Democrat Claims Trump Ignores Women

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin was recently on air with CNN where she described how the President and his administration have handled the Rob Porter controversy.She believes that it has proven they were “ignoring the voices of women.”

Baldwin continued, “This disturbs me on so many levels. First of all, the idea that spousal abuse was known about within the White House with regard to Rob Porter, and yet they kept him on for months and months, the fact that right now, as this timeline is coming out, it is clear that the White House is not being truthful with the American people.”

She went on saying, “Lots of folks have been asking whether the chief of staff should resign; the real question to ask is should the president fire him. I think the answer is yes if he wants to make a clearer statement on these deeply troubling ways in which this White House and this president is ignoring the voices of women.”

  • lklex

    In reality (rather than the fantasy land of feminist Democrats), the Democrats marginalize, vilify and dehumanize men — the population group, compared to women, more likely to suffer premature death from the vast majority of America’s killer diseases, more likely to be homeless (including homeless veterans), more likely to drop out of high school, less likely to be enrolled in college, far more likely to die or suffer serious injuries at the work place, far more likely to be combat veterans, more likely to be victims of violent crime, more likely to be falsely accused of crime, more likely to receive harsher prison sentences for similar offenses, less likely to have access to health care and more likely to be discriminated against under federal law, including, but by no means limited to VAWA and the ACA. Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin well exemplifies the defining attributes of contemporary American feminism: unbridled selfishness; a disinclination to accept reality; and, insufferable hypocrisy.

  • sandraleesmith46

    As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I’m here to say your assertions are absurd. Your whole “#Me Too” and insistence that CLAIMS of abuse alone are sufficient to ruin a man’s life, or at least his career, is not only absurd but it’s unconstitutional! Did you never hear of “DUE PROCESS”? No evidence, no case and therefore no grounds to fire the man or ruin his life. If harm was done and it wasn’t reported in a timely manner, that’s on the woman. VERY young children may repress and not remember for years or decades, as a means of surviving such abuse, but teens and adults DO NOT do that. Your hate of men is what’s really on display here. Porter has lost his job; and the rest is up to law enforcement; who SHOULDN’T act without evidence, more than “he said/she said”! If you can’t handle sometimes being uncomfortable in life, you need to find a safe space and stay in it for life.

    • Big Ed

      I’m not certain you have been paying attention-the way the story works is fire the guy, get his ass out of the workplace and then give him his due process. Porter is gone, but he hasn’t had any of that due process stuff yet. In fact, Tammy Baldwin thinks that his boss should also be gone, without due process, too. Since #MeToo started, dozens of men have been kicked out of their jobs and none have yet to get due process. Further, suppose the time comes for the due process to begin-the woman says the fellow abused her (sometimes without touching her), the guy says I did not…… the old he said, she said. How does one prove he didn’t do something when the only evidence that he did is a woman saying he did. Due process, indeed. If a woman accuses a man of abuse, you can just about kiss his ass goodbye-he’s toast. No wonder men and women hate each other today-they took the blindfold off of lady justice and she’s a feminist.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Due process can only happen if the statute of limitations has not already expired, as is the case in virtually every one of these cases, where the allegations come years or even decades after the supposed offense. Those men will NEVER have a chance to defend themselves in a court or be heard fairly; just like Roy Moore. That’s just wrong. Even God requires the word of 2 or 3 witnesses before taking life changing action. That doesn’t mean 2 or 3 accusers; but evidence and WITNESSES. Only 1 of the women who accused a man in this recent spate actually presented verifiable evidence of his acts. 1 did present forged and proven to be false “evidence”; but the rest have been “he said/she said” and can’t be proven years after the fact. The way it’s being handled is just wrong.

        • Big Ed

          Porter has just been accused, he is gone though he says he did not do what was reported. Baldwin has stated that Trump’s chief of staff should resign or be fired-he hasn’t done anything wrong and hasn’t had due process either. The entire issue has become emotional and is NOT fact based-under this scenario there is no such thing as the rule of law and thus due process is also dead (America can’t be far behind).

          • sandraleesmith46

            I agree; that is the situation. What bothers me most is that much of what’s being claimed as “sexual assault” really ISN’T and the ones who will be most hurt by all this is those who truly are the victims of rape or sexual assault, and won’t be heard and heeded because of this “glut” of complaints. People get “jaded” to them, and lump them all into a collection of whiners, then tune them out. Emotion is not a good way to base legal decisions.

  • Dave Harmon

    Where the hell is the do process? Innocent until PROVEN, PROVEN guilty. I am NOT for any woman being assaulted in any way, just as I am also in belief that many women NOW believe they can attack a male out of anger and that male is NOT to defend their selves. If a woman physically attacks a male she has just put herself in a MANS’s position. Simple solution, NO ONE should be physically Attacking another. As for simply believing every female who claims sexual anything based simply on their Gender is STUPIDITY. Many women lie for vindictive reasons. Simply look how many males were sent to jail on rape, which years later was recanted by the female accusers or DNA proved it all a lie. I am sick of the feminist hatred of males to enter into this political Crap where they ruin and even imprison men wrongfully. Feminist activists calling for this B.S. hunt have been taped on air stating that they have to take down innocent men whom are in their way, so be it. REALLY? So what does that do to the credibility of women whom really have been abused you idiots? I think it’s time for REAL women and women rights seekers to distance their selves from the sick, irresponsible, controlling, enslaving cancerous disease known as Feminism. How can you fight for freedom from something you are as bad or many times worse then towards women? Time to draw the line america. Equality for all, YES. More rights for some based on sex, gender?….NO WAY..

  • lorna shores

    Tammy sorta looks like a man in Womens clothing