No, you’re a racist! Clinton, Trump repeatedly accuse each other of bigotry


After Hillary Clinton’s denunciations of Donald Trump as a race-baiting demagogue, he dug up the oldest comeback in the book: I know you are but what am I? The Republican presidential candidate says that Clinton talks a good game about helping African-Americans and Hispanics but that she’s actually a bigot whose policies are “selling them down the tubes.” “She is a […]

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Assange says WikiLeaks to release ‘significant’ Clinton campaign data


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange said on Wednesday his organization planned to release “significant” information linked to the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton before the Nov. 8 election. Asked if the data could be a game-changer in the election, the Australian told Fox News in an interview conducted by satellite: “I think it’s significant. […]

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PC Gone Mad: Ivy League School Wants to Get Rid of This 3-Letter Word

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.42.07 PM

In another sign of madness from the PC crowd and spawners of Social Justice Warriors, Princeton University has announced new ‘guidelines’ for using such offensive language as ‘man.’ Believe it or not, the Ivy League school came published the guidelines, along with suggested replacements. According to The Blaze: In a four-page memo, the Ivy League institution’s human resources department wrote, […]

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Watch Hysterical Mashup of DNC Convention Dubbed with Hilarious Ad-libs

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.30.48 PM

The DNC convention was just bad political theatre, and other than the state-sponsored media, otherwise known as mainstream media, the content was horrendous. However, members of a popular YouTube channel made a great parody of the event and posted it online. According to The Blaze: Bad Lip Reading is at again. This time, the popular YouTube channel is making us […]

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Watch State Department Rep Dance Around Ransom Claim with Iran

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.00.39 PM

Any 5th grader can tell you that the $400 million payment to Iran in exchange for the Americans being held hostage there was a ransom payment. However, a State Department spokesperson had the unpleasant task of defending the Administrations position that it was not ransom. According to The Blaze: TheBlaze previously reported that the U.S. State Department admitted that the […]

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