Boycott: Target Sells Degenerate LGBT Pins

As of mid-May, struggling discount retailer Target appeared to be selling fake science in the form of so-called “preferred pronoun” buttons and “gender symbol” pins.

The buttons were available for purchase with the following messages: “HE,” “SHE,” “THEY” and “Ask me about my pronoun!”

“He” and “she” are legitimate individual pronouns, whereas “they” was a fake (and grammatically incoherent) construction by the politically correct community. According to The Washington Post, “they” is designed to refer to someone who doesn’t identify as entirely male or entirely female.

The pins were similarly part legitimate, part fake science. One set of pins displayed the male gender symbol, another set displayed the female gender symbol and the last set displayed a gross combination of both symbols.

For the record, humans can only be either male or female, regardless of what they choose to “identify” themselves as.


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  • ColoradoCommish

    Is Target actually still open in some places?

  • James Stevens

    HE, SHE, and IT. jwstx

  • Gary Chapman

    How can what one person chooses to see themselves be “fake science”?

    • hearmetalking

      Fake science is junk science, It is no more than someones opinion. real science is a proven science

  • EnemyoftheState

    LGBT – Let’s Get Behind Trump!

    • Stephen Alessini

      I’m just afraid of what the LGBTers would do once they got “behind” him. Just kidding. I get it. Good one. I haven’t given Target any money since the restroom controversy. Their CEO is sick and twisted.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    I don’t care what lgbt do.. Except when they get in my face. That’s the problem I have with it. “outta my face’… MYOB..
    And stop trying to ‘normalize’ a sickness. Keep it to yourself. Get outta the little kid’s faces.. I gotta big problem with THAT.

    • Stephen Alessini

      Exactly. If you want to engage in sick activities with your friends behind closed doors and drawn shades, I guess that’s all right. But don’t sashay down the street and expect not to have F-bombs hurled at you. Or worse.

  • Donna Lampkin

    This crap is why I quit shopping at Target a long time ago!

    • hearmetalking

      Me too

  • loulou2lou

    I saw the picture of it. What makes it offensive?

    • hearmetalking

      Choose this day whom you will serve, God or Sodomy

  • Larry Gagnon

    I assume that no one would wear such a pin unless they desired to be addressed by a pronoun contrary to their anatomical gender. If so, then a person who is dressed like a female with a pin that says “she” is really a male. Such a pin functions as a notice (confession, warning) to the rest of us as to the actual anatomical gender of the wearer. I my assumption is correct, these pins will help the rest of us to identify the people claiming to be something that they are not – so that we are not fooled and we can respond in a way consistent with our values (e.g. by trying to avoid public bathroom sharing). I think it would be a benefit if such pins existed for people who think the world is flat.

  • Lynne Douglas

    Target = the store that just can’t get anything right! I haven’t been in a Target since its decision to endanger woman and little girls,
    and I do not miss shopping there at all.

  • American Patriot

    This so easy a cave snowflake could do it. I have never been in a Target store nor do I ever plan on visiting one.

  • Sc00ter5111

    The comments here are mostly from under-educated homophobic racist “conservatives”. I am not a member of the LGBT community. Their life styles are not by choice, it is a genetic condition that should not be considered as a mutation. I know a few members of the LGBT community. They are not out to “convert” our children, they are most likely to sacrifice their lives in the defense of our children.
    It is the homophobic racist I see here as most likely to sodomize, rape and murder children. Those “brave heroes” are doing just that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and south American countries. These so-called “conservatives” “support” the racist monsters created by Nazi Zionist thugs.
    I refuse to shop at Target because of their racist ideologies. I also refuse to shop at Hobby Lobby because they are of the Nazi Zionist ilk that have one goal: the destruction of the American family, perpetuate the racist ruling parties policy to keep the US divided; racially, religiously and culturally.


    Corporations should never allow mixing SEX, RELIGION and POLITICS in the everyday operations of their business. They will automatically offend 50% of their potential customers. It’s like playing Russian roulette with a loaded magazine. You will lose.

  • Esther Villarreal

    CEOs a sicko. They left out the latest pin to be bought by sick liberals. The one where liberal idiots marry themselves.