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oneDo you ever feel like you’re losing even the most basic liberties that are guaranteed by the Constitution? Do you ever feel like the America you live in today has much less freedom than the America our forefathers grew up in?

Trust us… it’s not just a feeling. Basic freedoms and liberties that were once cherished and protected are being sacrificed by power-hungry politicians.

If you disagree with what D.C. politicians are doing and want to stop this rapid erosion of liberties, I invite you to read Libert247.net, a news site dedicated to covering stories that affect your life, liberty, and happiness.

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  • Gwen

    Where do you get your information for these stories?

    • Petros800

      “Information”? This site is full of either made up lies or far-right distorted garbage, citing extremist paranoid opinions as “news,” which only *already* extremely biased ignorant far right-wingers, who refuse to believe nor even watch more objective “MSM” news sources which present a more balanced perspective, would be gullible enough w/their pre-conceived prejudicial ideas to accept as “information” or “news”.

  • Michael from Randolph

    Who in the heck are you? You’re ‘about’ really doesn’t tell much and I’m confused because I do participate in Liberty Council but I don’t quite see that great organization putting out this kind of nonsense. Unless this is from Liberty Coucil, I’m NOT interested and if it IS from them, I’m shocked. Just to be clear, I’m anti-Hitlercare, anti-Obimbo and pro-the Republic and Constitution. However, I don’t have time for the ‘Jerry Springer’ version of conservative news.

    Michael in Randolph (Tx)

    • Michael Schore

      Michael you racist prick. Do you really stop and think about what you are talking about? It would seem that you don’t. “Hitlercare” is the best you can come up with? You right wing nutjobs are always criticizing Obamacare but you never have any alternatives. Healthcare in the this country is a financial drain on the very fiber of everyday life. No one is taking away your “freedoms” or violating the Constitution you are so in love with. You are right to ask where these whackadoodles get their info but your ideas are just as dangerous to the country and the Constitution.

      • Michael from Randolph

        Typical….I’m not a racist anything but you apparently are. Look Sparky, I’m getting this crap in my email and I never signed up for it. Inquries to them have gotten no reply so I’ve take the simple step of killing it so my problem is solved. I’ve got a lot better things to do than sort through email I never asked for….

        • Cajun69

          Don’t you love people who use innocent bird picture to represent them self’s is it a way of telling every one your a PECKERHEAD! When the Libtards can’t win with wits they Attack like Rabbit Dogs Evidently some one hit a sore subject and the whining begins or the so call Affordable health care law is the biggest rip of of the American people ever it is One more ploy from Obama and his Muslim Bro’s to try to kill America with a Pen Buy breaking our Bank it is all part of their Evil plan to bust all America into a Third world Nation so we have NO POWER to protect our self’s and then with the help of China and Russia hope to Take America Over and turn it into a Communist socialist country the left has work at this for Over 100 years one little step at a time Don’t be fooled People!

          • Oh brother! “Libtards” is another stupid moniker created by mere name-calling Fox Watchers.

          • You can’t think, write or spell, Cajun. Maybe you should just STFU. Or, sign up for a basic English course! Stunning ignorance!

  • Not hardly a news site that combines “sex” and “ageless” baiting with NSA/IRS data. A matter of time YOUR name, SEX AND AGE are revealed upfront and in person. The only “liberty” you crave is stealing attention apparently you crave for some over sexed and demented drive of your own.