8% Annuity Income… Get Consistent Income for Life

Unfortunately, far too many Americans are retiring today WITHOUT a pension or predictable income stream that they can count on… Now, more than ever, retirees are turning to annuities that can act something like a “personal pension” by providing a predictable income stream to help secure their retirement income. If you’re approaching retirement and would like to learn how Annuities […]

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Obama Wants Illegal Immigrants to Steal Jobs from Americans and He’s Making Sure It Happens

When President Obama issued his executive order providing temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants, he made them eligible for a work permit. They will not qualify, however, for healthcare coverage under Obamacare. The loophole thus created provides a significant incentive for businesses to hire those immigrants over American job seekers.

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This Chart Shows Who is Paying How Much in Taxes – and the Numbers Will Surprise You

When the Congressional Budget Office came out recently with its updated figures on how much individual American households are earning and paying in taxes, the numbers were surprising – if not to economists, then to average Americans, who have been regaled with stories of rich people taking advantage of tax loopholes the rest of us can’t use. The prevailing impression […]

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