U.S. issues NEW terror warning…

This is the time of year when Americans begin planning their summer vacations.

Unfortunately this year it also coincides with a time that Islamic jihadists are planning their attacks… particularly in Europe.

Here’s the most recent list, courtesy of The Express:

Paris shooting: April 20
A policeman was killed in Paris on the Champs Elysees. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the killing, which comes just days before the French presidential election.

Stockholm attack: April 7
Four people were killed and at least fifteen were injured when a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan drove a truck down a busy shopping street.

Westminster attack: March 22 2017
London attacker Khalid Masood mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing two men and two women and injuring many others. He then jumped out of the car and stabbed a police officer to death.

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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/michele/alert-u-s-issues-new-terror-warning

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Before obama this stuff was all but non-existent. That’s a fact.. These people have been cultivated, aided and abetted on their way. It happened right before our eyes… Warnings all the way..!

    • Kim

      I agree with you 100%. He caused all kinds of problems we never had before. Now look at our Country. It sucks bc of him!

  • sarge

    hate to tell you morons but the only thing oduma did was ruin our country and get us into debt to our eye balls and let the Muslim’s in by the droves and other terrorist along with them. Now chew on that for a while. oh and we had a lot of attacks while the dumb shit was in office Boston marathon and a couple in California also