ANOTHER Fox host set to jump ship…

Expect a possible shakeup at both Fox News – and the White House.

Representative Jason Chaffetz has announced that he will not be seeking reelection, and is telling colleaguesthat he’ll be heading to Fox News afterward. It’s unclear what his position will be at the network, though The Hill says that it will be a “substantial role.”

Meanwhile, as Fox acquires Chaffetz, they could also be losing another top talent. Sean Spicer won’t be the White House press secretary forever, and it’s rumored Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle will be his replacement.

According to Mediaite, back in October, she was seen entering Trump Tower and rumors began swirling she was up for a position on the communications team. By December, the speculation hit its fever pitch and political observers were sure Guilfoyle would be involved with the operation somehow, whether as press secretary or in an ancillary role. Even some of her Fox News colleagues spoke out in favor of her heading to the White House.

As we all know, the gig ended up going to Spicer, who made his debut with a bang when he began railing against the media for reporting that Trump’s inauguration had anything but millions of attendees. He hasn’t been delivering those bangs to the president’s liking anymore, though, as evidenced by yesterday’s tweets from Trump.

On Twitter and later in an interview, he suggested doing away with press briefings.


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