Democrat Claims Trump Ignores Women

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin was recently on air with CNN where she described how the President and his administration have handled the Rob Porter controversy.She believes that it has proven they were “ignoring the voices of women.”

Baldwin continued, “This disturbs me on so many levels. First of all, the idea that spousal abuse was known about within the White House with regard to Rob Porter, and yet they kept him on for months and months, the fact that right now, as this timeline is coming out, it is clear that the White House is not being truthful with the American people.”

She went on saying, “Lots of folks have been asking whether the chief of staff should resign; the real question to ask is should the president fire him. I think the answer is yes if he wants to make a clearer statement on these deeply troubling ways in which this White House and this president is ignoring the voices of women.”