Pelosi Calls Biden’Great’…He Isn’t Being Appreciated

Joe Biden’s role in the midterm elections was a hot topic of discussion. Many Americans theorized that despite being the technical leader of the Democrat Party, his failures were ultimately harming Democratic candidates’ chances.

So far, Republicans have scored some wins in the midterms. However, it’s too premature to call all of the results as some elections are still ongoing.

Biden has stated explicitly that he wants voters to support Democrats across the board. However, this is not happening in a lot of areas. This notwithstanding, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists that Biden isn’t detrimental to his party or America as a whole.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi devoted her time during a PBS News interview to singing Biden’s praises and discussing how underrated she believes he is.

Pelosi views Biden as “great,” asserting that his work has led Americans to be in a better position than they were two years ago. However, sadly for the House Speaker, empirical data does not support her opinion of Biden.

Even when asked about Biden’s poor approval ratings, Pelosi maintained that this is only because he isn’t being “appreciated” and given the “respect” that he deserves. Many people throughout America who have been negatively impacted by this administration would disagree with her statement.

This interview is not the first time Pelosi has lavished Biden with praise; she’s previously called him “just perfect” and expressed how wonderful she think he is.

Americans are beginning to see that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s policies do not reflect what the majority of Americans want. As data from the midterm elections continues to be released, it will become more clear whether or not Republicans have won control of the House of Representatives.

If the House ends up under Republican rule, this means Pelosi will be ousted as Speaker of the House. For a great number of Americans, they will feel relief at this outcome.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has incessantly promoted Joe Biden’s agenda – even though American citizens are suffering because of said agenda.

With the presidential election in 2024 on the horizon, those who want to see things progressing will be more vocal about their desires to get rid of both Pelosi and Biden.






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