mouthpiece for obama and his cohorts. Don’t accuse me of voting for people I didn’t. You don’t know who I voted for but it sure wasn’t the establishment. I’ve been saying for years we need to fire the establishment Congress and fill it with Tea Partiers because the TPs are the ONLY REAL CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!

          • Tina Bina

            Sweetie there aren’t enough conservatives left to be able to do a damn thing… Over 80% of the reps are right side reds

          • Dona Strickland

            Tina, what in the hell is a Right side Red ?? Good grief, where do you come up with this stuff ?? It’s people like you who are going to get us all sent to FEMA CAMPS….Don’t forget Hitler, Tina !!!!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            What I believe Tina is saying is there appears to be a significant number of re-puke repubs who are commie bastards as well as the entire Democratic party.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Marysweet. Your trying to tell us you had not voted for a fake Tea-party Candidate who turned out to be just that a fraud phonie. Liar who upon winning his or her sit turned out to be no different then the establishment clowns. Sorry I find it so hard to believe. Many So called Tea-party Candidate s were not fully vetted. That won’t happen this next time around no more liberal moderate freaking phonies.

          • jules2u

            Were those individuals voted in back in 2011 when this bill was passed?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Do not know Jules 8 haven’t voted the Republican kine in over 10 years. Have never voted for a demo-rat in my entire 56 years never will either. I guess what I am saying is Pure 100 % independent voter.

          • MARYSWEET

            i believe by this time anyone can tell which ones are real TPs and which ones are rinos. Unfortunately, most of the leadership of the GOP are rinos and they should register as democrats. I have not been disappointed by Ted Cruz and he is the conservative from my part of Texas. I can’t vote for the rest of the rinos and wouldn’t if I could.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Mary I pray what you say is true. Though I have my doubts. The majority of the electorate, seems to blind to see truth right before their eyes. My choice shall be either Ted Cruz Or Benjamin Carson. My Bride of 35 years and I are looking to buy a home an small farm in the Red River County area of Northeastern Texas. We hope to settle there in the next 12 to 14 months. Just in time to vote in the next General Election. We both agree on Ben or Ted.

          • MARYSWEET

            The GOP leadership just proved me to be true. Ten GOP voted for loretta lynch to be the new AG and she will just be another holder. And the ten who voted for her I named before I even saw the list so it was no surprise. They are all rinos.
            May I welcome you to Texas. A little early but it’s a great state to live in and I love it. The first time I entered Texas I felt like I had come home.
            I agree with your choices except I would also recommend Scott Walker. We will have to wait and see which one the GOP leadership will allow to be on the ballot. My personal preference is Ted Cruz and Scott Walker. Any of the three would be a good choice. I have notice that the real conservatives are usually Tea Partiers.

          • Mel Lewis

            No, they aren’t! The tea party was dreamed up by the Koch brothers, and Fox news, THEY are the ones trying to take your freedoms, they are the ones that pull out stupid people like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and a host of others just as dumb as these two. They are trying to privatize everything, including your fire dept., police dept., schools, the people who plow your street when you get a foot of snow, infrastructure, prisons, and many, many more. The Tea party is a world wide joke. The ONLY ones that take the tea party seriously, is the tea party, and our congress and house are filled with them, from John Boner, Marco Rubio, and another list of total losers who have NO idea what the hell they’re doing! Also, FYI, the only presidents that have shrunk the deficit since Eisenhower, are Clinton and Obama, with the bigger spenders being on the political right. How can you explain that? If you want REAL fiscal responsibility, vote Democrat. Democrats are more in line with the Eisenhower era policies than the republicans.

          • Tina Bina

            Sweetheart THIS is what voting for the tea party got you and you want to vote in ones worse than them – lol good luck next term…

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Sweet heart, the rinos are in charge in the house and Senate. Not one is a tea- party guy or gale they are a minority. In both the house and senate. So sweet heart . Your talking beyond your level of political eduaction. In other words A true neophyte. Where you getting your information what from the progressive blogerspere.

          • jules2u

            And yet through they entire process, which happened in 2011, only one person voted no on the senate version of the bill, and 4 people abstained on the senate bill, and 8 abstained on the house bill. Everyone who voted other than the handful mentioned voted for the passage. In addition, upon reading the bill passed, this does not affect individuals holding a garage sale unless it is considered a business.

          • Don Berghuis

            Anybody been prosecuted under this stupid law?

          • Barbara Hanchey

            Just curious about the same thing. Our State Tourist Comm. is holding it’s annual treasure fest in the park. You set up a booth and sell your junk just like a garage sale. Hope they don’t prosecute the Tourist Comm. lol

          • Joe Tokoph

            Since you mentioned education, “E d u c a t i o n” is the correct spelling not eduaction.

          • vmann

            You missed that Peatro used the wrong form of you’re, as most people on these dumb comment sections do. Your shows possesion. You’re is used in replacement of you are. It amazes me how many people fuck that up.

          • Beverly Mulkey

            And you misspelled “possesion” – who cares!

          • vmann

            I’m glad you noticed… did you notice just the mispelling or am I dealing with someone that recognized the irony placed in there on purpose?

          • bub

            Yeah, right. On purpose … lol

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            amen to that. if they don’t know, just ax someone. er, i mean “ask”

          • Robert Smith

            perfect how about we start by AXEING you

          • Drawer22

            @i_am_supremebeing1966 – To axe is human, and axing is divine.

            Sic semper tyrannis.

          • Robert Smith

            screw all of you perfect spelling NAZI’S so glad you can walk on water and NEVER make a single mistake in your life like breeding

          • Armyvet81

            That is obviously a typo as opposed to a true misspelling.

          • Joyce Galloway Parker

            I had the same thought, and felt it wasn’t necessary for something so minor as a simple typo to even be part of their conversation.

          • Robert Smith

            fucking spelling Nazi’s NOT ALLOWED, if your so fucking perfect then run for the Government or shut the fuck up asshole

          • Joe Tokoph

            Blow me fan boy.

          • Drawer22

            @Joe Tokoph – As this has degenerated into a grammar, punctuation and spelling thread, please note that your use of a quoted “eduaction” should have quotation marks. (See my use as an example.)

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Dona Strickland

            Tina, Please do some research and stop listening to the ” Main Media propaganda,” it’s taking us straight into communism with a dictator, it’s called “The New World Order”, look it up on Wikipedia, it’s an unbiased opinion of what NWO is really about !!

          • bitterandhappy

            Please name one action Obama has taken that is socialist. Please name one action he has taken that is communist. Come on. Fess up. Name something, anything.

          • Armyvet81

            ACA, aka obamacare, there are others which cannot solely be attributed to him, rather a government run amok.

          • Paul Hayward

            Add to that the recent re-up of the Patriot act, the NDAA…. and there ARE others…. but, Hell, you’re off to a good start….

          • Roger Glen

            Socialized healthcare, would mean that your tax dollars pay for 100% of your care. Socialized education would be that you pay NOTHING to go to collage. Do you see the difference now?
            The ACA is NOT socialized healthcare. Not to mention it is identical to the plan that Mitt Romney put into place when he governor. So the ACA is actually a Republican idea.

          • Armyvet81

            Socialized does not mean 100% in every instance. Socialized merely means that a person is getting something for nothing at someone else’s expense. While the entirety of the ACA (I am a doctor) is not strictly socialized, the vast majority of it is. It is primarily a wealth redistribution scheme which really is socialism at its core. When you force people to buy health insurance at a higher price with less coverage, higher deductibles and co-pays to pay for others to get subsidies, that absolutely is socialized no matter how you cut it.

            And by the way, I don’t care what party is affiliated or who puts up programs to grow government, including Romney, it is a bad idea. The federal government is not the shining example of frugality, efficacy or expediency……ever.

          • Beverly Mulkey

            Obamacare – easy

          • Robert Smith

            how about letting TENS of Thousands of his F-INGS MUSLIMS brothers in ILLEGALLY. POS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Joe Tokoph

            People dont get it, state, local, federal and international authorities will be a world police via the United Nations one day, to many nationalities for it to stay the way it is and everyone expecting different treatment during police stops., if they get that, its a matter of time before everything else follows. Christians are being disrespected right now, so they wont be the one religion for the one world order, but I see lots of instances in the USA that are trying to make us more excepting of muslims, so to me, that signifys the one world religion is going to be Islam, or potentially could be, islam is a cult not a religion.

          • Brian Lance

            How did you get that one,america is about freedome of religeon,and diversity,the price of freedome is having to get along or learning “LEARNING” to get along with your neighbors!!!!

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            No real tea party candidate voted for this shit. Where did you get that dumbass idea?

          • Karl

            Then you will be griping about the government services that are no longer available. Like maybe the fire department or the DOT. All things we dont need… until we do. States are under seige from online sales that produce no tax revenue while the people still want services. POliticians of all stripes need to get a grip and work something out. Nobody wants more government or taxes but we do need some things done to keep us a civilized society.

          • Larry Gault

            Karl, the plain fact is that tax revenues are UP from past years. The government is getting MORE money than they ever have before. They have plenty to do what they are charged with under the Constitution to do. Hell, they have plenty enough to send billions of dollars in “aid” to foreign countries who have adopted the slogan “Death To America”. They have enough so that they have (wittingly or unwittingly) armed ISIS. They have enough that in addition to billions of dollars to Egypt, they also sent F-16 fighters to them. Nine cents of every dime they get, they waste. Just HOW much, in your eyes, is “enough to do some things to keep us a civilized society”????

          • Dona Strickland

            And Karl….Do you really believe the Republicans would do away with Fire Dept’s and the DOT….Last time I checked they do, actually, have homes and cars….how ludicrous !!!!!

          • bitterandhappy

            Yes, and this has been going on when Republicans are in the White House also.

          • Armyvet81

            If only everybody realized that both parties are together driving us closer to a financial cliff.

          • Brian Lance

            That is NOT true,the republican party is the party of financial loss,and loss in many many MANY ways,I beleive the “christian” armageddon will happen under a gop watchtower.Look how crazy they are,both parties ARE NOT the same.ONE is for freedome,and the other for oppression.

          • CrazyAuntJane

            Which one is for freedom??? Sure ain’t the Democrats! In this care not the Republicans either since both voted for this.

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            the two-party system is as antiquated and useless as michelle obongo’s smelly snatch

          • CrazyAuntJane

            So that excuses everything! Get you head out of your $$$ and understand that the TeaParty is the only group advocating the rule of law and limited government! Dems or RINOs = all the same thing!

          • Brian Lance

            Pull the wool out from under your eyes,your screen name lives up to you i assume.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Only the me myself an I ,non contributing dead beats believe as you do. I grew up in a family of completely independent , self reliant people. Who never found a need or reason for anything more need be done by any goverment other than that which they are Constitutional responsible for. That my friend is defense of this nation. Period now when this nation as many other European nations are on the brink of utter colapse. You may wish to recall your cowards as words about need of government. As I watch as your family has to go into fema, camps because you insisted on more taxes more government. Instead of becoming more independent more self reliant . I’ll be laughing my ass off at your foolish stupid arrogance. And will remind you just how much the punk you are. And how you punk your own loved ones.

          • bitterandhappy

            Then I assume you want grandma to give up her Social Security and Medicare, right? You want ALL old people to give up the same because YOU are grand pioneers and will be able to pay for an operation that costs $250,000 out of your spare change when you get old, right?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Yea I want you old dead people to keep right on sucking the life’s blood from the next generations . What were you so dam stupid when you were young that you hadn’t planned for old age. To freaking bad! die an go away. That’s what I will do. Just like the generation before me. We don’t an will not leach of our children or grandchildren. Die and go away ashes to ashes dust to dust. Not one I repeat not a single family member ever needed to live off social security. They gave it away to charity. Each month. And no we are not of wealth just , wise and planned for the inevitable. So no I have zero pity. For you so just dry up an blow away. Yes I want to see social security become privatized. Fact is it wasn’t ever intended as retirement . That is was always everyone s responsibility. We can’t help losers or dead bets failed to planned for the inevitable. So I am glad your happly bitter an resentful that we are tired of the deadbeat crowd. Poor and planning for the inevitable here in N.Jersey to bad you didn’t.

          • Bob Cull

            Too bad you don’t have a brain! Punks like you disgust me! I am sick and tired of you ignorant piss ants who aren’t educated or smart enough to know that you are not paying for my Social Security! The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds are solvent and in fact the government OWES more than $2.6 TRILLION to them, That’s money that they “borrowed” to spend elsewhere.

            You incredibly stupid little twit, SS and Medicare has NEVER CONTRIBUTED ONE SINGLE DIME to the deficit or debt! Turn off Faux News and stop listening to the lying Tea Baggers who tell you that it does!

            It is MY money that I am drawing in SS NOT yours so kiss my pale white a**!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            It’s to freaking bad your dumb as a brick.Moron the money you payed into social security is not the money you recieve moron. That money pays for the previous generation. Someone from the next genration is paying for your dead beat ass moron . As for mediacid an medicare the majority of the money payed in was payed by your employer. So suck on that fact loser I am freaking tired of ignorant morons Like your self claiming you payed your own way. Horse crap others are paying your way dead beat. For your further eduaction it was the losers you voted for who chose to steal the trust fund money. To pay for other welfare programs. Facts is stupid the money is all gone. Your just to stupid to grasp that fact. Government IOU’s
            Means jack shit. Now how’s it feel to be schooled on the facts and no longer remain ignorant living in the false utopian dream world of progressive lies. Just like your loser liar an chief who stook 780 billion dollars from the medicaid trust fund that money is long gone.

          • bitterandhappy

            The level of your hate is off the charts. I assume you are a proud fundamentalist right wing Christian, since you are displaying their primary trait = hatred of others.

          • Brian Lance

            No,he is not,I feel the same way.

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            he bashes gay guys on the weekends to make himself feel better.

          • Mel Lewis

            Probably with his hand vigorously rubbing his twig.

          • Brian Lance

            I totally agree with you pedro.

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            Hey Jackass, before you call someone a moron, learn how to fucking spell.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            So by pointing out the few grammatical errors I’ve made, makes you feel better about being schooled on the social security ,medicaid and medicare trust funds so bit . That still leaves you in the moron loop. Now having acknowledge the fact through sheer silence on the subject.There is no further doubt the money you receive certainly isn’t your money; loser four others are paying for your no load dead beat ass. So moron if the trust funds are as solvent as you claim then where is the money and why has congress issued over 50 trillion in IOU’s. Not so solvent is it moron . Speaking of BRAIN Dead PUNKs I dealt with many a turds like you. Dead from the neck up and as useless as tits on a Bull. I have a twit you can wrap your fag ass lips around. Hey Moron stop reading the progressive Fake as news ,you may also need to block the progressive blogger spheres You’ve head your head shoved right up the old brown ring of the progressive, nitwit, halfwit cave dwelling morons club.

          • Mel Lewis

            Wow, you’re incredibly stupid and uninformed! SS is solvent, government owes it 2.6 trillion dollars as of this point. Where did you get your information that says that SS is broke? I’m pretty sure I know, but I would like to read what your answer is. Also, your spelling and sentence structure are abysmal. You put comma’s and periods anywhere you seem to think they go, and your spelling is obviously only a 1st grade level. Do you know people pay into SS their entire working lives, and that is supposed to go back to the employee. Now regarding your inane statement of medicaid and medicare being paid by your employer, wouldn’t that mean that it’s a benefit, like health insurance would be a benefit from the company? We all pay into SS, medicare and medicaid during our lifetime working, they are NOT entitlements, they are NOT government handouts.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Mel moron my spelling an grammer may be abysmal . But you’ve proved beyond any reasonable doubt you haven’t a clue as to what your talking. Social security hasn’t been solvent in twenty plus years. Moron. US Government IOU’s are not currency. For a program , account, business or an individual to be solvent. They must have cash assets. Capital. Money, green backs, Gold or Other precious metals. Now how about you preform some task , chore or service and except an IOu. Sure moron. Social security trust fund has been borrowed against by the progressive troll and the Rino scum for over twenty plus years. . Think about it this way. The nation’s, total combined debt. Is approaching 228 plus trillion. This nation owes more then the value of the entire us Lower 48 land mass is valued at. Now here again apparently you’re reading comprehension skills suck more then my writing skills. What you should have repeated was how your employer actually pays a larger share on behalf of their employees then that which the employee pays. Read it again slowly you know at the preschool level in which you read. Now that I have educated your dumb ass on; Just what the term solvency means. I exspect an apology. Just another dumb shit buying the lies of congress right. Solvent Yea you are just another gullible fool.

          • Brian Lance

            The young are who are working,are you?

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            “the young are the ones working.” see, that’s much better to read and understand.

          • CrazyAuntJane

            There might not be a problem with giving older people their social security that they paid into and help in general if we weren’t supporting leaches like you!

          • IfMamaAin’t HappyNobodyIs

            Peatro, you are an arrogant, piece of shit !!!. I have saved for the future but I still want my Social Security. That is money that the government took from me each and every payday whether I wanted them to or not. Money they took to invest and save for me because they think I am not capable of investing it myself. It’s mine and what bit of it they haven’t squandered on foolishness I intend to get back. You don’t want or need yours? That’s fine but don’t belittle those of us who want their hard earned money. As for leaching off your children and grandchildren, tell me how accepting your Social Security benefits does that? This is money that came from my pocket and my children and grandchildren pay into the system also. Am I taking money from them? Hell no!!! And they will benefit when I die because I planned well for the future. I purchased a good life insurance policy from which they will receive a tidy sum of money when I die!!!!

          • Brian Lance

            We dont need the bleeding hearts anymore 🙂 thank you.

          • Beverly Mulkey

            So, all our working lives, we were just “donating” a substantial part of our paychecks to the Government? How about welfare? How about a smaller government that doesn’t suck the lifeblood out of every taxpayer to send OUR money to countries that hate us?? Has anyone suggested you be committed as being a danger to yourself and others?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            So your rather unnerved by my direct comments. Like Many in past comments that either stated or suggested, They were receiving the amount they paid into social security. Medicaid an medicare. Fact is you are not receiving the amount you payed in. Fact is the monies you payed in are indeed paying for the generation prior to you. When there had been 12 folks paying for one. Now that percentage has been drastically reduced . Now it is more like 4-1. Others are paying for you and much fewer still then in past years. Yet you recieve raises. Wh8le drawing an recieve over the remaining years of your life over 10 times what you payed in even while including, compounded interest your still receiving ten times what you payed. In. So sorry to burst all you folks false bubbles. But your all draining the next generation. Now as for smaller government. Hell Yes one that only does what it was Constitutional obligated to do. Defend the nation period. Frankly my dear friend I nearing the age of retirement my self. But shall and refuse to take from the next genration. While by no stretch of the wildest imagination am I wealthy or well off. Hardly. Probably work till my date with God. Just do not want to drain the life’s blood from my Granddaughter s generation. But I guess from the response s Ive received many of you out their are of the self serving me first screw my kids and grandchildren. “Right” sad part in all this is it was the past genration s that screwed this nation. Having absolutely no foresight to think about the next generation. So I say you all screwed us so screw you all an just return to the dust.

          • Brian Lance

            I totally agree Karl,freedome comes at this price,working together,and learning through logic.

          • Buddy Moore

            God and guns! I dont think so. Take your tea party and hillbilly CONservatives and shove em

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Either your a progressive troll or a neocon rat ,? So which is it? Either way if it looks like a rat, walks like a rat , smells like a rat; talks like a rat, then it’s got to be a rat. I stomp rats. Hey Buddy who’s your bunk mate old Blow hard Obama. Your part of the gays do boys brigade. Right. I’ll take my Hillbilly conservative s over fag land any day.

          • bitterandhappy

            Wow! The insanity and hatred is deep in this one. A casualty of Fox News.

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            sir, it’s spelled Faux News. Make a note. Thank you.

          • Buddy Moore

            look you backyard teabilly, jump off your sister for a sec and maybe you can have a halfway decent conversation. You couldn’t stomp your foot let alone a person. Go enjoy a good bible thumping with your best friend ted cruz, or enjoy a good brain dead conversation with sarah palin. You and your party are looking to take us back 10,000 years ( can’t go further cause you brain dead hicks think the world is only 10,000 years old).

          • i_am_supremebeing1966

            are you even allowed in this country? i think the only reason you’re here is b/c your daddy (whomever that is) forgot to buy a condom

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Suprembeing ! Yea right only in your own little troll world, If you were half the intellect you believe your self to be, Then please explain : Why it is your totally unable to think through and come up with a logical conclusion as to where my Sir name and given name is Originated. Hummmmmm. Come on : step outside of your comatose single dimensional thinking near empty cranium. Take a wild guess. To hard for you . Okay so I’LL Give you a hint. Its the nation between Austria and France. No Cheating put the globe down. If you need a globe ?. .Then I’m quite certain you’re too freaking stupid to be on this sight. Now speaking of how it happened that you were given Life. Your dad a little toy poodle was screwing a Armadillo,Low and behold there you are. Still chasing cars.

          • bitterandhappy

            You seem obsessed with shit. There are therapists who may be able to help you with that. Tea Party candidates are pushing to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Do you plan on getting old some day? Do you know anyone who is old?

          • Nicky Altieri

            and Bobby Jindal is a liberal??

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Say What.?? Really??

          • Tina Bina

            First off your an idiot as ALL reps right now are right wing red EXCEPT for a small handful

          • jules2u

            The bill passed in 2011…………

          • Joe Tokoph

            Ya and the dems are the voice of reason. please your an idiot go to the mailbox your welfare check is here.,

          • Armyvet81


          • Mel Lewis

            ALL republicans are right wing red, there isn’t a single republican who is left leaning, so that would make them right wing red nuts.

          • Mr. Moderate 49

            The ones passing this law are the conservatives you voted for.

          • Crapola

            Rickey Hardy is a former Democratic member of the Louisiana House ofRepresentatives. He represented the 44th District from 2008 to 2012. This is the State Representative who co authored bill number 195. Get your facts straight.

          • Dona Strickland

            Mr. Moderate, I believe you meant the liberal’s, afterall,l they’re the ones coming up with all this crap !!

          • jules2u

            The ones who voted to pass this bill voted from both parties, nice try though. It was passed with bipartisan approval in 2011. There was only 1 no vote of the senate version of the bill and only a handful of individuals who abstained from voting.

          • Diane W Kessinger

            Now where did you get the idea it is liberals making these foolish rules?

          • Dona Strickland

            The’in office aren’t they ?? With Diane’s question, here ly’s the problem. Wake up Diane, before it’s too late, if it’s not already !!!

          • jules2u

            It was a bipartisan bill, and passed by a bipartisan vote, but then again the bill passed in 2011, and does not do everything as claimed in this article.

          • justme

            Then what does the law “do”?

          • brian nunziato

            A bi-partisan bill in Louisiana? BWAHAHAHA. You’re fucking high.

          • me

            So what that it was bipartisan? The only thing that proves is that both sides of the phony right/left paradigm are equally fucked. The fact is that Jindall who claims to be a “fiscal conservative” signed the most totalitarian bill in the US into law four years ago. He’s a big government neocon.

          • Don Berghuis

            Because Jindal is obviously a liberal….oh wait….

          • Bob Cull

            You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Let’s start with the fact that the president certainly has NOTHING to do with state law in Louisiana or any other state. Then we can move on to the fact that both houses of the Louisiana legislature are firmly in control of the Teapublican party! So how did “liberals” have anything to do with this stupid law? Let me help you out there, THEY DIDN’T. It is all on the shoulders of the GOP, the party of stupid!

          • Lauri M. Garrison

            I am not from Louisiana, but I can use Google. Although qualifying as a “bipartisan bill” with representative(s) from the “other side of the isle”, this bill was sponsored & cosponsored by democrats. Now whether you agree or disagree with the content, the democrat party is the liberal base
            of the two primary parties. FYI, Status: (Passed) 2011-07-01 – Effective date: August 15, 2011. [HB195 Detail]

          • jules2u

            and passed through bipartisan voting in, yes 2011

          • CrazyAuntJane

            You are the one who is a special kind of stupid! It had to have votes from both parties and stupidity is bipartisan!

          • Paul Hayward

            Thanks for minimizing the opinions, hearts and minds of roughly half the US population… you are most gracious….

          • MARYANN33

            Beards should be banned…

          • glorybe2

            You are right as rain about that. The right wing is occupied by the trash of America. The leaders of the right wing keep getting arrested for serious crimes the latest of which is the longest serving republican who was speaker of the house of representatives now charged with numerous felonies and who is a known child molester for which the statute of limitations keeps him from being charged for having sex with a male student when he was a teacher.

          • Armyvet81

            Either you are blind or willfully ignorant. While there is trash in the GOP, the Demolition party is far from sainthood. All you need to do is a general search and you will find plenty of examples of those representing the Demolition party with their dirty little hands in all kinds of misdeeds too. Corruption is pretty common in politics and is not unique to parties. There can be no reasonable argument against that observation without being blind to it on one side only.

          • Jamie O’Connor Winterbotham

            Gov. Bobby Jindal is not a “Liberal”…is a Republican.

          • MARYSWEET

            I know Bobby Jindal is not a liberal – he’s a conservative and I’m a BIG fan of his. We need more men like him in Congress.

          • Julie Palmer

            You said it right georgeethrvat nut jobs . This is the state normal people have to live under nut jobs!

          • Timb

            Both party’s are the same, just different names. The only way in my view is to vote Libertarian. In my pinion it’s the only way NOT to throw your vote away.

          • Mel Lewis

            Voting libertarian IS throwing your vote away.

          • Timb

            NO, voting Democrat or Republican is going in ever decreasing circles until you disappear up your own backside. Dem’s and republicans are the same, they have an equal hate of each other. Voting for one or the other is a never ending cycle.Lets count how many voters wasted their votes by throwing them away on Obama. Those were wasted votes, I won’t even bother to talk about Bush.

          • Kate

            Actually there are usually other candidates besides Rep. Or Dem. You just won’t hear about them in the media because they don’t have the resources to dish out the dough for media coverage.

          • MARYANN33

            We must have strict testing for candidates like they do for the police. They must have to pass IQ, lie detector, psch evaluation etc to get on the ballot. Vet all candidates…

        • Helivet

          You got what you voted for, now you get to live with it.

      • ipsd48

        Sounds like we’re headed for another Whiskey Rebellion

      • Kate

        That’s not necessarily true. The highest law is that of the Sheriff. They can pick and choose which State and Federal (or is it just Federal? I’ll have to double check.) laws they want to honor or not. Why do you think so many Sheriffs spoke out a few years ago saying they would NOT uphold some anti-gun law Obama wanted to pass?

      • glorybe2

        The cops have been converted into criminals as their purpose these days is to rake in money for the system. Every step in the justice system brings in money, one way or another, to towns, states and probably the federal government as well. In my area the average traffic ticket probably runs about $200. A cop can easily write three tickets an hour which comes to $600 per hour income for the city. The cop makes about $30 per hour including all of his benefits, retirement etc.. That leaves $570. Almost all people simply pay the ticket. It may take one half minute of a clerk’s time to accept cash or the ticket could be paid by wire. If it really was about public safety the fines could be low and loss of driving privileges would be emphasized.

    • Linda Shelton

      Governor better veto this one.

      • Janelle Lutgen

        I can’t see Jindal signing it.

        • Joey Navis

          if norquist tells him to jump in lake ponchatrain listen for the splash

        • Armyvet81

          Already a law since 2011

        • Nicky Altieri

          He did, signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal. FOUR years ago.

          • cantstandthewaste

            Hard to believe really but maybe he was real sick that day. If he wants to run for President, he better “splain” himself!

          • Don Berghuis

            I heard that somebody accidentally left the wrapper around a ham sandwich lyingon the table, and Jindal automatically signed it.

          • Robert Smith

            guess that’s what you get for living in LOSERANNA

          • Drawer22

            @Robert Smith – I dislike corrections when we’re on the same side, but the state in question is Loseranistan. And remember, Loseranistanis elected this character, so we must respect their lack of respect for the law. (NOT!)

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Paul Joseph

            That is too bad; signing that is a sure sign that he has a recta-cranial inversion. He would need to see a Psychiatrist and a Proctologist to get this condition corrected.

        • BreatheDeep

          I can, he’s as dumb as a rock.

          • Joyce Galloway Parker

            He’s a damn sight better than Kathleen Blanco was.

          • G Freeman

            I didn’t care for Blanco either, but she certainly didn’t leave us in the red. When she left office we had a surplus.

        • me

          Jindall signed it years ago. No big surprise for a BIG government neocon.

      • Armyvet81

        This has been law since 2011.

        • Jeffrey Murphy

          it just passed in April?

      • Nicky Altieri

        This was four years ago.

    • Archangel

      EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO……The most informative 2 hours you will ever spend on the Internet….

      • Helivet

        I won’t waste two minutes, much less two hours on this trash. “The New World Order – Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy” in the fine print at the top was enough to convince me that I had read enough.

        • Joe Tokoph

          Then your fate is sealed.

          • Helivet

            Of course it is. That is so with all Christians. John 3:16 is the key that locks us in.

        • Archangel

          Do you believe in the Word Of God? Biblical Prophesy?
          Suit yourself. I can’t fix stupid…or stubborn

    • Will

      I wouldn’t obey it, F them!

    • Carol Knapp

      Very little the government scum does these days is legal, e.g. allowing a president to declare war when that is Congress’ job. It isn’t legal for the Feds to print the money…that’s Congress’ job. Taxing people’s labor (e.g. income tax) isn’t legal as it’s a violation of the 13th Amendment. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

    • SamIAm295

      If this was Canada it would go against the Canadian Bank Act.

    • Timothy Johnston

      Someone needs to ban and abolish modern day law enforcement from our society.

  • ES

    Nor can legal tender be refused.

    • GerryAllwin

      Sure it can. Phoney money is only legal tender for payment of debts. You can refuse anything in barter that you don’t want.

  • patriotrenegade

    This bill will be destroyed in court challenges. Where the hell is Jindal on this? He should speak against this lunacy.

  • WiSe GuY

    Get out your check books. they can’t do a darned thing since it’s unsecured money.

  • JohnnyAdams8

    Your right on it with this article it’s about state desperately gorging their selves on taxes overpaid government workers under the table construction contracts, over use of perks to many perks I could go on for ever not to mention all the unions that suck the life out of government funds! What there doing is against the law to behind with you cannot prohibit the use of cash! How would you even monitor it lol!

  • donaldbreaux

    unenforceable! No one in their right mind will go along with this B.S.

  • Gomer Wumphf

    Gee – can I make a gift of cash to your bro or kid or spouse or friend and you make a gift of stuff to me?

    • Bien Pammit

      Gomer Wumphf: Funny but you nailed it. I wonder if I can use my credit card ? What a stupid idea criminalizing innocent buyers. It’s like criminalizing law abiding gun owners who have concealed handgun license.

      • Gomer Wumphf

        Yup. Everything gubmint touches turns to … well … you know.

  • Arizona Don

    Sorry that may not stand up in a court of law and surely if pushed and it gets to the supreme court it will not. Not as long as the money has on it that it is legal tender for all debts public and private. Banning cash what a stupid thing to do.

    It is a very slippery slope we find ourselves on right now because of all these progressive democrats who support no liberty at all and seem to wish to punish law abiding citizens in an effort to harass criminals. It does not work. How stupid do these people get. Using new laws to stop people who pay no attention to laws has got to be a progressive democrat brainstorm. No one else is that imbecilic.

    • Michelle Lee

      There were a few other laws places where trying to pass recently,,, like, everyone has to go to church on sunday!
      or one idiot politician said he thought we should kill babies who were some how disabled, so he is saying babies should be murdered…… these people are mentally ill, every last one of them!

      • Arizona Don

        It amazes me how ignorant every progressive democrat got after obama was elected. Maybe that is because he is so down right ignorant himself. How is it half of America seems to hate America or at least our Constitutional Republic. Why?

        While Bush was president they screamed how unconstitutional and illegal everything he did was. They cried constantly how Bush was destroying their freedoms. Now we have someone they supported really doing much of the things they accused Bush of and they are either silent or in lock step with him. What is it I’m missing?

        Now don’t get me wrong if Bush did something I did not agree with I let him know and made my opinion known and did not hesitate to be critical when called for. Like his refusal to close the southern border and his support of the Kennedy amnesty bill co-sponsored by the Arizona idiot McCain. This obama abyss may be a hole we can never climb out of. We’ll see.

        • sandralisella

          You hit the nail on the head Bush wasnt always right but he wasnt always wrong like whats in office now this man wants a socialist state read some of Hitlers laws and ideas and tell me I am wrong

          • Mr. Moderate 49

            So you read Hitler’s laws? lol

        • Mr. Moderate 49

          What does your comment have to do with the article? My guess is you never read it but just like to write stupid comments with no information.

          • Arizona Don

            I guess I offended a progressive democrat obama supporter. That really makes me feel “great.” Have as nice a day as anyone willing to support a compulsive liar like him can have. You deserve him.

    • Mythot

      Arizona Don: What makes you think this has anything to do with thwarting criminals? It is strictly a way to restrict citizens, and increase the size of official databases.

      • Arizona Don

        What in my post made you think I thought he meant to thwart criminals? I have never thought that or written it!

        Trust me I do not, in any way, believe he is out to curtail, restrict or even slow down the criminal element, they are his helpers. Or he is one of them! If anything it is the exact opposite. He proved that when he allowed or promoted the charges be dropped on the black panther members at the beginning of his first term. Furthermore, if he did not support, to some degree at least, the criminal he would not be so hell bent on gun control. Because, they along with government is who extreme gun control will/would benefit the most. Keep in mind he has also seen to it tens of thousands of alien criminals have been released back onto the streets and not deported. All this while America dithers. And while he destroys our liberties, the few I might add, we have left. His supporters are blinded like those who originally supported hitler in Germany in the thirties. But keep in mind some of those were also marched to open pits and shot just like the many others.

        The fact remains even if he intentionally released a pandemic on America about 32 percent would ignore that and still praise and cheer him wildly. Personally I think THEY are the real problem. Even more so then obama, and we need to pay very close attention to them in the up coming election in 16. Of course obama can and will say those were the acts of the Justice department however, we all know nothing is ever his fault and there is always a scrape goat for him. He actually sees himself as God like and incapable of doing wrong. If that were not the case would he not have admitted a mistake or two by now? We can blame the media to some extent for creating this out of control monster. They will attempt at least to do it again. It is our job to see they do not succeed again!

        • Mr. Moderate 49

          Fool what are you writing about?? TROLL –

  • Alan404

    The latest in a listing of all to numerous examples of legislative/bureaucratic abuse, stupidity of however one might describe this foolishness, it appears.

  • Combatvet52

    People of Louisiana the AH has spoken like the rest of the parasite lawmakers time to throw them all out on their ear.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed

    That’s funny. Too funny. What a back water that Louisiana. It’s hard to believe how stupid people can be.

  • Sharon Bauerle

    If true, Jingal better veto the bill or else forget about a future in politics.

    • Gary Grimm


    • Archangel

      He will…Jindal is a Smart Man and a good Governor. He is probably laughing at the stupidity of this bill like the rest of us.

      I suppose this has been passed because the Cops don’t want to have to work for their paycheck and pensions….AND even more importantly the Politicians want more money.

    • Raymond Brosious

      from what i read, it’s a local bill, not state bill. the governor will not have the chance to veto it.

      • jules2u

        It was a state bill that passed overwhelmingly in 2011

        • Raymond Brosious

          if it was passed in 2011, how come there just bringing it up now? I did reread the story and it lloks like it was a state bill, I would think this should have been vetoed a long time ago. No?

          • Mel Lewis


        • IfMamaAin’t HappyNobodyIs

          jules, I don’t think they get it!! I live in Louisiana and I can assure you money is still used here and very welcomed. There are yard sales here every day and things get paid for in cold hard cash. This bill has not effected the garden variety yard sale, only places that sell used goods as a business.

      • Sharon Bauerle

        Has there been any local feedback? How do they feel about politicians again telling them what to do?

    • jules2u

      The bill passed by a bipartisan vote with one no on the senate bill and only 4 abstaining on the senate bill, and 8 abstaining on the house bill. But then again, this bill was from 2011, it really does not matter what anyone thinks about it today, as it is not up for a vote, passage, or any other action. Not much can be done towards vetoing a bill passed over 4 years ago.

  • Traveller62

    That won’t last long. They will just keep on having garage sales, with the owner paying tax to the city for the privilege of having said garage sale. The gubmint still gets its money, one way or the other.

  • John Brown

    I go to a lot of Garage and Estate sales and most all deal in cash only.

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    Ah yes, now they want Garage Sale Nazis to show up at each and every such sale to assure the state gets every penny it can. If they do that, the amount of money gained would never cover the expense of such an operation. Also, can you immagine how much time would be involved in doing these transactions? I think that every politician in this country should be assessed an “Office Tax”, a tax on them for holding a public office. I think it’s only fair.

    • rivahmitch

      Perhaps a “blood tax” would be a better solution. The more the politicians bleed, the more liberty returned to the people.

      • bigbillofwyandotte

        It’s a thought, though there is the problem of innocent citizens loosing their lives in the process. I myself am in favor of sending all politicians into combat if they are physicaly able to do so, unless they have served already. They sure talk big while hiding behind a desk in Washington. The state and local politicians as well.

    • jules2u

      Psst, is a garage sale considered a business? Probably not, but then again the bill was passed over 4 years ago.

      • bigbillofwyandotte

        If so, everyone seems to be rather quiet about it.

  • 45N90W

    Bobby Jindal signed this?

    • Gary Grimm

      I hope not. if he did, good bye Bobby.

      • jules2u

        You realize the bill was passed in 2011, with overwhelming bipartisan approval? But then again, it does not affect everything like the article states. You can read the actual passed bill online.

  • darylj46

    Hardy is a nut case as criminals don’t care about laws and will purchase anyway. This is an under the table way of controlling people. This is ludicrous.

  • Dannie Poe

    My cash is no good? Only in America can anyone think this will strop the sale of weapons. Seems more politicians have their head up their %%%. If this article is true it makes me wonder about Louisiana voters.

    • Helivet

      You haven’t wondered up til now?

  • Michelle Lee

    This is absurd, you cant ban cash, it doesn’t matter what they say… if they told you breathing was banned, would you stop? Seriously we have to stop putting up with this shit!

  • America Believer

    Only a Commie thought process is capable of stripping away freedoms from the American Citizen, this is a RESULT of the Fascist Communist Agenda under way to transition us incrementally into a full blown Authoritarian Soviet – Chinese model of control ! We must look at historic facts that expose this type of tactic used in other society’s I.E . HITLER ! JUST SAY NO , AMERICANS! STAND FOR YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, SEEK ANY PRO CONSTITUIONAL LEGAL ASSISTANCE YOU CAN FIND , OR THE COMMIES IN THIS NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT WILL PICK US OFF ONE BY ONE!!!!

  • Tracy Jones

    They want more tax dollars out of us,I have a fix for them,Give ALL of your tax dollars to your state.Let the

    individual states take care of what taxes go where in YOUR STATE.Screw the federal government like they
    are screwing us.Give them a taste of their own medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacky

    Okay, sooo now, have we had enough?
    Head breaking time

  • Linda Davis West

    someone needs to take it to court . I don’t think it’s constitutional . But I am confused what does this have to do with the President? Louisiana is controlled by Republicans. whom I thought was for less government now they want to go after garage and yard sales!

  • Karen

    You know all those pioneers who got on those covered wagons and went west? If all the laws and regulations that we have in place now, were in place then…. it would have never happed!
    We need a Convention of the States and clean up a bunch of hog wash.

  • booth1

    This is a violation of the Federal currency act. You cannot refuse to accept valid US currency for any transaction. I’m from Louisiana and I am not surprised that they would pass something like this. They probably don’t even know there is a Federal Currency act.

  • Saddletramp1st

    Evidently this dufuc co-author forgot there are 49 other states with several being less than a days drive away. Also, the Internet as well as the ability for an individual to accept credit cards

  • Gary Grimm

    just wait until our Chief Law Enforcement Officer hears about this. He’ll be furious.

    • Traveller62

      The Chief LEO of each county or parish is the County Sheriff, and won’t EVEN go for this one. He’s the one who says “yay” or “nay” on that one. He won’t even bother himself or his deputies with it.

  • msskye

    I bet if the garage sealer were to pay taxes on the goods they sell this
    would all go away. It’s just another stupid law thought up by some
    supercilious Imbecile Needing to validate the need for their existence
    in mainstream politics. They forget who voted for them and subscribe to
    bologna in the system. I say, Get a life.


    “Legal tender”? Only if it is reported.

  • edwitness

    A people get the gov’t they deserve. If we vote our conscience then we have only ourselves to blame.

  • Steve Morandi

    It would be impossible for them to collect sales tax, but you could be forced to claim it as profit on your income tax

  • Robert

    Well, what “they” don’t know, won’t hurt “you”.

  • Branwen

    Fact: “Legal tender means that the note must, by law, be accepted as payment for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues.

    The U.S. Treasury began issuing non-interest bearing notes in 1862 after Congress passed several Legal Tender Acts authorizing their issue. The notes came to be known as greenbacks. The law, which did not distinguish debts contracted before the law was passed from debts contracted thereafter, read as follows:

    “Be it enacted …, That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to issue on the credit of the United States, one hundred and fifty millions of dollars of United States notes, not bearing interest, payable to bearer, …, and such notes herein authorized shall be receivable in payment of all taxes, internal duties, excises, debts, and demands of every kind due to the United States,…, and shall also be lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States,…”

    The existing U.S. law is not far different:

    “Section 5103 of title 31, United States Code

    § 5103. Legal tender

    United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts.””

    It would seem that the State of Louisiana just broke Constitutional law which says that public tender cannot be revoked and is acceptable for payment of ALL debt.

  • Justice PonZee

    We did not hire the government to engage is this sort of egregious misconduct and to put garage sales and flea markets literally out of business. That is obscene. These people work for us and we pay them. They may want to squeeze the last buck of tax money out of everyone but someone needs to bite back. I have felt that they were working on outlawing cash for a long time now. That would make it impossible for anyone to avoid paying every single tax, especially the income tax. I have always said they will find a way to outlaw cash and its getting more and more clear by the day. While it is legal for them to do what they did in Louisiana, they should put a monetary limitation on it. The transaction should have to be more than say $2500 or even $5000 especially at flea markets and garage sales and things like that. These politicians take their bribes in cash. The public should be able to use cash too.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government we called the nyc sheriffs dept at 1-212-487-9734 and a lady answered and we asked her if she knew who the only legal constitituional law enforcement was in the usa,and she said i don,t know and she also said she didn,t and see for yourselfs we will be sending out this story to everyone we know in the usa and around the world unbeliveable she works for the sheriffs dept and she doesn,t know that.well we will keep sending out this story every week

  • James Weaver

    Isn’t Bobby Jindal Governor of LA. Is he going to let this stupidity stand?

  • aptos 2012

    In California the liberals push the flea-market taxation law but nobody ever get really serious abut it.In garage sales this is impossible to control I live in a most liberal democreep state in our country.

  • Frank Hartzell

    stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ernesto Franklin

    What good will it do if they even identify thieves, they’ll just be let go if they happen to be negros.

  • Estoban

    Broken and will never work.

  • 2Tim417

    Call the state of Louisiana to confirm such.

  • Kathy Schweigert

    Ridiculous! Screw them . This is so sad that we have let these law makers continue to play God on our lives. They are so power hungery and this Liberal idiot will do every thing they can to interupt our lives and squeeze every penny they can for their own power. When will Americans rise up and throw them all put of power?


    With the thousands of person to person sales, ignore the law. State does not have resources to accommodate enforcing the law.

  • The Fox

    You can say good bye freedoms, this is leading up to one cashless society where the government will soon know your every move from birth until death and will lead someday to people taking a mark in their right hand or forehead to do all business, to have a job, to buy food and everything else in life, it has been coming for some time now but was brought on like cooking a frog, don’t put him in hot water or he’ll jump out so you put him into cool water and turn up the heat a little at a time until he is well cooked, the American people have become the slaves of the government in the same ways. This nation soon to be no more under the rule of government, the reason they don’t want you to have guns, or you will fight them for your freedoms and they can’t have that, all dictators through out history have taken away the means of defense from the people first and then enslaving them, coming here soon.

  • CaliforniaArt

    Just for the record this is an update on a Louisiana law first passed in 2011. not this year (2015) . It is surprising that there have been no easily located media reports on its impact since.

  • WEL024

    What ever happened to “legal tender for all transactions public and private”…this will last about 4 seconds in court and it will be challenged. typical stupid stupid politician…look into the behavior of the representatives YOU elect. You will have nothing to blame but yourself.

  • Finder1009

    Whoever came up with this stupid idea needs to read what is printed on all US Money. For anyone who might not have a bit of paper money handy, it says, and i quote “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” If its a joke by Ricky Hardy or some other clown, its not funny. If its not a joke, Ricky Hardy, or whatever clown thought this a good idea, needs to go directly to jail.

  • Robert Thompson

    My daughter home schooled her three children when the Air Force took her and her family to Shreveport. That was because of the level of ignorance she found in the local schools. So, this doesn’t surprise me. The grandkids? They are doing just fine, thank you. Louisiana, please secede from the union.

  • James L Stewart

    After doing a search of the La. Legislature I found two interesting facts, there is no Rick Hardy listed as either a Representative or a Senator and HB 195 is about Coroners not cash sales.

    It seems someone is “yanking our chains”, “pulling out legs”, or just outright lying to us.

    • Madeline Graves Burns

      Your right about one thing. Hardy is out of office already…But I did read the bill a couple of weeks ago. It is HB195 but it had other numbers behind it…

  • jim

    Cash is the TOP preferred form of payment .The government after all is always trying to grab our cash for their uses. This is just another example of government THEFT. I will not become a slave to the government for any reason. Let us all band together and use the Constitution to stop this TYRANNY once and for all. Please write and call all of your Senators and Congressmen.

  • sandralisella


    • Jack


      • jules2u

        Might want to actually read the bill, I understand research is not the strong point when people read this type of article, but the bill, which was passed in 2011, does not affect private garage sales in the state.

        • Jack

          SO,,my use of the phrase”garage sale” was a poor choice of words,,I was” pointing out,,how big government”,,is created,,,,,BUT voters continue re-electing those who create big government….

  • faythful1

    Sorry folks, but this is all part and parcel of his, and his minions, to break our country apart, and / or change it so that it is unrecognizable as a free, Constitutionally run country. They hate our country and all that it stands for! They are socialistic, and our own Congress goes along with everything they have been doing, which is very sad. And, the next generation of individuals has no idea of what that will mean to them in the future, so go along with them like lemmings heading for the sea! Just how many will survive, no one knows. Can only pray that our Heavenly father comes back soon!

    • Mr. Moderate 49

      READ- IT IS A STATE LAW IN A STATE LED BY THE GOP! You have no idea what you are talking about troll.

      • jules2u

        It was passed in 2011 with overwhelming bipartisan approval, the sponsors were 9 republicans, and 7 democrats.

  • doc

    I thought Massachusetts or New Jersey, but surely not Louisiana.

  • KayO

    There has to be an easier way for them to get the information they need without hindering sales. This was stupid. Why should anyone pay taxes on something they are selling for less than what they paid?

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    The way this country’s dollar is going it won’t be worth a cent soon anyway ! Bartering is none taxable and Labor is also illegal to tax but the IRS refuses to inform the people. This is just another way to control the people, sure it sounds good to stop criminals from dealing stolen things but it still the average person who will pay the price. This crap won’t stop till the entire country stands up for less government and less control.

    • Mr. Moderate 49

      Yes the poor dollar that has gone up 13% this year against other currencies. You know when something goes up in value that means no one wants it. I suggest you change all your dollars for rubles.

  • John Wirts

    I say lets declare taxes, and political donations a second hand sale, requiring a full identifying disclosure of the group and individual donor of these political funds. Any politician unable or unwilling to do so should be charged with untaxed income, removed from office, and put in jail.

  • captainmvh

    make criminals out of a citizen for selling old garage leftovers.. Yet exempt pawn shops, who happen to be the biggest buyer of stolen goods, right next to scrap metal dealers.. illegal law US currency is legal tender at all levels…

  • Curtis Johnese

    I think I heard someone say that the U.S. Would never be under communist rule. I rest my case !!!! If this don’t wake you up nothing will. You can’t even get your own money out of the bank without the gov investigating you. So long freedom,hello hitler.

  • Christopher C. Lanham III

    I would do it anyway. It take me a minute to figure out that I was, & say screw you! & do it anyways.

  • Richard Wallace

    Right! Crooks are going to obey this law too, just like registering firearms, respecting security measures; and they will be so relieved to see tax-paying made easier….

  • Richard Wallace

    This was actually tried by a major left-coast city PD when it took over concealed-weapons permitting formerly done by County. Tried that check-only thing on a lawyer, who took it to federal court and won. Little thing about “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL THINGS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.” Still says that on the paper money in my pocket. Legal precedent in 9th U.S. District Court realm of jurisdiction.

  • MarieaGrace

    Well they are going to put so many people in the welfare lines that do this for a living,it won;t be funny. Go after the real crooks,listen when you buy something you pay taxes and then if you sell it even if it is old you pay taxes I feel you should never have to pay taxes on any thing if it has been sold already once and taxes were paid. You should keep your recites but if you don’t have one then you pay taxes etc. This also means you can’t purchase anything to sell for a yard sale unless you have a tax recite if you don’t then the purchaser pays taxes but no body should have to keep paying taxes on the same thing over and over again! That’s” High way robbery!!!”

  • Bob Marcum

    Asylum is an appropriate word, Mary Sweet. The whole subject is assinine.
    P.S.; It’s late time ( but, not oo late ), to impeach obuma, in order to be able to begin cleanup, of the mess he
    has created. It will take an enormous effort, to do so.

  • msskye

    I bet if the garage sealer were to pay taxes on the goods they sell this would all go away. It’s just another stupid law thought up by some supercilious Imbecile Needing to validate the need for their existence in mainstream politics. They forget who voted for them and subscribe to bologna in the system. I say, Get a life.

  • Joe Toland

    Usually everything I sell at a garage sell I sell for way less than I paid for it. Does that mean I can write the loss off on my taxes now?

  • Geronimo

    I consider the state taxes to be second hand sales, you get no warranty, no customer service and no refund for a faulty product.

  • J. Ernst

    LEW-SLEEZY ana…a place where anything goes and EVERYTHING is probably illegal. Stupid people allow stupid laws to be conceived.

  • Shane, King of all I survey

    In regards to the “bank snitches”, the last time I checked, the money in MY bank account is exactly that – MINE. I’m not a criminal, drug dealer, drug user or Mafioso, if I want to take out $5k of MY money, it’s NONE of Uncle Scam’s damn business! They need to POLICE THEIR OWN BACK YARD FIRST!

  • Jon Laughlin

    This is one law that will soon be going to court. It looks unconstitutional to me. But if it does stand American currency will soon go out of use and there will be a return to barter or gold and silver or some other form of devised medium of exchange.

  • gmhunt4

    I am sooooooooooooo glad I moved to Texas to retire instead of my home state Louisiana. The people need to email, call, tweet and sign petitions and send them to Governor Bobby Jindal and tell him to VETO this bill.

  • IsThisAmerica

    I thought this was the stupidest thing LA. could do. Ban money? Who ever heard of that?

  • BrooklynJoJo

    his name alone should make us laugh, he should play in the hardy movies just like andy rooney did, what a dam moron. what the hell is going on here, maybe this moron wants the stuff for his homes

  • Whitemanfromtown

    Stupid is as stupid does. Obviously it matters not what level of government we deal with anymore, they are all thieves and liars..

  • disqus_7Xs5zsTSGi

    I can’t even leave a comment – I’m actually without words on this ridiculous law. Good luck with that…

  • patriotbabe

    US currency is printed with words which states it can be used in all transactions, both public and private.

  • hillbillyprick

    Sounds like a bunch of communist fuck ups getting in the way of local progress.

  • It just keeps getting weirder and weirder– don’t it folks?

  • Fred_K

    I guess this will make a lot of people criminals. Another option is to declare that the item is not used. The people need to learn lawyer speak to change the word usage, and work around the law, just like congress and the bum in the Whitehouse does.

    • Wingedgodd3ss

      Haha-yes-they could call items scratch and dents but not used-fell off a truck or something.

  • livefreeordiehard

    Criminals who traffic in stolen goods don’t mind breaking a lame-a$$ law like this. This is one of the stupidest laws I’ve heard. Writing a check for a 25-cent garage sale item? Yeah, that’s bright.

  • livefreeordiehard

    So, it’s night, you’re in a clandestine location buying arms and, No!! I can’t give you cash – it’s against the law!!!
    I call this a head-up-their-butts law.

  • skubaduk8433

    It is time, actually, past time, for citizens to find out which elected officials initiated this bill in committee, voted for this bill and vote these people out of office. OR sit back, do nothing & wake up one day with all your freedoms removed.

  • birddogs2

    How friggin dumb is this?

  • daveveselenak

    If the stupid sheeple adhere to this sh^t then they deserve this tyrannical nonsense and more! The people need to unite and tell these NWO -ist legislatures to go FUK themselves! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Let them try to put everyone behind bars!

  • Rowdy_1

    Good old Liberty 247
    Don’t get your you know whats in a twist over this writing.
    Ricky Hardy has not been in the LA Legislature for a couple of years.
    A check of HB195 in the last three legislative years relates nothing to what is written here.
    I could not find any legitimate source to put any credence to this claim.
    Just a bit of right wing crap!
    Thomas is exactly on point – “This is hogwash.”

  • Nita Hiltner

    They are complete idiots. Sounds like the Dems at work again, they don’t know how to do anything but control, control, control.

    • Mr. Moderate 49

      GOP controls this state can’t blame it on the dems – T- bird.

      • jules2u

        4+ years ago? The bill was overwhelming approved in a bipartisan vote in 2011

  • Its a greater conspiracy. Outlaw cash so everyone is FORCED to use the mark of the beast to shop. Beware!

  • Doris Will

    How much will it cost to police such sales? Who will be enforcing the crimes already on the books while officers are busy nibby nosing around garage sales?

  • Rodney Steward

    Obama made the statement once, that down South, they have these so called, yard sales, and no one is paying any kind of taxes. Well, I’ve had them, and been to them, and U ain’t getten rich! All the work that goes in it, setting up, making signs, and hoping it don’t rain. And all this, U might brake even. I don’t reckon, they had yard sales in Kenya, and they never had watermelon patches at the WhiteHouse, till Michelle. But U don’t hear much about the gardening anymore.

  • Mythot

    Did Bobby (What Me Worry) Jindal sign this bill? He is looking more like Alfred E. Neuman every day.

  • marlene

    Well, people of Lousiana, you have your work cut out for you. Organize, protest, demonstrate, call your “representatives” and demand this clearly unconstitutional “law” be repealed.

  • disqus_NRBB1YFpUA

    Where is with Bobby Jindal with all this ?? He’s supposed to be this “Super Conservative”, why has he not already ended this Marxist garbage??????????????

  • joe cipale

    This state keeps getting dumber and dumber with each passing second. What a bunch of pathetic shitrags!

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Good luck with trying to inforce this law.


    How would you like to be a used car dealer with everything you own tied up in your business. What do these morons expect them to do? trade for Goats and Chickens? Oh It’s all clear to me Now, Camels, I hear Camel$hit rolls Downhill. It is too easy to Move across a State Line than to Put up with that Dung.

  • stairman

    getting us ready for microchips


    There WILL come a point where Americans will have had enough – American citizens are under relentless daily unending assault from every angle from our own government – THERE WILL COME A DAY . . .

  • Eddie Orton

    I live in oregon but we have cousins that live in Louisiana and it is a bunch of shit next there going to start and tell people what they can and can’t buy with cash at grocery stores money greedy bastards


    SO, if EVERYBODY IGNORES this “law”, how in the world will the courts handle the tens of thousands of new ‘LAWBREAKERS”?

    There are NOT enough empty jail cells to accommodate 10% of them!

  • 2broke4 her

    simple way around it, have a measure put on a ballot after law makers pass it and have the voters reject it by state constitutional law! people don’t realize it but even after a governor signs it into law, citizens can vote it out!

  • Susan Rachels Proctor

    Well if you can’t use cash, maybe some will trade sex. I don’t want anything that bad, but it’s a thought. Maybe you can trade your kids off? Such a dumb law.

  • Thomas Reece

    when did we allow this much to government, this little regard for the citizen and this lack of fear of the people? Wake up America

  • Elwar

    All of this outrage and yet this is the information you have to hand over if you want to put your money in the bank or use a credit card.
    All in the name of “money landering” laws. They call them “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements. Pretty much “now we can track everyone’s spending” requirements.

  • popete

    Kimberly Smith-Britten, I just went and read the actual bill. It is not as portrayed in this article or by the comments. It a bill to bring in line the laws of commercial resellers with those of pawn brokers. It applies to scrap yards, used car parts places and the ilk when buying from the public to prevent the transfer of stolen goods. It only applies to business licensed as or deemed to be commercial resellers.

  • Larbear49

    They can’t do this as everything sold is second hand, someone buys and then resells it, Think about it clothes, food, cars you name it. It is all bought by the retailer and then resold making it second hand even if it is new. If you buy from the manufacture, because you have to pay for it and then resell it, it is second hand there fore this law would make that sale illegal

  • Melford

    “This Note is Legal Tender for ALL Debts, Public and PRIVATE”

    I guess they print that on all the bills, but it doesn’t mean anything at all.

    BTW, this is the perfect thing to utilize Martin Luther King’s admonishment of using peaceful civil disobedience. If almost everyone ignores this law and states that they are a “Pawn Broker” and therefore exempt, the very least that will happen is that inexplicable exemption will become absolutely and clearly known, and even people not bright enough to pick up on what that really means might begin to scratch their heads and wonder…

  • bayoucastine


    The idea of FIRST recruiting vets to fill ALL vacant or new positions within ALL departments of and within the [especially] federal, state and local bureaucracy is an idea that is
    prime time. I wish I could claim the idea but that belongs to someone who calls himself Randy131. [Randy’s comment is copied and provided below.]

    After reading this email, and if you agree, contact your DC and state “employees” and any/everyone you know within the American Legion and/or any other veteran’s based organization and let’s get this ball rolling NOW. It is NEVER too late to start a movement!!!!

    You have your orders – NOW MOVE IT!!!!!

    Obama and his minions will never agree but we can overcome that obstacle.

    Randy’s comment:
    We need Vets in every government agency and department for they have one thing that is lacking in today’s federal government employee, and that is ‘INTEGRITY’. They believe
    in and honor today that oath they took upon enlistment, unlike what most all federal government employees of today, if they think of and believe in about the oath that they took – if they even took an oath.

    With ‘INTEGRITY’ comes honesty and loyalty, traits that are also lacking in most all federal
    government employees today. THIS is what makes our Vets such great people.

    If only we could require/force the hiring of Vets in our federal government before all others then this country would turn itself around from the inside out. Vets will be much more
    able to assure the American people what they want most, and has been drastically missing since Obama and the Democrats took over our federal government.

    This might explain why over 80% of our Vets are conservatives, it just MIGHT have something to do with their honesty and loyalty, and the ‘INTEGRITY’ that rules their lives.

  • Linda

    How is it that these idiots elect, support, and do not recall these officials? The Problem with America is there are not enough Americans who know their rights. They just blindly follow who ever is in office. They would do well in China etc. Any country were brains have been abolished.

  • Justin Heath Cannon

    The law was passed in 2011 lol. Nonprofits and certain sellers are exempt. If you hold a garage sale once every few months, you are exempt.
    Did anybody bother reading the legislation?

  • sweetqueen777

    I guess the garage sale police will be coming around next, maybe a swat team or two. The author is correct about the government only wanting our money. They will not be satisfied until they take it all, then they can dole out food and other things as they see fit. I am glad I do not live in LA, for various reasons, but, I would want to know which lame-brained legislators voted this crap in. The cash in question was taxed when it was earned, and the goods were taxed at their original sale. Leave us alone.

  • Harry

    I just hope the people of the state of Louisiana will rise and demand this Nazi kind of fascist law be repealed!

  • Craig Reynolds

    Legal tender is legal tender and it is a violation of Federal law to refuse to accept it in a transaction. No one. No city, county or state can refuse or deny it’s usage. Does it happen? Sure it does, but only because ignorant compliant sheep accept it. That is a violation of federal law and you can can sue the shit out of them, but no one does because they are too sheepishly stupid to do so. Private businesses and individuals are another matter, but a State is “government” and cannot refuse or order someone else to refuse cash.

    Either this article is a total fabrication intended to get stupid people riled up for no reason or their needs to be a class action lawsuit filed against the State of LA immediately.

  • PM

    What the? Why are we all standing around and talking to each other? We ought to all be in our cars and vans and trucks and headed to the Louisiana Capitol demanding these criminals vacate their offices. Lets use our powers to impeach…not sure if you can impeach a legislator or not…but heck…when they want to do something illegal, they write a new law. Lets write a law that we can pull them out after 1 criminal offense in office (back door and under the table deals, etc…). I am so sick of these lawless self serving crooks running OUR state into bankruptcy to pad their lives and bank accounts and then making us pay…with our garage sale transactions (among many, many other highway robbery ‘laws’).

  • Bruce Norbeck

    I note that this is happening in “conservative,” Red State Louisiana.

  • Helivet

    Guess Louisiana is one of those “small government” states.

  • Katherine McKinney

    The thing to do with an illegal law is to refuse to comply. And this is unconstitutional.

  • Bradley Dyess

    This bill was signed into law 4 years ago.

  • Bobbie Robinson

    Why didn’t they just ban garage/yard sales, and force secondhand stores to close down?

  • Darlene Eaves

    Ok, I read an indepth article on this. Yard sales are not targeted under this law, pawn and flea markets are. Pawn shops already have strict laws, but to not be able to use cash is just stupid.

  • sommer

    So now our flea market and second hand stores will probably close. And no more yard sale groups on Facebook. So am I supposed to just donate all of my stuff to goodwill that I paid good money for. Or invest in an expensive credit card reader whenever I want to sell a shirt, a book or a piece of furniture. Seriously. Having yard sales and such makes it to where someone that actually wants your stuff will benefit from it instead of it ending up in the trash and polluting the landfills anymore than they already are. Also many people buy things they need like clothing and household items from these kinds of things because they can’t afford even the cheapest stores. And some people do not have banking accounts because they don’t have enough income to put into a bank. Whoever passed this law is retarded.

    • jules2u

      If they were going to close because of the passage of this bill, they would already BE closed as the bill was passed in 2011.

  • Crapola

    For those of you who are confused, this was a STATE bill, not passed by the US house of Representatives. (In fact it was a democrat, Rickey Hardy is a former Democratic member of the Louisiana House ofRepresentatives. He represented the 44th District from 2008 to 2012.) that co authored bill 195 that is responsible for this act.

  • jules2u

    Psst this act took place in 2011 and in reading the bill as of 08/2011 it does not read as claimed in the article, but I am pretty sure the people affected by the passage probably have figured out how much if any affect it has on his or her current business situation.

  • Joel Palmer

    Unconstitutional on its face and will be overturned by the first judge to rule on it.

  • Joel Palmer

    Just exactly what you would expect from a state that has bobby Jindal as its governor; rank stupidity and ignorance of the constitution (and the meaning of “legal tender”).

  • Joel Palmer

    Just wait till these stupid hillbillies find out about Bitcoins

  • Joel Palmer

    and shows that not every moron is a republican (but every republican is a moron)

  • Dilin Case

    Look for yourself, this whole article is BS.

    The law says nothing about Yard Sales. It is focusing on metals, electonics, and automobiles. The law also states businesses. Maybe the writer should read before they go and start blabbing at the pen about laws they do not read and/or understand.

    Read for yourself:

    • Terry Butts

      Probably got it from page 4 line 4 it clearly used the word INDIVIDUAL to most people that means each individual person not just a businesses.

      Though the article is misleading as it does make it sound as if this just happened but the bill is clearly dated 2011.

      You should note that some politicians consider “JUNK SHOPS” anyplace that sells used items and include yard/garage sales in that definition while the bill does not specifically name yard/garage sales some areas may attempt to lump them into this.

      Now I can see a bill require this information be collected by places such as PAWN shops from the individuals SELLING items to them what I do not see is how such information on items they sell would have any effect on theft much less a law restricting payment methods they are allowed to accept and most states already have a law for pawn shops saying they must hold items for a specific number of days so the police can check those items to see if they have received any items that had been reported stolen.

  • Joe Tokoph


  • Jen



    Boy…if I lived in that state I would hold a garage sale and call the police on myself just so I could take this law to federal court and get it thrown out. Then I would blog about it and write a book about my experiance and make a ton of CASH. They are Dumb. I am devious and play dirty. Check out Probate Pirates on Amazon and see what I mean.

  • Louisianans deserve this. They perpetually vote in liberal Democrats. We can only hope it gets worse, so voters will be begin to appreciate what real freedom is, and start voting for constitution-loving conservatives instead.

    However, first, they must start understanding and appreciating the constitution, so they can recognize who’s trying to control them, and who’s trying to uphold their God-given rights.

  • Lloyd Cross

    Didn’t Think ,They could get more Insane than they were , Just goes to Show the Direction the Free World is Headed , And its Certainly Not Free. ???

  • Zappa

    It’s not just local stuff, either. One year I received an inheritance from a relative. My income was that of a fixed one at that time. There are ‘rules’ when you get $, ya know !! You can’t give it to whom you want !! You have to spend it !! Worse yet, you better remember where you kept you receipts…..cause if you can’t find them..YOU have to give what YOU can’t find to the FEDS !!! I ended up OWING the FEDS a gift !! screwy stuff, huh?

  • leroy wilcox

    a law that cannot be enforced

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Horseshit. This is baiting. No such law passed.

  • Phil Thompson

    Looseranner. Who would expect better?

  • Terry Butts

    So criminals who HAVE ALREADY BROKEN THE LAW are suddenly going to OBEY this one?
    That any THIEF selling the stolen goods is going to collect and provide all this information to the police?

    ALL this law does is attempt to abolish the sale of used items MANY POLITICIANS have been trying to do just that for years using every excuse they can think of from BROKEN item complaints to IT HARMS THE ECONOMY ( I would not know how getting money for something instead putting in a land fill would harm the economy as every sale HELPS the economy and people who buy used items can not afford to buy new or they would) to now this claim ITS TO END THEFT.

    This is that tired old logic that banning banks from having money on hand would eliminate bank robberies. Only they appear to be trying to pass and enforce this FLAWED logic based law any law that relies on the CRIMINAL TO TURN THEMSELVES in by complying with it is FLAWED.

    They would not be criminals if they obeyed the law therefore there is no logic in putting law abiding citizens and the local police through this UNNEEDED hassle on the ASSUMPTION the criminals are suddenly going to start by obeying a law that would expose their crimes.

  • madeuce42

    Louisiana idea of legal tender is 16



  • 1911HeadBanger

    OK, I just checked on the Law and read it as posted by the Legislature. It deals with “Second Hand DEALERS” defined as JUnk Yards, Scap Yards and Used Auto Parts dealers. Not citizens having a garage sale or selling a used car or boat. Example, Joe J. Ghetto brings in 50 pounds of copper wire and copper tubing to the Scrap Yard. The old way, the dealer could just give him cash and he was gone. The Cops show up looking for who broke into the Church last night and stole all of the copper wire and plumbing. The dealer says, I don’t know, I paid him cash and he left. The law says, now it’s like a Pawn shop. You bring in copper wiring that appears to be stolen, A CB Radio and Car stereo that is obviously used and taken from a vehicle, or a bunch of used Jewlry yo the “We Buy Gold” Shop. You must now show ID and they pay you in a check or keep record of the transaction. It prevents chop shops and crap yards and gold buyers from taking in stolen goods without and records.

    This retard running this page is baiting you to sell his advertising and pop up ads and get your info. Fakebook is being flooded with them. This is why the News is so crazy and mixed up these days. Even on this pages About us info, nobody’s names or and for of credibility is to be found.

    Waiting for my comment to be deleted.

  • Innocent Moose

    Meant to help pawn shops and sellers of new goods….and insist used stuff goes to the dump…….

  • lg

    Louisiana laws and politics are beyond rational understanding taken for a person who has lived here for many years.

  • BossySnowAngel

    This is the most ridiculous law I’ve ever heard. This makes organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul who provide jobs and income using donated second hand goods as products to sell. It also effectively eliminates personal sales such as Craigslist, Ebay and garage sales. Stupid on all counts.

  • MayFong

    Sooner or later all cash will be banned. So they can tax EVERY transaction between everyone…

  • Keith Lacey

    stupidity at it’s finest…

  • Mark W. Mullins

    Unless I woke up in Russia today, this is not legal. From Washington State, to Florida, from Baja Californication all the way to Maine…. cash is still the best way to pay for anything, including yard sale items. It cant be enforceable not to use cash to get what you want in this nation !!! What good is cash if you cant use it ?

  • I think it’s way more than what is on the surface as the author points out! Let’s just take a second and imagine, how gun sales are conducted. This is a sneaky low down way of not only confiscating property and the rights along with it, it is to prevent the sales of guns. My two cents. Think about it.

  • Danice Edge

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard lately. There is a whole culture of people who buy, fix, sale or trade and the govt. wants part of someone’s trash for their treasury. At a yard sale most give stuff away. I sold 2 pairs of earings for $.50. What part does the govt. want. This is just someones trash and some else’s treasure. The real issue is when we have something of value we know it then try to sell on line. And usually it’s not with cash. Always credit cards.

    • Moving in our our property rights more and more! IMO

  • sgilmore

    Read the actual piece of legislation people. It’s Act 389 of the 2011 Regular Session. It’s not what you are reporting!!! It’s available online at Please read it for yourself or have a professional interpret it for you.

  • David Loeffler

    I think there is a problem with this legislation, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE” is on all the folding money I have.

  • perspective2025

    It’s ironic a red state like Louisiana would do this. The conservative argument against Obamacare is that it forces people to use a private company like a private insurance company. Now, government is forcing flea market and garage sale participants to use a bank or a credit card company

  • mothernatureearthmom
  • Four foot one


    F them

  • Callie Ge

    That is fekkin crazy, so exactly how are people supposed to sell their second hand goods? am I nuts or are second hands goods not exempt from tax? Tax was paid on the purchase of items when they were new, is it not double dipping? I suppose everyone could pay by paypal, or maybe granma and grandad can apply for a merchant’s licence and have efpos installed, I call bullshit.

  • Julie Palmer

    So! You pay. Tax on the goods and if you want to sell something you or the buyer must pay more tax! I say bring back Robin Hood and get rid of these ridiculous taxes.

  • Joann-JoJo Scott Businelle

    Leave it to La.Where it is still against the law to cut hair on Mondays.Yes here in Houma,La.they will ticket you if caught!

  • Cindy Denise Rosales

    You’ve got to be kidding me, i understand the criminal thing of stolen goods, but come on what about the honest citizens, are there are some that just want to raise money for either themselves or for a good cause, this is BS and has gone just tooooooooo far…….

  • Angie

    House Bill 195 Is in regards to Coronors. So unless someone goofed on the HB number then this is total fiction.

  • Jesse DeMolli

    This fucking people voted for a governor that doesn’t have the same blood, language, tradition or faith and now they complain about it. Let me tell you something, Louisiana. The crocodile tears won’t help you.

  • Rebecca Spellmeyer

    Logically this makes no sense whatsoever. What this is is when Person A runs a store that sells used goods. Person B comes and wishes to sell the items to Person A so that Person A can then sell the item in said store. Goodwill does not give money for donations so there is no first sale. Garage sales are meant to have people come to buy items for their personal use so there is no second sale. What about Ebay? It is the same as a garage sale. So only way this works at resale stores that do not consign items. For those that do consign the item still belongs to the original owner because if the item does not sell they can have it donated to a place like Goodwill or get the item back.

  • Millie Zeiler

    If Louisiana passes this bill they’ll just prove how stupid the government within this state really are. It is a blatant disregard to human rights, not to mention another scar to the American Constitution. Those within the state of Louisiana really need to band together and fight this one. Actually, the entire world needs to step forward and tell the banking cartels we’ve had enough of their b/s and won’t take any it anymore.

  • Dawn E. Worswick

    glad i live in or

  • Aranna Vallotton

    The TEA party is looking better all the time, it’s supposed to stand for, Taxed Enough Already, I think we all can agree that they have taxed us to death. If the Tea party gets in there, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Indepence, are of the utmost importance You remember? Freedom of speech? How about, No taxation without representation?? How about the seperation of Church and State? OUR SOVERIGNTY!! Our rights given by Nature, not to be infringed? All those things that are being cut off at the throat.. Instead of voting either party, my vote will be with the ones that truly hold our founding documents on high. If that means Tea Party, then I’m in! (Side note, those Occupy people, the ones that sqwatted in the streets, left garbage and fesis everywhere, they were bought and paid for by Soros, SPECIFICALLY to give the Tea Party a bad name.) Voteing for the two parties DOESNT WORK ANYMORE!! They are obviously all of the same greedy, lying, scum! The definition of insanity is voteing for the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Enough! Stop knocking the Tea Party until you look more into it. Why would we want ANYONE in our government, that doesn’t respect and abide by our founding Documents??

  • Jim

    I would offer my goods to individuals for a “love offering.”

  • podinwv

    Simple, combine stories like this with all the other unwarranted and unconstitutional intrusions on the private lives of citizens and you have the building of a fascist state. Well…..maybe we are already there.

  • michele1240

    this is what you voted for when you voted for republicans. next time, dont sit out the election if your a dem. and if your not a dem. all I can ask you is what has the GOP ever done for regular folks?

  • George Turick

    Another shot hole to add to the list!!!

  • Vivian Jones

    my god this is an american tradition .every woman especially ones with small children shop at yard sales . we love the thrife shops ,goodwill stores and church bazares who is this idiot who came up with this law and wbo passed it my god times afe hard we need this you afe out of your political dumbass minds thank god i now live in mississippi and yes saint andrfews church is having a huge garage sale on may first and second and we will be there . not every one gets a big fat check to sit in the state senate and dream up stupid bills to hurt the people they are soppuse to be serving get off those fat aassses and on your knees thank god you got a nice salary from the tax payers and then search your stone cold heart to see what you can do to help your voters or next election you may be the one who needs to shop second hand stores

  • Tyler

    People. READ. This does not apply to typical garage sales. If you are doing a garage sale more than once a month you have to have a business license anyway. And this transaction logging and no cash is if you do a garage sale MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH. Put away your tin foil hats! This article is only trying to incite insanity from sheep. Stop it.

  • Deedee

    THIS is a LIE! It applies ONLY to the dealer purchasing second hand items to sell. For the love of God, ACCURATELY report something. To lie makes you a dumbass! FYI, I live in Louisiana.

    “A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of junk or used or secondhand property. Payment shall be made in the form of check, electronic transfers, or money order issued to the seller of the junk or 14 used or secondhand property and made payable to the name and address of the seller. All payments made by check, electronic transfers, or money order shall be reported 16 separately in the daily reports required by R.S. 37:1866.”

    • LA

      I get what you’re saying but

      A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for

      Says in payment FOR, not, in purchasing for resale… If that’s what they meant, they should have said so. Certainly sounds like they can’t enter into any cash transactions!

      • Deedee

        I live in Louisiana so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.

  • Rata ta ta

    I feel this must be a April fools joke or something as it has supposedly happened four years ago and I have visited many garages in that time and still am a free man.

  • Eric Shane Mayes

    What is the RS code number?

  • Karen Winkle

    Its not legal tender they want to ban. Its buying and selling without the State getting its cut: TAXES. That’s why they dont want you out there buying second hand goods from your neighbors. 😉

  • Cowboy65

    They can kiss my ass. That’s what I think.

  • wylekat

    “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”.


  • Jeanne_bird1

    In Louisiana? Not a surprise! That state government is absolutely nuts. And Bobby Jindal wants to be president!! Puleeeze!

  • 1American2

    The education we are teaching in our schools is not for people to be created, but to be sneaky and figure out how to over milk the same cow.

  • Jamroast

    Absolute garbage article and garbage site..

  • Old Kute

    Of true, this bill is clearly unconstitutional. The state can make nothing, other than gold legal tender. The banning of cash for sales is making something else legal tender and that is illegal.

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    GOP bans money, welcome to a cashless society!

  • Kevin Blankenship

    um hello does anyone not get it is a Bill not a law, it should fail miserably. The Federal Reserve notes say on their face good for all debts public and private!!! Another one too many idiot Lawyer as a Legislature! Wake up people boot these turds off the Lawn!!

  • Elle L Marshall

    This has been law since at least 2012.
    The top item is the one you want. So, has anyone had a yard sale since 9/6/2012 ? Did you report the results or items to anyone in the government? Did the police try to arrest or ticket you?

  • Submission Accomplished

    another pos Democrat.

  • Paul Hayward

    Amazing this has been law for 4 years…. it is clearly unconstitutional. It makes sellers an agent of the Government without providing remuneration for services rendered…. further it is an assault on privacy…. and an unconscionable fascist level control-the-masses abomination. I would oppose, ignore, and combat it at every opportunity.

  • steve theman

    ROTFLMBO riggghhht. like anyone is going to pay attention to that law.

  • cantstandthewaste

    Bobby Jindal, what are you thinking. Did you ever hear of the word Veto?

  • Jim Trent

    An easy work around is to say if you act now you can buy this brand new sticky note attached to the plates. If you act now I will throw in not one, not 2, not 3 but 4 more plates. Hurry this is a limited time offer.

    Or say I am giving this printer away but there is a handling fee for me to hand it to you. 🙂

  • ahtnamas86

    Criminals are not going to care they are going to use whatever means to move their illegal activities right along. The honest people get screwed in the end and only the honest people. So tourism should just end in states such as This one fuck em.

  • George McGnarly

    Since there is no citation I can only assume that this is satire.

  • Parhelion

    Inaccurate article is inaccurate. This is designed for dealers and businesses, not yardsales, and it’s purpose is to cut back on pop-up shops that sell or filter stolen goods.

    • LA

      Even so, an antique dealer can’t sell to a customer if they only have cash? Ridiculous!

  • Old Kute

    After some further research, I have only two words to describe this article. I cannot use them on this post but you can find them on the floor of the pens at a rodeo, after the bull riding contest. The information provided in this e-mail is false! No such law exists, or is being considered in the State of Louisiana. Who ever wrote this article is an example of the reason some liberals want he federal government to control the internet. These type of trash is an example of irresponsible, immature, and totally dishonest use of the First Amendment which will eventually lead to more and more of our first amendment rights being chipped away by the Big Government supporters.

  • Roy Inman

    Seems not a good idea, and perhaps not even legal. On the few dollars that I actually have in hand it clearly states that “This note is legal tender for ALL (caps mine) debts, public and private.” It does not say “except for 2nd-hand transactions.” And I see from the posts of others that this is old news. Can anyone from the great state tell how this has been working out? Are cops actually enforcing? How could they enforce all transactions?

  • Mary Deaton

    Why do politicians turn into dummies once they get into smh

  • Ray Benitez

    Jindal will sign anything that makes him look good to those to whom he’s pandering.

    President? He’d have a hard time beating Diaper Dave Vitter in a statewide election.

    His national aspirations are Don Quijote-like, I wish a windmill would squish his tiny ass.

  • LA

    So this passed in 2011, who is sorting through all the info dumped on the police department? $2 for salt and pepper shakers. $1 for children’s book….. WTH???

  • Freddie

    It’s little more than a state’s parochial desire to wield more control over their taxpayers & collecting taxes multiple times on a single item. Get a dictionary & look up greedy politicians. You’ll see the writers of this bill.

  • Lori L Foreman

    this is socialism….this is just the beginning. I suggest that if you have a significant amount of monetary assets, put it in a fireproof safe and avoid the gov. ability to track and seize your money

  • Kirby Reed

    Sounds like Russia, or the 1700s. Wheres robin hood when you fucking need him!!!

  • Christopher Silva

    Phuq them! DO NOT COMPLY with illegal laws people!

  • FYI. You’re misrepresenting the bill. It only dealt with dealers of scrap metal. They have to pay for scrap metal sales with checks which are still cash, btw. It’s so the police have a record of thiefs of copper, etc. You can find info on the same law here passed in Arkansas here.—compiled-as-of-february-5-2015.pdf?sfvrsn=14 It would really be a good idea if you would actually research things instead of creating hysteria over complete untruths.

  • Here’s the actually law btw … you can see it refers to only scrap metal dealers.

  • Paolo X Factotum Deluxe

    Up theirs – the cash shall flow anyway

  • Sharon

    I am so sick of seeing this post. It’s almost totally in error and is merely for the shock effect. House Bill 195 was passed in 2011. It was originally intended to assist law enforcement in tracking stolen goods. Naturally, by the time all the amendments were tacked on, the main purveyor of stolen goods, pawn shops, was exempt. The bill does not ban cash sales. It requires anyone who buys or sells secondhand goods (including people who make their living by having yard sales MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH, and people who sell at flea markets every weekend to provide their personal info, lic. number, address, etc. Checks are not included in the bill. Additionally, I have never heard of any case were it has been enforced and I know several people who make their living at craft fairs and flea markets. Why the idiot that originally posted didn’t bother to get all his facts straight, I don’t know. I do know that the original post was on and the title was “Cajuns banned from using cash” or something to that effect as if everyone in Louisiana is a Cajun. What a moron!

  • syl1969

    I think A. it’s Louisiana and that explains a lot, and B. it’s not able to be enforced so I wouldn’t worry about it…

  • Jona Adams

    They want money out of the little guys pocket. Large corporations get tax breaks. And, large corporations fund their campaigns.

  • Bill LeClair

    This sounds like a law that details what the pawnshops and consigment shops buy and the documentation they need to get from the person they are buying the items from, which all states pretty much already have.

  • Bill LeClair

    There is also a federal law about taking money, did you know those stores that refuse to take a lot of pennies at once, are breaking the law, Pennies nickles dimes quarters dollars are all the same and legal tender of the USA.

  • Lisa

    I Believe this is crap,Disabled and poor people are not criminals this is prejudice

  • Lisa

    Well maybe they can give us all some money to afford Everything New lmao

  • Isadore

    they have lost their mind and eed to be removed from office

  • G Freeman

    Our government has lost all common sense. Their greed has transformed them into…..

  • James T. George

    ok they gonging o far if I want to take my money out and go buy me a car or truck house even a gun that’s my money I worked for and its my right to do what I want to with it and for Louisiana law they or nuts dumb fools just to name a few if that’s the way they want to do it there guess who wont be going there to play games and spend my money in that state and im right next door to them ya;ll need to gert who ever in there out be4 its to late and put it right aiagn

  • Timothy Johnston

    And the 1965 coinage act allows for the cancelation of debt if the legal tender of the United States is refused as payment. In other words if you pick up an item or commodity off a table. Take possession and ask the question ” What do I owe you?” And the price is established if you offer the seller the money and they refuse legal tender cash equal to or in excess of the agreed price. You are legal by law to walk off with it. I would have a witness or two who could testify if anyone complains to a court of law but the law recognizes the debt as forgiven at that point.
    Louisiana has enough poverty without this new law because now second hand merchants will be forced to go across the state line to sell junk. It would not surprise me if lawmakers outlaw the moving of any and all property out of the state next. Totally illogical idiots. Every legal move they make serves to restrict or burden down business, no wonder the economy is in the shape its in.

  • Eric Boquet

    How many government officials eat at BK or Chick Fillet?You all need to stop the misappropriation of funds(taxes)and maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.Thieves!

  • Robert Smith

    so if you go to buy a used car with cash and the PIGS come to sniff your ass and, you no longer have the money what then hope they will not tax your used car purchase as well as going after the seller of the car. we can only thank that MUSLIM POS in the Brown House for this kind of shit

  • e111w

    Will Gov Jindal veto this second-hand cash bit of treachery? If he doesn’t, consider him as not quite so conservative and patriotic as it seems.

  • Tracy Obrien-Sewell

    I cannot see Bobby Jindal signing this and letting it go through…This is totally asinine. There is no way someone having a yard sale is going to accept a check, they don’t have any assurance it will be valid. Cash sales are the only way they will be able to know the sale is final. As well as for the estate sales, be realistic people this is a bunch of bull crap.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Did Gov. Jindal sign this? They have fourteen Democrats in a 39 seat senate. Just goes to show, if you don’t elect conservative Republicans, you just end up with liberal Democrat idiots-lite.

    Democrats demonize the Right in the minds of the uneducated masses, striving to defund Republicans at the source, all while defrauding the people through their climate change scam.

  • Obi Sean

    So, how much is it going to cost the taxpayers of Louisiana to set up a system to file all these nefarious cash transactions?

  • Hartyhar

    This looks like preparation for the mark of the beast where no one can buy or sell unless he can prove that he is in the “system”. How subtle.

  • Braden Fitts

    Y’all people are idiots did you even read the bill? It specifically applies to people who buy scrap metal and requires a paper trail any time they buy things such a copper wiring and stops paying cash and requires a check or money order to be issued instead. This was passed to help fight copper thieves, not to keep people from selling stuff at a garage sell.

    Here is a link to the legislation that was passed i suggest you educate yourselves and don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • sugadoll

    WTF Louisiana ? And this was done 4 years ago ? We keep losing more and more of our freedom 🙁

  • Jeffrey Murphy
    Gee you would think some Republican’s would have votes against it?, Vote 97 yea 0 nay 8 abstains DEM or REP it don’t matter they have all sold us out for the Love of Money.

  • Keet Hensley

    Obama did finally hit one nail on the head, when he made the statement that the separation of the classes is so wide, that he does not even know anyone that has struggled to pay his bills let alone failed to pay them.

    It is very true that sadly the majority of our elected officials have no clue what it takes to survive if your not in their upper class. They write and pass these laws that choke the average citizens without the first thought of consequences.

    It is unbelievable that they have never been to a yard sale themselves, even for the adventure of Treasure hunting, so they just don’t give a rats butt that the average sale at a yard sale is under $2.00 and their process is totally unrealistic. If they even had a small clue, maybe they would have used their brains and put a dividing line in there like, items over $10.00 and exempting all those $0.25 sales that are most common.

    I have been blessed myself, to have been the poor kid friend to some of the richest children in Connecticut as I was growing up, and they loved having adventures in my poverty rich neighborhood where fun was small as a piece of rope to swing from or an old cement trough for a boat even a used and patched inner-tube to float on.

    When I was invited to their homes, many of them could not understand my appreciation of the beautiful and clean things that surround them everyday, because to them it was just everyday junk. Just like they were so fascinated by the things that were embarrassments to me, like the wagon I built out of lumber, the Go-cart even the Tarzan swing from an old anchor rope or the fort made out of an old refrigerator box.

    You just could not imagine how shocked I was when I popped in on Danny, who could not wait to show me his New Furniture that he had bought from his inheritance and his new Corvette in the garage. I asked what had he done with the Original Chippendale furniture that I had enjoyed with all the detailed carvings? Dan told me, “Aw I just burned that old junk” I about shrieked, then he told me about the gust of wind that came by as it was burning and started the garage on fire and burned the Corvette. (Just how many dead people would it take to make the wind blow that hard?)

    What was that other line Obama offended America with? Something like You didn’t build that business anyway? I guess he was really focusing on those Heirs that never appreciated the fortunes that their parents had invested in, like Chippendale, Tiffany, Steinway and so many other works of art and craftsmanship that they have just thrown into the trash or had burned.

    Isn’t it obvious, that like Danny, Obama has no respect for that Old Furniture that he keeps putting his dirty shoes on and scratching in the White House, Dammit man, Those are our National Historic treasures you are scratching the hell out of while you are just a temporary occupant there. I expect anytime to see the RENT-A-Center truck to pull up in front of the White House and see a Great wind blow from Mount Rushmore all the way to Washington.

    Yes, there is a big reality gap between those spoiled and those poor, Trust me, I enjoyed being poor and still do.

  • Richard Bates

    Keep it underground ! REFUSE TO COMPLY !

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  • glorybe2

    Obviously such a law is poorly written. There is no way that people will comply with such a law. I suspect that the real intention of such a law is to catch high level criminals. For example imagine a drug deal that the seller wishes to keep secret for several reasons including income taxes. So the buyer is required to come forward with 100 ounces of one ounce gold bars. In theory the seller “buys” the bag of gold bars for $1. and hands the buyer the drugs along with a 1$ bill. That gold can be transported and sold off one ounce at a time all too easily. Such a practice could enable all kinds of crime. It also encourages thieves to burgle homes in search of gold along with other items. If all transactions were completely visible to everyone imagine how many crimes would cease.

  • daveveselenak

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION as TYRANNY through bullshit legalese is stealing our freedom, is that too hard to comprehend?

  • yankeedoodledandy
  • Jamie Salisbury