Angry Democrat Flips the Bird on TV – and It’s All on Camera

Here’s a story that’ll make you laugh. When an argument about race-baiting got heated, the Democrat flipped the bird to his Republican “enemy” — and it was caught on camera. According to The Blaze: Bob Beckel, the one liberal co-host of “The Five,” got so frustrated with Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters that he actually flipped him off live on […]

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Guess What Americans Thought About Obama’s Speech After Republicans Won Back the Senate?

This November 4th, Americans spoke loud and clear at the ballot box. In the midterm elections, Republicans retook control of the United States Senate, as well as retaining control of the House of Representatives. The next day, President Obama spoke to the nation. In that press conference, reporters asked whether or not the President would be willing to cooperate with […]

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Democrats Are Throwing Parties All Over the Country, But They’re Not Inviting the Top Democrat in America

Just a few weeks before the November mid-term elections, Democratic candidates all over the country are throwing campaign parties and staging public events. The outcome of the election is critical, particularly for senatorial candidates. If Republicans gain control of the Senate, the Democratic agenda is dead for the next few years. To bolster their credentials, candidates are calling in the […]

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