Ted Cruz Says He Fears Trump’s Tariffs

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says he is “concerned” at the moment about President Trump’s suggested tariffs. However he still does “support the president and the administration being vigorous trying to open foreign markets.” Cruz claims the suggested tariffs “did not surprise me, but they concern me. When it comes to trade, I support the president and the administration being vigorous […]

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Trump Has Been Mis-Quoted

National Review editor Rich Lowry recently stated on ABC’s “This Week” that during the immigration policy meeting with bipartisan lawmakers that he was present for, President Trump didn’t say “shithole,” contrary to popular belief, but rather said “shit house.” Lowry claims, “He used a different — my understating from the meeting is he used a difference but very closely related […]

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Trump Terminates The Death Tax

At the American Farm Bureau Annual Convention, President Trump gave a shocking announcement that was received with an excited standing ovation. The announcement? No more death tax from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Apparently, our president wanted to focus on farmers because their importance to society and the economy. He studied the effects of their burdens with the […]

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